Weekend + GNC Total Lean

Hey friends!

How’s it going? My weekend has been fun thus far.


We went and ate Cafe Rio (that’s twice in 6 days, yes I know) on Thursday night.

Love that place. Randomly got fro yo afterwards.

Amazing. Just amazing.

I freaking love YogurtLand!

Friday morn, after a workout & some crazy antics…..

{Former ballerina right there.}

I worked all day yesterday up at the mountain house amidst the beautiful snow, watched WipeOut, a movie, and just chilled last night. Perfection.


GNC Total Lean

As a FitFluential Ambassador I was sent some great stuff a little while ago.

GNC sent me some of their Total Lean products to try, and I was especially excited because I’ve never tried any of their stuff before.

I was sent the total lean shakes, breakfast squares, and Saf Slim.

I am not trying to lose weight or anything, but it was fun to try these out & see how they made me feel (repressed hunger, energized, etc.).

Breakfast Squares

I usually have a ‘homemade’ breakfast, but these squares came into play on a day I was running suuupppeerrr duper late. I grabbed one, and headed right to my desk, making it right on time for an important work meeting.

It held me over pretty good, and it was tasty (that kind was the strawberries & cream). I think I prefer the oatmeal chocolate chip squares though.

Duh. Chocolate > strawberry in my book. :)

Total Lean Shakes

I really like the Swiss chocolate lean shake! It reminds me of chocolate milk actually, so it was the perfect post workout drink when I had nothing else on hand.


My husband preferred the strawberries & cream shake, but what’s new?

Saf Slim

And as for the Saf Slim, well, when I remembered to take it, I guess it decreased my hunger levels a little bit? I did often feel less hungry on the days I drank it. But that’s kinda annoying, because I like to eat.


I don’t think I noticed any real difference ‘size’ wise of my waist/belly in the past weeks (of trying my best to remember to drink some)…but that’s probably my fault & not GNC’s.

Overall I was pretty pleased with how all these products tasted and their nutritional stats. Check GNC’s stuff out–they’ve got a lot going on.

Thanks GNC!


Have a GREAT rest of your weekend!

What did YOU do last night?? Have YOU tried any of GNC’s Total Lean line?? Any other former dancers out there??

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  1. I can’t get past the snow scene…oh pretty but depressing too…and its just a sign of what is to come for us in MN.

  2. Linz @ Itz Linz says:

    Impromptu family night at my sisters! And for dancing .. Well you know how that went for me! Ha!

  3. I have to make a GNC run today, I get there PHYSiO Burn, it’s suppose to help burn stomach fat. I have been using it for a month, I don’ t know if it works, but I do realize it suppresses my hunger a little bit and for me I eat way to much! I have issues with munching!!

    And OMG! All that snow, it’s pretty but I don’t miss it!! Have a great weekend!

  4. cinnamon graham cracker froyo? That sounds so good!

  5. I think this is the perfect weekend for you to be up in the mountains with all the beautiful snow! I’m sure you got a TON up there! Enjoy my dear! :)

  6. Former dancer over here! 10 years baby 😉

  7. now i am craving rio…

  8. My sister and her family LOVE Cafe Rio!!! I’m going to be in SLC this weekend and you can bet your bippy I will make a stop there!

    • You are?!??!!? I am LEAVING this weekend! UGH! SAD!!! What a bummer, I would’ve loved to meet up for fro yo. Boo. Have FUN though! Def go to Cafe Rio. The salad is the bomb (you can choose a protein or none if you want)



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