Birthday Fun Giveaway!

Hey, hey!

Guess what today is?


{last year. I had just gotten home from teaching Zumba…….}

{amazing carrot cake recipe here}



Hey, it’s my blog, right?! I can be as selfish as I want. 😉

Yep. It’s my birthday! I love birthdays. And I sincerely wish that all companies gave each employee an automatic paid holiday for his or her birthday. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

{last year before our dinner date for moi}


Oh, and because I am so awesome forgetful & never said when I was picking a winner, here is the winner of the GRILL On MorningStar Giveaway:

…drum roll…..

Megan S! (Winner will be contacted.)

Thanks ya all for entering!

Birthday Fun Giveaway!

AND, because it’s my birthday, and the Simply Bar people are so fabulous (and I freaking love their high-protein bars), I have TWO different boxes to send to people!! That means TWO people are gonna win!


I thought it’d be a fun way to celebrate my birthday, here on the blog!

Enter this giveaway by telling me what YOUR favorite birthday present ever was, in the comments!! 

**Extra entries for FBing, blogging, tweeting, or instagramming about this giveaway (MUST tell me in the comments that you did this).**

{US residents only. FYI-Bars will be shipped after Nov 27th.}


So, yah. Happy Birthday to me, and to you guys, I guess! Thanks for being awesome.

Let’s see how many times I can tell you it’s my birthday today, and how many exclamation points I can use today?!?!?!!!!!



I am celebrating my birthday by ummmm working (?), teaching BodyPUMP, grabbing chocolate at some point, and eating a lovely dinner with my man. Can’t wait!

Enter the giveaway by telling me YOUR fav birthday present ever??

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  1. Mollie K says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Birthdays are the best!!!! my favorite birthday gift was a beautiful ring my mom gave me on my 21st birthday. It is so special to me and I rarely take it off. It has a lot of sentimental meaning to me :)

  2. Hanna says:

    Happy birthday!!! My favorite bday gift was my little puppy when I was in 6th grade :)

  3. caroline says:

    happy happy birthday!!! Have a fabulous day!!! I don’t know if I have a favorite but my most memorable was when Jason bought me a pair or sevens (Surprised!) and the largest chocolate cake EVER.

  4. Happy Birthday!! For my 21st birthday, my mom got me two tickets to see Wicked (so I took her, of course =)) So awesome!

  5. Happy birthday to you!!! Hope you have a great day. I can’t take part in the giveaway but I’ll join in anyway :) fave present….my mum used to take me to health spas for my birthday. I love having quality time with my mum and getting pampered, it’s a great combo :)

  6. favorite birthday present? hmmm probably my trip to boston for the hls!! happy birthday!!!

  7. tweeting!!

  8. Virginia says:

    Have a wonderful Birthday!! I dont remember what my favorite present was but it was probably something awesome

  9. favorite bday present would have to be s sapphire ring from my dad!
    happy birthday!

  10. Happy Birthday! I think my favorite gift is that my mom (for as long as I can remember) always makes me my favorite cake~German Chocolate~with the coconut frosting! I don’t have it any other time through out the year…only on MY special day! 😉

  11. Danielle Duffey says:

    Happy Birthday! My most memorable birthday gift was a trip to Arizona with my husband when I was in Army training for 6 months. Very special!

  12. Happy Birthday to YOU! My best present was probably my Fossil watch – I love it and wear it everyday.

  13. Ray S says:

    My favorite birthday was when my wife and daughter prepared my favorite dinner from scratch – meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob! Dessert was my wife’s homemade strawberry cheesecake! I still remember how special it was – have a very Happy Birthday!

  14. Laura Joan says:

    My favorite birthday present was the birthstone ring my parents gave me when I turned 10 yrs. old and I still have it to this day…and wear it too! I am now 29! Gotta love my mom and dad!

  15. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy your day and be as selfish as you want! :)

  16. Georgiana says:

    Oh Wow – that cake looks gorgeous and it looks like you had a very fun birthday celebration! Thank you also for sharing some gifts with your readers as I’ve been wanting to try the raspberry Simply Bar after reading about them! My favorite birthday gift was a little sweater pin that my 7 year-old daughter bought and surprised me with using her allowance! So special and sweet!

  17. Megan S. says:

    Happy happy birthday! I think my favorite birthday gift was my first cell phone in high school…the big nokia ones that you could change the face plate and keyboard with! haha

  18. Marla says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!! my favorite birthday gift was a surprise trip to LA from my boyfriend (now husband)!

  19. Laurel C says:

    Happy Birthday! my favorite gift was running shoes!! lol

  20. Laurel C says:
  21. Happy Birthday! My birthday is Friday! 😉 My favorite present was a pair of small diamond stud earrings from my husband. So simple, classy, and beautiful. I wear them every day!

  22. Happy birthday! My all-time favorite present was 2 years ago from my sis and bro-in-law. They bought me a round trip plan ticket to San Diego where my boyfriend had moved about 6 months prior. It was so much that I couldn’t even react appropriately for like 3 months.

