Prepping For T-Day

Hey friends!

Just checking in. With some random thoughts & such. Enjoy. :)

  • I had ice cream the other night. Mmmmmm.

  • Yesterday I worked, but today I am taking work off (and I have Thursday & Friday as company holiday days too). Pretty much awesomesauce.

The cat & dog joined me.

  • I taught half a BP class yesterday. Being a Les Mills instructor is the bomb. As if you didn’t already know. 😉
  • And I have 2 siblings who have flown in already, and the rest come today & tomorrow (as does my husband. WOOT)!

I love family. So much. Family means everything to me, and I am grateful to have a good one.

{With my nephew. He seems super excited.}

Well, today is final prepping for T-Day.

Prepping For T-Day

We shredded cranberries.

We’ve made lists.

We’re gearing up for major cooking, baking, and kitchen extravaganzas. {I am making a cookie cake pie, green salad with spiced candied nuts, and helping with the rolls & some breads.}

GAME on.

Have a GREAT day!


What are YOU baking or cooking for T-Day?? What is YOUR favorite place to spend with your family?? (Mine is my parents’ kitchen & family room).

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  1. I’m making a dessert trifle to my bring to my parents! My favorite place is definitely my parents’ place too!! See you soon!

  2. Honestly…I like being away with my family…at a hotel or something different. My mom is one of those that ALWAYS wants to make sure every one is happy, or eating, or drinking, etc…she never sits still in her own home. (Just when every one is done she is up clearing and doing dishes too) Sooooo, when we are away or at some one else’s house …although, that doesn’t happen often b/c she likes every one at her house….she is forced to relax more. She talks more, sits more, and seems more rested.

    But who knows I could be totally wrong…ha!

  3. Have fun with your family! I’m making my Great Aunt Avis’s cinnamon rolls, as requested by my family! I’m also going to attempt a gluten free version… haha we’ll see how that goes.

  4. Have a great Thanksgiving! I’m so excited, heading to my aunt’s for a big dinner :) I’m bringing the cookies!!

  5. I’m making a healthier version of pumpkin pie for my family :) It’s awesome because then I get to have a slice of the real deal, and use the leftover “healthier” one in breakfast oats and whatnot. Gah how I love Thanksgiving feasts!

    Have an awesome break, Annette!

  6. That ice cream looks divine! I’m excited that you’re doing a cookie cake pie; I made one for my boyfriend’s birthday and it was excellent. For Thanksgiving, I’m making hummingbird cupcakes (a mix between carrot cake and banana bread), baked apples with ice cream, and a salad with cranberries, goat cheese, pecans and a citrus dressing. Enjoy your family, your time off, and your yummy food! :)

  7. Cookie Cake Pie??? What the WHAT??! :) Share recipe please!

    Happy Turkey Prep Day!

  8. I love spending time with family at the farm. Ps. That ice-cream looks soo good!



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