Drink Water

Hey, hey!

Wow, what a whirlwind of amazingness.

How are YOU? I feel like I haven’t ‘talked’ to you guys in awhile.

Oh right, I haven’t. Hah.


Friday morning I left ya (and my husband. sad, sad day.),  as I traveled into the sky. I flew from SLC to StL and during the flight finished Gone Girl.

(It was definitely a page turner, but I didn’t love it. I read it late for Julie’s Book Club.)

I arrived in StL and immediately got to work (I had to get some projects done) on my work computer.

Later that night I went with my sister to see Twilight (BD part 2).

It was okay. I’m not a huge Twilight fan…I read all the books, I’ve seen all the movies, but I just never really got into them. It was worth seeing if you want to finish off the series, and I do have to say, the special effects were pretty cool.

{My little sis loves being on the blog! Hi Sara!}


We got ice cream after. Of course. :)

Saturday morning I drank up.

I never travel without this. FitMixer Aminos is my drink of choice when I wake up. Perfect amount of boost in ice cold water to start the day.


{If you want to buy the stuff I can’t live without, click the link to the right.}

Then I was off to visit my friends from the gym where I used to teach!!!

I took a spin class first.

Then I taught half a BodyPUMP class & it was crazy fun to be with them all. So fun, in fact, that I didn’t take a single picture. Awesome.

I ran errands all day (which is way more fun with sisters & a mom), ate my mom’s famous fondues (cheese & chocolate/she is Swiss), and crashed early.

Sunday I slept in, went to church, ate (duh), and lazed about, enjoying my rest day. We also went on a walk.

On our walk we saw holly!


Well here we are today! I work today & tomorrow, but I get to be surrounded by my some siblings, parents, & nephews.

Speaking of……


Yah. My adorable nephews are totally holding my mom’s chickens!

{My sister said I could post these. She thought it was hilarious. Hah}

Earlier that day (Saturday) I had had fresh eggs from those guys.

Freaking YUMM.

I have a cool family, no?? And this isn’t even a fourth of the fam. I have 9 siblings, and 11 nieces/nephews just on my side (this doesn’t even include my husband’s fam). And we’re all super tight. I loooovvveee being with them.

Ahem. Well, except when we play board games…

We’re all just a tad competitive.

It never really ends well.


You know what else doesn’t end well? NOT drinking enough water during busy seasons, like the holidays!

Drink Water

As we enter the exciting, wonderful world of the holidays, I prefer to look on the bright, positive side. As I think about what I am looking forward to, and what ways I can amp up the expeirence, I prefer to stay healthy through it all. Let’s be honest, none of us want to be sick during the best time of the year!

We all know it can be a stressful time around the holidays. It doesn’t have to be, but just in case it is for you, I am going to bring up some positive things we can all do this time around.

A HUGE tip I am going to leave with you today is this: DRINK WATER.

It’s kind of ‘duh!’ but it’s also an oft forgotten thing to do for some odd reason?

Staying hydrated is important for our immune systems, our stress responses, our cell’s handling of foreign substances, our nerves, our sanity, our energy levels, and yes, our wellbeing.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water. Depending on your size/fitness level/gender it’s anywhere between 55-70%! And our brains are at least 70% water.

So you can only imagine when those percentages get dangerously low…..headaches anyone? Tiredness anyone? Feeling sickly & unmotivated, anyone?

Usually the simplest thing to do is to drink a good amount of water!

How much water should you drink?

  • there is no real evidence of the 8 cups a day thing
  • it is totally dependent on size, fitness level, pregnancy, illness, climate, etc.
  • you can use a hydration calculator to check 

For example, if I followed the 8 cups/day rule, I would be dehydrated. For my fitness level & sweat craziness, I should get about 80+ ounces/day.

On Friday when I travelled, I did not drink enough water. It was totally my fault (and done willfully, actually…..), but I was enthralled with the book (read: I wanted to finish it), so I didn’t want to have to get up and go use the restroom.

Yah. Major #fail.

Anyways, I had a huge headache the rest of the day. I guzzled water like it was my job once I got to my parent’s, and then I felt so much better by the time I went to bed.

Let that be a lesson to you. Do not fear the water, you will most definitely pay for it later! Drink water, people!

Ideas to help drink water (more often):

  • carry a water bottle
  • have a glass by the sink
  • add lemon juice, cucumber, or limes (I use lime essential oil) to your water
  • keep a pitcher in the fridge if you like it cold
  • drink a cup every time you go to the bathroom


Have a GREAT day!