  23. Annie Blicharz says:

    Happy Birthday!

  24. Happy Birthday beautiful lady! I hope you have the best and most blessed day ever!!! You deserve it!

  25. krystal says:

    Happy birthday Annette! The best birthday present I’ve gotten is a shopping spree.

  26. Amelia says:

    Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday gift was from my sister. The year before I went to college she made this amazing quilt that I could hang up on my wall at school. It had tons of pictures of the two of us growing up and included some of my favorite places. She did an amazing job and it meant so much to me that she had spent so much time on it. Very thoughtful! A few years later when she went to college I made a similar quilt for her :-)

  27. Happy happy birthday girl! Hope you have a fabulous day! :)

  28. Happy Birthdayyyyyy! The day before my birthday this year I got engaged! Perfect! (:

  29. Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday gift was a kayak!

  30. Danielle says:

    Happiiiii Birthadayyyyy!!!! Wishing you many blessings, joys, and fabulous wishes for extra fabulocity, fun, fitness, and all your sweet heart’s desire :) xoxoxox
    big birthday hugs to ya!!!

  31. Leslie Luu says:

    My favourite gift was a cushion with Orlando Bloom’s face plastered onto it ! haha

  32. my favorite birthday present had to be my great aunt’s old car, yes used gift but it was my first car at the age of 17.

  33. Katie Flodder says:

    Happy Birthday! Hope your special day is wonderful!

  34. Alexandra says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Best birthday present I ever got was a car when I was 16 :) I do love birthdays even more now that I am married and have the love of my life to share them with!!

  35. Happy birthday! Dont get too wild and crazy tonight 😉

  36. Jessie says:

    Happy Birthday! I love your blog. Make sure and eat a BIG slice of cake today! My favorite birthday present was probably a kate spade purse. I had had my eye on it for so long and my husband surprised me with it!

  37. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you have a great day Annette! I don’t know if I have a most favorite ever present, but one time this totally awesome sister of mine bought me the exact $$hair products$$$ I was hoping for from essental oils! so happy I cried!

  38. Happy, happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! My favorite birthday gift was my garmin! It gets sooo much use.

  39. happy birthday, love bucket

  40. Happy birthday; hope it’s spectacular! Today is also my dad’s birthday. :) My favorite birthday gift has probably been books. My family isn’t too crazy about gift-giving, but I always have enjoyed a good book.


    My fave gift was a 3 story Barbie house that my dad made. It had carpet, hardwood floors, wallpaper, a bathroom – everything! It was AWESOME!!!

  42. Holly says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! You make me laugh sometimes =)!

    Mine was on the 12th (two days ago) and umm.. My favorite gift ever was an unexpected surprise party at a friend’s restaurant – My fiance took me out and everyone was already there.. I had no idea!!
    Those bars look yummy!

  43. Ilene says:

    Happy birthday! I cannot even begin to think of what my favorite birthday present was.

  44. Julie F says:

    One of my favorite birthday gifts is the severed head my sister bought me. My birthday is a few weeks before Halloween & I asked her for it. LOL She said it was one of the silliest gift she ever bought.

  45. Julie F says:

    ^^^^ PS It was a pretend head, just so you know.

  46. Renata says:

    Happy Happy Birthday – Glad you had a great time celebrating!
    My favorite birthday gift was when I was 5 my father got me a little young 6 week-old kitten! She was a very special dear pet for our family for many, many years!

  47. Kara D says:

    My husband got me a bike for my birthday, and that was awesome!

  48. Renata says:

    Following you and Chobani and I tweeted:

  49. Jordan D says:

    Happy birthday! My favorite birthday gift was the claddagh ring my parents gave me for my 13th birthday. I begged them for it for months lol. The cinnamon pecan Simply bars sound delicious, thanks for the giveaway :)

  50. Happy Birthday Beautiful lady! Hope your day is special. Even though I can’t wait I still want to join in on the convo and share my best birthday present! The awesome pink fluro shoes I got this year were pretty great, as was the huge gift card that I got before going on a shopping spree. But I think as a kid the best presents were the awesome cakes I got! I remember mum made me a very over the top train- and that’s something I’ll never forget.

  51. My favorite birthday present ever was this last year when my niece was born on my birthday!

  52. Christine says:

    What a great giveaway! The best gift I ever received was a scrapbook from a friend. She’d put a lot of effort into it, and it was such a thoughtful, nostalgic surprise.

  53. Phoebe says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great one :DD

    I love your blog – keep it up!!

  54. Happy Birthday beautiful! Seriously, you are gorgeous! Hope it was a magical day!

    Best gift I’ve gotten, stuffed animals representing each member of the family (at different birthday, but so fun!)

  55. Ttrockwood says:

    Awesome giveaway!! Happy birthday!!
    My favorite birthday gift i gave to myself- :)!
    I had saved forever and went to spain for 12 days- most awesome vacation ever…



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