5 Tips to Becoming a Morning Exerciser

Hey friends!

Good morning. What was your favorite thing about yesterday?

Mine was probably this:

Yah. I am weird with a capital W. But at least I know it right?!

{Yes, that is lunch –the simply bar protein chips, laughing cow, and a salad in a mixing bowl- in front of my work computer on the floor.}

I love working/reading/Internet-ing on my stomach, so for a few hours each day I take my computer off my desk and I work on the floor. I actually write my best stuff on the comfort of my belly.

You can go ahead & laugh now.

(For those newer readers, for my 9-5 day job I am a health coach and a fitness/health copy writer for an insurance company, and I work from home. Yes, it’s awesome to the max.)

The one down side? I kinda get lonely. I am my only coworker….well that is until a sister is brave enough to call me. I tend to talk their ears off….probably because the only people I ever talk to all day long are my phone (husband via text), fitness people at the gym, my clients, myself (don’t tell me you don’t), and my sisters.

Second great thing about yesterday? THIS:

Such a good flavor from Larabar.



Ya all have heard I love to work out & teach my fitness classes in the morning, but I do recognize that not everyone loves this. However, I have some readers wanting tips on how to become a morning exerciser, so I am going to share the top 5 with you all.

I have been working out in the morning since 2004, so I kinda know what’s going on–what’s tough, what helps, and what does not work.

5 Tips to Becoming a Morning Exerciser

#1. Go to bed at a decent hour!!

If you’re not doing this, then do it! No, but really, this is HUGE. Sleep is more important than working out (#truth), so if you want to be semi-awake for your booty-busting time, you must get enough sleep. 7+ is recommended.

If you need help getting there, slowly force yourself to go to bed 10 minutes earlier than normal each week. This will gradually ‘trick’ your body into being ready for bed earlier & earlier.

It’s totally okay to be a grandma during the week because it’s the cool thing to do. 😉

#2. Lay your clothes out the night before.

Another really awesome (easy) tip. This not only makes your morning routine shorter, but it actually mentally prepares yourself to work out! Visual cues are not lost on those who want to change habits.

#3. Set alarm(s), enlist a friend, and put it on your calendar.

This is one tip because they are all the same–ACCOUNTABILITY, baby.

Don’t miss an appointment with yourself, it could be your only few sane moments of the day.

Just sayin’.

#4. Choose a reward or an errand that you or someone else gets for after the workout.

If you have something that you get OUT of the workout afterwards (besides the awesome feeling of accomplishment, good lookin’ booty, excitement of having it ‘done’, etc.), it’s harder to skip the actual act (read: the work out).

#5. When in doubt use mantras, stories, and visual quotes or pictures to remind you of your WHY!

It is your workout. Your body. Your day. Your results.

So why did you start again?

Have these ideas, stories, mantras, pictures on hand for when that alarm starts ringing! There WILL be days when you just want to go back to bed, but using your determination & sheer will power to get up & meet that friend for the early morning gym class will definitely pay you back in huge dividends.

We all know some days are harder than others, so why not set yourself up to succeed?

For me, when it’s hard to get up, I remind myself of WHY I am doing this and HOW I am going to feel afterwards (and I check out this post I wrote with a bunch of motivational quotes). And on the really hard days, I tell myself to only do it for 15 or 20 minutes…..and yah, the rest is history.

{But keep in mind, with all of these tips, listen to YOUR body each & every day. If you need rest or are sick, do not get up early to work out.}

A great help to encourage any kind of healthy change can be found in Steve Pavlina’s 30 Days to Success guide. Love his idea of sticking with something for a short period of time, instead of worrying about the long term.

I know that not everyone wants to love to wake up and work out, but I can promise you that if you try it out, you just might find that your days are happier & full of energy if you do.


Have a LOVELY day!

And with that, I am off to teach a 5:30 a.m. BodyPUMP class. BRING it on.

Do YOU like working on YOUR stomach?? Favorite LaraBar flavor?? What helps YOU get up in the morning to workout if YOU do?? 

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  1. going to bed early is definitely key!! setting clothes out also helps prevent being loud and potentially wake up jonny in the morning! i always remind myself how much better i feel after i workout in the morning… i tend to eat healthier, have more energy, and be in a better mood throughout the day! what more can you ask for?!

  2. I could totally always be a morning exerciser if I didn’t have to get up at 4:30 AM to do it.. If I worked from home, I would knock out an hour of getting ready and a half hour commute! It would be fantastic!!!

    • WOW. That is reallllllyyyy early. I totally get why you wouldn’t want to do that!

