Random Birthday Musings

Hey friends!


By Friday my brain is sort of shot, so Fridays tend to come in random thoughts & musings. And are organized by number.

I know, I know. Genius, right?

Random Birthday Musings

1. I’m going to tell you a secret: my birthday actually kicked off the night before.

The VP of fitness for the gym I work for came to UT & did a preview of the Les Mills formats we’re going to be getting (!!!!!!).

So yah, I worked out with her. #nobigdeal

She did CXWorx, BodyCOMBAT, and then previewed the upcoming BP 84. It was AMAZING. Hello early birthday present!

And guess what else?!?! Because it’s all coming here to UT (and my boss has faith in me), I got a scholarship and am getting trained in CXWorx in December (it’s a touggghhhh 30 min core class)! HOLY moly I am excited.

1 week after GRIT training.

I am going to be one excited, super sore, and crazily addicted Les Mills instructor by the end of this year.

And I am A okay with that.

Why am I so lucky?!

2. That night (the night before my bday), I came home, assessed our sad food situation & my lack of desire to do ANYthing (I was tired & sore to the bone), and made the exec decision to go eat somewhere else. And fast-because I was hhhunnnggrrryyy.

My husband grabbed the coupon, and we headed to Sweet Tomatoes.

And then we stuffed ourselves silly. It was glorious.

I had 2 salads, 2 soups, breads, and ended with dessert (duh).

I was so full I couldn’t even finish my ice cream.

Now THAT is a feat for me. (I don’t think that’s ever happened before, actually??!)

3. My husband not only got me a new eye mask (which I freaking love!), he got me (another) 2-hour deep tissue massage!!!

I can’t wait. It’s probably going to happen sometime after the GRIT & CX trainings. Hah.

4. We went out for dinner on my birthday (after I taught BP) to Outback (we had another coupon. Score!).

I ordered like 3 things + the bloomin’ onion to share(??).

Apparently my eyes & brain are wayyyy too big for my stomach.

Ahhh well. Leftovers (lots of ’em. yay!) were mighty fine too.

5. I had ice cream/fro yo 3 times within 24 hours (13th eve to 14th eve).

Happy Birthday to me, indeed.

6. I was sung to so many times on my birthday & it was super duper fun!

Thanks to all who called/texted me. My husband went wayyy over the top with that–he’s a jokester, so by the time I got done teaching, I had 32+ texts. Mostly from him.


7. Facebook really does make you feel extra loved/special on your birthday.

It’s really neat to think all those people took 2+ seconds to write on your wall.

I guess I am easily made to feel special?? :)

I also make myself feel special-by posting pics of me in workout clothes. At least I’m not the only one doing it. HAHA.

8. I read a quote the other day that rang so true to me.

Not exactly positive what it said, but here’s the gist of it:

“Doing ordinary things suddenly seems extraordinary when I do them with you.”

This is the perfect summation of my marriage to my husband. I could do pretty much anything (errands, eating, cleaning, etc.) with him, and it suddenly seems so much more enjoyable & special.

He has won my heart. Again and again.

9. Oh, and I ate this as part of my birthday lunch:

10. And I had to do 10 because I despise odd numbers.

Even my birthday proved that:

{How freaking cool is that?!? ALL even numbers. I had to take a pic. My husband laughed. I bet you all are laughing too b/c I even noticed this….It was another birthday gem.}


Well, I am currently in an airplane in the sky…….. and will be landing in StL soon! Family time here I come. I also hope to see Linz sometime this week, woot!

Have a FABULOUS Friday!

What are some of YOUR musings today?? When is YOUR next trip?? Any fun weekend plans for YOU??

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  1. I’m glad you had a great day! I heard from some of the instructors that teach CXWorx at my gym that the training for it was horrible hard. So good luck! I love the class!

  2. YAY! Sounds like a fabulous birthday day (and night, and eve!) And there is NOTHING wrong with froyo 3 times in 24 hours haha. In fact, that’s pretty amazing!! When are we getting together? Is the hubby coming too?

  3. wow…what a fabulous day!! I don’t have any trips planned right now…I think I need to get on that though. 😉

  4. Jessie says:

    I’m glad you had a great birthday! Question for you- Do you have any posts about how you became a Les Mils Instructor? It’s something I’d really like to do, but I’m not sure how to go about that. Thanks!

  5. I’m glad you had a great birthday, Annette! And I need to try these almond snickers some time, I hadn’t heard of them until halloween!

  6. Phoebe says:

    Great birthday!! Isn’t it great to feel spoiled once in awhile? :DD

  7. Ooooooh number 8 nearly made me cry, too sweet!! I get to see my husband tomorrow for the first time in 7 days and I am too excited. Glad you had a fun, even numbered, birthday!!

  8. I’m so glad you enjoyed your birthday to the fullest! I can totally relate to that quote with my husband… Doing the most day-to-day things are so much more fun with HIM! It sounds like we have a couple good ones! 😉

  9. Ahhhh so jealous! I was supposed to have a scholarship to do CXWORX but then they changed the dates and my gym isn’t holding it anymore :( Great work! You’ll be one sore lady. I love your random birthday musings and it’s good to see a healthy girl eating! Haha, woo for leftovers! I really enjoyed this post, which is not strange since I love all your posts 😉 Oh and that quote- I get that. I feel the same way with my boy :)

    • I am sorry about the CX :( I will be definitely crazy sore….. not sure if I am excited or totally scared about it. Hah.

      I love that you know what I’m talking about when I say I’m madly in love with my man. It makes me happy others are so happy with who they’ve chosen too!!! :) xoxo Bek!

  10. Anne Marie says:

    We have CXWorks here (in Canada) and it’s awesome! a great class to do after BP, I am still relatively new to your blog but I am a BP fanactic too! I was just curious what you think of Body Combat? I recently started doing it at my gym and I just love it! Thanks

    • Hey! I LOVE BP. And I can’t wait to love more programs as I get trained!

      I like BodyCombat, but it’s so not me for some reason. I am not a puncher/kicker at all. It is super fun to watch, but I just don’t enjoy doing it. It is a great class if it appeals to you, for sure. It’s killer hard & gets people in shape (and happy)! Glad you love it!

  11. I’m behind on reading because of some life shenanigans, so I can’t help but to wish you a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I’m so glad to see you had a great time on your special day :)

    By the way, I’m very impressed with the healthfulness of your hubby’s eats at Sweet Tomatoes! You must be a proud wifey! 😀

  12. I’m glad you had a great b-day!

    I took a CX workx class and wasn’t impressed here. I bet yours would be great. I’m considering becoming a body combat instructor. They’re having training in January and all I want to do is run and hit things…j/k! I just really like the style of kickboxing and think it would be so fun.

  13. Wow – sounds like the quite the birthday fest and that dinner looks amazing!!



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