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Hey friends!

Yesterday morning I was traveling, so yah, a post didn’t happen….Whoopsies.

As much as I enjoy blogging, I also enjoy my sleep and any extra moments I can have with family (huge part of my synergy stew). I would be worried if I put this before time with them or my health!



Well, my birthday was officially almost 2 weeks ago, so I think it’s about time to pick the giveaway winners, don’t you?!


#10 –Kathy!



Congrats! {An email will be sent. And as a reminder, winners must be in the U.S. and the packages will be sent later this week.}


Recaps ‘n’ Pictures

I figured I’ve not posted much, so now (never late than never, right?!) I’ll let you in on some pictures & fun that we had during my trip. It was epic.


Thanksgiving Recap/Pictures

What a fabulous, incredible time with my family!!

The food was awesome.

{I love homemade buttery crescent rolls for special occasions. Can’t beat that!}

And it’s not Thanksgiving without dessert!

I don’t like pie, so I had a citrus pumpkin cake, ice cream, and my cookie cake pie (didn’t eat the crust). I was stuuufffeeddd.

Baby Shower Recap/Pictures

My little sis is going to have a baby in like 3 weeks! Woot.

So I (and my sisters) threw her a baby shower. It was super fun!

She’s having a little boy and his room is safari themed, so we rolled with that for the shower. And to be honest, I couldn’t believe how super adorable it all turned out!

Huge thanks to my mom/dad for having it at their house & my sisters & sister-in-law for making the food/helping me decorate!

{Isn’t she adorbs? She is 2 years younger, and the other sister is 2 years older than me.}

{my plate}

Family Pictures Recap/Pictures

We were all there (minus 1 brother), so we took family pictures. Not everyone loves being on the blog (totally fine) so here are just a few.

And my husband and I had a blast being silly….

This captures us perfectly:

Him making me laugh. <3 Love that guy.

Random Fun Recap/Pictures

We also went on walks, painted nails, ate lots of food (especially clementines. I seriously ate 100+ over the 10 days I was there), had devotionals, played games, visited the science center, had gift exchanges, cooked, baked, ate chocolate, and went to a few parks.

What an incredible time.

I am so very lucky and blessed, and I fully realize this. I am very grateful for such an amazing family.


Yesterday morning suppperrrr duper early, I got to fly with some of my fam.

My sister & her family were flying to Denver & were on the same flight as me (I stopped there & then continued on to SLC).

Cool, eh??

{Us being beyond tired=even cooler.}

It was super sad to say goodbye (again! I had been saying them all the day before & that morning!!) in the Denver airport….there might have been some tears.

Well. I ate my scrambled eggs.

And flew home….then I worked all day, taught BodyPUMP, and was right back in the groove.


Have a GREAT day!!! <3

Do YOU like clementines–have YOU ever eaten more than 100+ in a short amount of time?? What was the last baby shower & theme YOU went to?? Does YOUR spouse make YOU laugh too??

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  1. I love family posts!! And I love your ever growing family!! So fun!! I have clemintines in my kitchen right now!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous time! I have a cousin due in February, so I know I’ll be at a baby shower within the next few months. I can’t wait, I love them!

    I was actually just thinking it was about that time of the year for clementines, i’ll have to pick some up this weekend!

  3. You and your hubby are adorable!

    I like the different size cupcakes you guys made…it makes the plate look even more festive..and YUMMY!

    I won, I won…how exciting!! (Little birthday treat for me…I mean its only 2 months away we can start talking about it now right? ha!) Thanks!

  4. Looks like a lovely time–the family pictures are adorable. Too funny about the clementines! I think I’ve done that with grapes before. I’ve brought home a huge bag of grapes only to eat the entire bag myself over the course of a weekend. They were just so good!!! :)

  5. What an awesome looking family!!! I can’t believe you taught body pump that night… impressive Annette!

  6. Looks like such a fun time with your family! Congrats to your baby sister, the baby shower looked so adorable. And hey, no one can blame you for taking time to live in the moment and be with family, much, much more important than blogging!

  7. You and your family are so cute! Glad you had such a fun time with them. Can’t believe your sister is going to have her baby so SOON! So exciting! And you and your husband seem to have a similar relationship to Cody and me… I love it! Thank goodness for husbands that make us laugh, right? 😉

  8. love all the photos–especially those fun ones of you and your mister.

  9. That’s so great you got to spend so much time with all your family! And I love that your family is so big! I have 7 first cousins and 2 brothers but we’re never all in the same place!

  10. Danielle says:

    WOW I love your pics and your family looks like such fun!!! You have SOOOO much energy, it is awesome, no wonder people must be addicted to your classes – they want some of what you got, lol!
    Clementines are yummy and I could easily eat a bag of them as well. I think the most I ate was 8 within an hour… but honestly I didn’t count after 4, haha.
    I threw a baby shower for my coworker last year and we did little race cars and super bright, fun colors. It was a blast, and he is the cutest little boy. Just wanna gobble him up!
    Hugs xox

  11. Thanks for the photos! Ps. Do you mean- better late than never? Hehe :) I definitely plan on having a themed shower when I’m preggaz- loved your safari theme! Hmm, what are clementines? I’ll have to google them. For some reason I’m thinking they are mandarines? Perhaps mmm. Google to the rescue!

  12. I was right- we call them Mandarines here! They are so good but for some reason I hardly eat them and always overlook them.

    • Ahhhhh. Interesting! They are so delicious :)

      And yes, I did mean better late than never. HAHAH. I was a tad tired when typing. 😉

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