I am off to work, do some BP, and then later, play with family. :)

What is one way YOU stay hydrated?? What happens to YOU when YOU don’t drink enough water?? How many nieces/nephews do YOU have?? How was YOUR weekend?? 

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  1. Your little sister is adorable! I read all the Twilight books but stopped watching the movies after the 2nd one, I just couldn’t handle them anymore!

  2. caroline says:

    I now carry my water bottle EVERYWHERE. Pregnancy has made sure of that. If I don’t drink enough water I start feeling a little frantic. I had a great weekend.

    Your nephews are adorable!

  3. Your mom has chickens now?? THat’s AMAZING!!! I get really bad headaches when I’m dehydrated too. If I feel like my water drinking has been short for the day, then I guzzle a water bottle down.. I can do that pretty easily and it helps a bit, but itz much easier to drink throughout the day!

  4. I drink a ton of water and oddly enough in the winter I crave it more then I do in the summer!!

  5. I drink a LOT of water, but I also get dehydrated so quickly! Good thing I love it plain! and I LOVE that he was chasing and catching the chickens! I’ve never caught a chicken before, but I feel he has the advantage since he’s already closer to the ground.

  6. I get kind of lightheaded when I don’t drink enough water….crazy as soon as it hits I down about 20 oz. and rest about 20 minutes and feel good to go.

  7. Drink a cup everytime you go potty is the best advice. That’s what I do too! Cute nephews!

  8. I’m a huge water drinker! It’s pretty much the only thing I drink along with the occasional cup of coffee or tea. I almost always have a water bottle with me, there’s a glass of water that is pretty much always full at my work desk, and I have at least one big glass of water with every meal and snack. I love water!

    Glad you’ve been having a great time with your family so far!! Enjoy! :)

  9. I love love water! I add EOs to mine, too. Yum.

  10. Yum, farm fresh eggs are the best! They are the only kind I can eat now! There is such a different in my opinion. Glad you got in some good family time when you were away! Looks like tons of fun. I’m not a huge Twilight fan either, Harry Potter’s my jam ha. I love my water, it’s basically attached to my hip at all times.

  11. Great tip! Seems obvious and simple, but I agree, that it’s often neglected and can actually have a huge impact. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Danielle says:

    Hey there pretty missy! OMG I love your family and your pics! I have a huge family as well, with 8 sibs from my Dad and 2 from my Mom, and believe it or not we are all pretty close. I love it!
    Before I forget – yes, water rocks! I have to start off each day with a huge bottle of it, and then drink another huge bottle (60 oz) throughout the day, so I end up with over 100 oz of water in me by bed time, and it’s not too much for me because it doesn’t keep me up at night, hahaha.
    I had the best weekend of relaxing and catching up on SLEEP! after the Half IM on 11/4, I was literally on a place to California to be in my dear brother’s wedding and literally was on my feet and running around for 8 days!!! and dancing most of the time and wearing horrilbly painful shoes.. ouch! I finally got back from a joyous time with my family last Wednesday and was in such PAIN! my whole body hurt so I literally spent the whole weekend in bed or moving very little to restore m y body again. I’m still STILL!!! not recovered from that brutal race, omg it’s so crazy! But I can swim and spin and focus on weights. The running will not happen anytime soon as I got a wicked shin splint that just makes me wanna cut my shin off, but oh well. What can ya do?
    Anyhow, missed reading your posts and I’m just now getting back to life, hooray!
    Happy Monday girlie! xoxox

  13. I haven’t see new Twilight yet…definitely on my list of things to do!

    I always carry a water bottle with me and fill it whenever I have a chance. Easiest way to stay hydrated!

  14. I carry my Nalgene bottle with me EVERYWHERE. Even if I don’t feel thirsty, it reminds me to drink a little every once in awhile. ‘Tis a great reminder and great to always have on hand.

  15. Ahh so much to chat about that I forget it all once I reach the end 😛 I keep a water bottle with me at all times and it’s the only thing I drink. I can’t believe you didn’t totally love BD 2! I think it was done SO well and by far the best one! Yay for all the family time you’ve been happening. You remind me of a big samoan family- being so big and tight :) I bet growing up with 9 siblings would have been fun 😉

  16. Eeee!! So many blonde children! My heart! I have such a thing for blonde babies and kids. Let’s hope that Will is carrying some recessive genes haha 😀


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