Friday Humor

Hey friends!


Friday Humor

I just wanted to share some things I am thinking & feeling. All done in a somewhat humorous light, because that’s how we all deal with setbacks, issues, problems, and well, life.

{I am not trying to offend or judge anyone. These thoughts & pictures are just what I found funny and/or helpful to laugh about. So let’s all take a chill pill. Sweet.}

Food Humor




Political Humor

To be totally honest, I wasn’t so good Wednesday morning. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. As a reminder, this is my blog and my space to say stuff and ya all love transparency & honesty-so here is my short blurb on how I feel. Firstly, I think it’s great we have a chance to VOTE, and this is really meant to be light/humorous. So don’t be offended, please.


My ‘humorous reaction’ to a sad day in my eyes was this (I wanted to make a pinterest picture, but alas, I am not creative): anyone who voted to reelect the president isn’t allowed to complain about what he does during the next 4 years!!! 😉 

Also, I wonder who he is going to blame when things worsen in our nation? I mean, all we heard during the past 4 years was ‘it was Bush’s fault’. What will he say for the next 4? 



All joking aside, God is in whom I trust, and that doesn’t and won’t change. I am going to keep on doing MY personal best, regardless of what goes on in the white house. People, what is popular is not always right, and what is right is not always popular. I’m done with political statements here, but I must say it again as a reminder-my blog, my space.

I bet that’s what you really wanted know if you asked me “how are you doing?”

Hehe. I crack myself up sometimes.

Moving on.

Exercise Humor


Funny, because Pinterest, I believe, did start by some guys…..




That (above) is my all time favorite.

Kid ‘n’ Family Humor


Random Humor




I have a pretty great Humor Board if I do say so myself…. 😉


Well, it’s Friday-Wahoo! We actually left last night after work, and are spending today and tomorrow up at the mountain house working there-and it’s supposed to snow today! Can’t wait for that beauty. Then we’ve got birthday festivities all weekend long. Woot!

Have a GREAT one!

What have YOU found humorous on Pinterest or otherwise lately?? How do YOU deal with disappointment?? What are YOUR weekend plans??

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  1. Regardless of if I agree with your political views or not – I’m glad you shared them. I think every other blogger I’ve seen this past week urged everyone to celebrate democracy and go vote, but nobody wanted to share their views for fear of persecution. Go Free Speech!

  2. caroline says:

    Totally enjoyed your humor boards- Everyone needs to laugh in the morning!

  3. Totally understand you being upset because of the way the election turned out. Either way, there would be a whole group of people upset about the results. I’m not going to share who I voted for, but I want to put something in perspective regardless of either side. Remember that this country has checks and balances put into place – meaning, no one person, even the president, holds ultimate power over decisions. There is also a strong republican congress right now, which makes it very difficult for the current president to put a lot of things into place. Just my two cents!

  4. These are funny….hopefully, we can come together (politically) and get something done now. 😉 I am actually looking forward to another 4 years.

  5. Thanks for making me smile this morning. I loved the compilation. :) Happy Friday!

  6. I appreciate your thoughts on the election results (and I’m not even American), although I’m a little nervous for you for posting them! Just hoping you don’t get a lot of negative feedback for it.

    And your humour board is amazing :-p I really need that shirt – perfect explanation as to why I’ve been doing a lot of squats lately! 😉

    • I was a tad bit nervous, but then I thought about it and was like “it’s my blog.” Plus, it’s not like I can DO anything about it. But I can share my thoughts & feelings. Me not being honest is worse, as a blogger :) thanks for your concern, girl!!!

  7. I think it’s great you shared that you were disappointed, I avoided discussing politics on my blog this week because honestly, I was a little nervous to. Most of the bloggers I follow voted differently from me, so I felt a bit in the minority. And to deal with disappointment I take my time to wallow, then I pull myself back up and keep moving forward. Like you said, we can only do OUR best and try not to worry about the white house.

  8. Happy Friday! I love that you are not afraid to share honestly about your feelings on a political matter :). Many others won’t!

    I find that when I’m disappointed about this kind of thing I look to Romans 13:1 which says:”Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.”

    Also….Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him”. Thank God for Romans hey :D. Jx

  9. Haha! Thanks for the laughs!! Go free speech!!

  10. Great pinterest finds, I definitely laughed! :)

  11. haha–these are some good ones and ones i haven’t seen before! totally need that squat tank for my big bum. love that you shared your political thoughts tastefully and honestly. I am so sick of people being super immature and crazy about it on Facebook! Gah!

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  12. Kate B. says:

    You shared your opinions in a very classy way — you’re totally right too: you’re blog, your words, your opinion. Way better than trying to run an amateur political campaign on Facebook!

    Thanks for the continuous inspiration, and the dose of humor today.

  13. Haha that’s hilarious! Love your funnies! Pfft, stuff them! It’s your blog and you have opinions on things- it;d be a different story if you were advocating something unhealthy, dangerous or wrong to readers, but you’re just typing how you feel! I think you should deal with the disappointment with some hard exercise, ice-cream and a foot massage :)

  14. margaret says:

    could not agree more with your political views! i only hope america will still be standing after four more years…




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