Pizza Pizza

Hey friends!

Happy new week to us all!

The first half of our weekend was rockin’.

The second half was equally as awesome.

Fireplace cozinesses.



Football game watching.


Pizza leftover yumminess. (More on that later)

Time with my man.

{He’ll probably be so mad I put this in….but then again, he hardly checks out the blog. Yep, he does not like having photos taken–he finds it so boring. But he looked too hot in his new sweater. I had to.}

Family birthday dinner (to celebrate my & my father-in-law’s birthdays).

Mine is Wednesday. Just send gifts now. :)

Dang. He is fine.

Awesome times.


Pizza Pizza

I freaking love pizza.

Love it.

Pizza used to be ‘bad’ in my mind. It used to be an ‘offlimit’ food to me because it represented fatty, greasy, carby, indulgent food that I could not & would not participate in.

I know, I know. I have since learned to not be so silly.

Pizza can be a not-so-great-for-us food, of course, but it can also be super delicious and healthy.

Tips to make Pizza PIZZA:

  • use a whole wheat crust (I make mine homemade. It is sooooo easy.)
  • roll the dough so it’s not too thick and not too thin
  • bake the crust for about 4-5 minutes before adding toppings
  • while crust is baking, sizzle onions, garlic, and desired protein over medium heat in a skillet
  • top slightly baked crust with tomato sauce, Italian seasonings, and the skillet mess
  • top it all with cheeeeeeessseee and bake!

I love my pizza.

This pizza gives us whole grain carbs, quality protein, some healthy fats, and yes, a bit of unhealthy fats (cheese has saturated fat and this can be unhealthy-depending on amount consumed), and the comfort food factor all in one.

Oh and one more thing? It’s easy. And pleases anyone. Okay that’s two. But you get my point!

p.s. My husband’s pizza is topped off similarly, but his protein of choice is always pepperoni. (ick) Mine is usually turkey sausage.

Now who’s in the mood for some pizza tonight? :)


Have a fab day! I am off to teach BP, work, and then teach BP. What’s new? Hah.

YOUR turn–do YOU love pizza?? How do YOU make pizza PIZZA in YOUR eyes?? Weekend happenings–I wanna hear ’em?!!

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  1. I used to LOVE when my mom does make your own pizza night at home! I would put black olives, spinach, pepperoni, a TON of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on mine!

  2. I love loading on tons of veggies on my pizzas!! Homemade pizzas are so good!!

  3. yum…that pizza and crust looks so good…I am thinking about making it soon!!! (Love getting good recipes and tips for cooking delish meals…tx)

  4. Glad you had such a great weekend! I love my pizza too! Homemade pizza is a regular thing in our house… My favorite toppings are lots of veggies (bell pepper, onion, spinach, tomatoes) and turkey sausage (sounds like your’s! 😉 ), while my husband’s favorite is pepperoni, mushroom, and olive. We usually make two separate pizzas or make a larger pizza and divide it in half.

  5. Wow that is a good looking pizza…now I want some for lunch! Lol

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend! Is it sad that when I was young the only pizza I would eat is pizza crust ha ha. I was so picky, I hated the cheese and tomato sauce, I just wanted the carbs. Now, I love to load a ton of veggies on and some goat cheese!

  7. My bf and I went through a stage of making pizzas- I’d make a wholemeal base and he would have a regular white. I would top mine off with beautiful things like sliced turkey or chicken, sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, shallots, capsicum and cheese. Ahhh soo good! We haven’t done that in ages. Maybe it’s pizza time again soon?

  8. I actually haven’t had pizza in years!!!! I make an egg white pancake seasoned with paprika, oregano, parsley, red paper flakes, salt and pepper… And honestly, that tastes a lot like pizza to me, minus the sauce and cheese! I cannot eat bread (even gluten free) and I cannot eat cheese (or soy cheese)… So I pretty much make do with what I can eat! I think I may sautee veggies and layer it on top of the eggs to make egg pizza… Although some might just call that an omelet or a frittata! LOL! Oh semantics!

  9. Something about a man in a nice sweater – I love it when mine wears one :-p

    I cannot stand pepperoni! Like, I’m pretty sure I won’t allow it in my house, level of hate. Saturday night, I made Hawaiian pizza on whole wheat – ham, pineapple and a bunch mozzarella. Sometimes, you can’t go wrong with a classic.

  10. Pizza is ALWAYS a good choice–at least my taste buds think so. I like to throw mushrooms and spinach on it to sneak in some veggies, but I’m okay with straight up cheese as well. Too many veggies take away from the pizza experience in my opinion. I’ll eat a salad with pizza a lot of the time so I can still enjoy the greasy, cheesy goodness while still eating some veggies.

  11. mmm i loveeee pizza! you probably aren’t human if you don’t like pizza lets be honest! I love mushrooms.. and cheese… and meat.. and veggies… just load it up!

  12. I love pizza with you!

  13. Annie says:

    Hey Annette, as a fellow past binge eater/anorexic and everything in between I totally get what you say about pizza (same goes for sandwiches!). I recently started reintroducing it in my diet but because I haven’t found a supermarket one I like I’ve only been having it at restaurants which results in me eating past fullness because I’m not having it often. My body craves pizza but as I can’t go out every time since it’s too expensive, I want to try and make it myself.
    So my question, I know you said you use tomato sauce and cheese, but what kind of cheese do you put? Do you put veggies too? I’m a HM pizza novice lol!
    Oh and, good luck having your baby girl!

    • Making pizza is the best–& it’s super yummy!

      I usually do mozzarella & sharp cheddar–and it’s a great combo! I usually do onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, and spinach under neath the cheese!

      Thank you–I had the baby! yay! :)



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