      I don’t even usually ‘get ready’….. yah. Guilty.

  3. I think I do all of those things…

    get to bed early…
    lay out my clothes (do I don’t wake hubs)…
    know that I am meeting a friend…
    look forward to an awesome breakfast once I get home…


  4. Great tips! Have this post scheduled to appear on FB soon ;)!

  5. Those are good tips…i swear one day I will accomplish a morning work out!…one day 😛

  6. When I need to get up early for a workout, I actually wear my workout clothes to bed! It also helps me 100% when I am meeting someone!

  7. these are all great tips! I so desperately would love to become a morning exerciser, but afterwards I’m even more exhausted than I am before. working out tires me out, that’s why I tend to do it late at night so I can sleep better. I am allergic to caffeine, otherwise I would try that out to see if it helped!

  8. Great tips! I definitely use almost all the ones you listed. Especially going to bed “early” and laying out all my clothes, towels, HRM the night before. Otherwise I’d just be a mess that early;)

  9. I only study on my stomach. It’s how I function!! I don’t think you’re crazy. And those are great tips! I try really hard to get up earlier and that’s one of my goals this week. I still have a crazy college schedule and don’t get home by 10:30 some days, so it’s really hard for me to go to sleep earlier!

  10. I go to bed every night before 11pm so that I can get up at 6/6:30 (or sometimes 5/5:30) to get my 101 minute work out in! I love starting my day off on the right foot (so to speak, lol) because I feel AMAZING when it’s over. Lately I have been feeling a little less than motivated to work out, but I still do it and still feel good afterwards! I think I just need a vacation, and guess what, I will be getting one come Sunday! But… that doesn’t mean I won’t be exercising!!

  11. krystal says:

    I love getting my workout in in the morn. PS. Did you already announce the winnerof the Morningstar package?

  12. My Husban’d aunt is 70 years old and has been going to the same aerobics class at 5AM for 20 years. I asked her HOW she gets up every day and she says this:

    “Don’t even have the conversation with yourself. Once you start negotiating for 5 more minutes or I’ll do it later or tomorrow, it’s over. Don’t even let the conversation begin. Make this promise to yourself. Get up. Get dressed. Get in the car. Drive to the gym. If THEN you don’t want to do the work, you may drive home and go back to bed. In 20 years, I’ve never turned around.”

    Basically, it’s the getting up that’s the hardest. Once you do – it’s cake from there!!!

  13. I am afraid even these tips can’t help me! I suck at mornings. Luckily, i am OK with that. Haha.

  14. I LOVE working out in the morning, it’s a big thing off my checklist and the perfect way to start the day. I cannot, however, work on my stomach. It feels awkward to me, like where do my elbows go when I’m typing!? Haha

  15. i love these tips! I can definitely be a morning exerciser if i have to! I actually only used to do mornings but now that I work second shift I like going at noon that way my body is all warmed up and my breakfast is settled!

  16. I used to be a huge morning exerciser, but I’ve gotten out of that routine since being pregnant. My beauty sleep is my top notch priority at the moment, and I tend to feel best to work out late morning (if it’s a day off) or late afternoon/early evening when I get home from work. It sure is nice to start your day off on the right foot with a great sweat sesh though! I’m sure I’ll get back to it someday.

  17. You know what I’ve found helps when I teach 5:45 body step classes? The sun being up in Summer woot! Haha, I totally agree with the sleep and I also lay my clothes out the night before- so I can sleep in for 5 extra minutes the next day 😉

  18. Its Always a big big thing for me to do exercise in early morning, almost every day I plan to do it next day but can’t do it regularly. Thanks for sharing these tips I am looking forward as these could help me out a bit.

  19. I’m always doing this everyday. Plans are prepared before doing daily exercise and before going to my gym for my daily workout.

  20. Michele says:

    I will sleep in my workout clothes too. Not usually when hubby is home, but on duty weekends and when he deployed, I did :) I suppose with the cold weather, I could go back to that…flannels aren’t any more flattering :p

  21. I run.. outside… so I always check the weather and make sure it’s within range (my hubs doesn’t like me to run in lower temps that 30F) and not rainy… It’s my favorite part of the day! I love watching the sun come up, feeling it warm up as it does, and enjoy the world before mad rush-hour! I usually hit the road about 6:10am– amazing!

  22. I just became a morning exerciser this week! Mainly because the classes are free this week and I’m trying to take as many of them as I can, but I’m finding that I kind of like it!

    Going to bed earlier is actually the hardest part! But, after I get such a buzz going after my workout and I’m fired up for the whole day. It’s so great.


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