Get GRITty + FitMixer Updates

Hey friends!

How are ya?!

Later on in the day yesterday, I was feeling GRRREEAAATTT!

Here’s WHY:

Did ya read that right?! :)

Get GRITty

It’s the training I’ve wanted to do since I heard about this program- the Les Mills Grit Series!! Ahhh!

One of the gyms I work at is bringing the GRIT Series program to their locations and I am SO SO excited!

{You can only train in a Les Mills program if you work for a gym that is licensed to have the program.}


Here is the blurb about the GRIT Series from Les Mills’ website:

LES MILLS GRIT™SERIES will push you to your max, and beyond.
Get the up close and personal attention of small group or team training.
With your coach right down on the floor with you, motivating you
and the team, you won’t believe how hard you can work out.

Best of all, get the specific fitness results you’re looking for.

  • Three unique programs offering fitness results, fast.
  • 30 minutes of intense challenge to set training routines.
  • Explosive music to send energy levels through the roof.
  • Highly-charged certified coaches giving you one-on-one attention.


Here’s what participants can expect:

{source and source}

The Les Mills GRIT Series has only been launched in a few gyms, but after a few weeks, this will be all over the place.

And I get to be on the front lines.

SO freaking excited!


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am SO grateful for a husband who does the dishes after dinner-especially when he sees his wife is not feeling so great. I awoke to all of the dishes done! WOW.
  2. I am thankful for parents who believe in the power of prayer, faith, family, and love.
  3. I am super grateful today for a good job that I love!


P.s. Here is some GREAT info about FitMixer (as an ambassador I get to share this great stuff with you)!!

  • BOGO sale! Go to the FitMixer Facebook page and “like” the page to unlock the code to get a FREE bottle of fruit punch amino® with any purchase (does not include blender bottles). Ends November 30!
  • Weekend Getaway Giveaway! On the Facebook page, follow the steps to win the Weekend Getaway. The prize consists of a $99 Marriott Hotels & Resorts voucher and a $50 gift card to Ends November 30. SWEET!
  • fitmixer® Product Daily Giveaway! On the FitMixer website, enter to win your choice of any fitmixer® product, DAILY! Please NOTE that you can enter daily to increase your chance of winning, and winners are announced each day. This promo ends December 15!
  • The NEXT FitMixer Boot Camp! It starts January 7, 2013, and you can register here .

Have an AWESOME day, friends!

Have YOU heard about the GRIT series-or tried it yet?? What is YOUR favorite way to exercise for only 30 minutes?? What are YOU thankful for today?? Have YOU tried any FitMixer awesomeness yet?!?

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  1. caroline says:


  2. I have not tried the FitMixer awesomeness yet but I keep reading about it! :) That Grit Series sounds awesome and intense! :)

  3. This sounds like a blast! I’m so excited for you! I love quick and intense workouts. Can’t wait to get back to them!

  4. Yay so exciting!!! I love those high intensity, short workouts. Probably my favorite way to workout! Unfortunately we have no les mils here, which makes me a little sad. I’m thankful for simply being surrounded by friends and family and the fact we’re going to set up for Christmas this weekend…yah, a little on the early side;)

  5. The GRIT series sounds pretty intense, right up your alley! That will be fun to learn a new type of class to teach! I’m still dying to take a body pump class, I actually was looking at a gym in KC (24 hour fitness) that my friend is looking at joining and they offer it! I’m going to have to use their free 3 day pass when I’m home for christmas and go!

    • oh YES! Go to it. I tell everyone to give it 3 chances (just b/c some instructors aren’t good at welcoming newbies, but if you can, tell the instructor it’s your first time so they can ‘watch out’ for ya!) You’ll be great though, esp since you’ve lifted before.

      I am SO excited for GRIT :)

  6. oh this sounds super cool. i need to come try it! tell me when and where!

    • Janetha- GO TAKE Annette’s BP class!! Have you still not tried one? I’m going to bet that she’s amazing.

      • You all are too nice to me 😉 Janetha has taken a BP class before, but not from moi. 😉

        She will though.

        Janetha–once I am trained in GRIT I will give you deets. Also, what nights/days are best for you to work out/come try a class with me? I can get you a free pass. Just let me know! Prob after T-Day holidays, since I am leaving town next week.

        xoxo to you both!!

  7. Ooohhh….man, I wish we had that! You’ll have to tell me if it’s anything like the “challenge” that we had to do in Bodypump Instructor training….because that was the hardest workout ever!

  8. Excited I just joined a LesMills gym today…and hoping that they will end up offering this stuff. Woo!

    • YAYYYYYYYY!!! SO excited for you. They probably will. It delivers results fast, and by the looks of it, is super intense :) I am super nervous for the training…. heh

  9. YAY! If I had the money I’d train in it also- but I’ll see how I go first. Grit is awesome, have you done a class yet?

    • I haven’t yet. But probably better that I just dive in full force. It tends to just shake the scaredyness right out of me! HAH :) When I trained in BP, I hadn’t ever taken a BP class either. This just looks soooo tough, so I am a bit nervous. Hah!



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