Grill On! MorningStar Veggie Burgers + GIVEAWAY

Hey friends!

How’s it going in your neck of the woods?

Here? It’s all good in the hood. I went to bed early because I was so freaking tired & sore because I did 10 pull-ups. It’s been a rough ‘n’ busy few days!

Plus, I can’t stand waiting around for elections & voters. It just makes me cranky. Besides, me staying up isn’t going to change the outcome.


On to some exciting stuff!

Grill On! MorningStar Veggie Burgers

I was sent a really fun package from the MorningStar Farms people.

Heck yes!

The MorningStar Farms Grilling Essentials kit includes a “Keep Calm and Grill On” framed print, two sets of green table setting cocktail napkins for your next barbeque party, a Crate & Barrel “Grill Talk” apron, a personalized MorningStar Farms Recipe Burger Book and three coupons good for one package each of MorningStar Farms products. This kit is all you need to get started with some delicious meatless grilling for any upcoming tailgating parties, fall dinner parties or even easy mealtime solutions.

I was so excited! We made dinner plans with some friends to enjoy our free burgers (thanks MorningStar Farms!), but they had to cancel last minute.  Bummer.

Well, my husband and I know how to have a good time nonetheless. 😉

Especially when there’s delicious food involved.

2 patties for him, 1 for me.

(These were the Grillers Original).

Our plates were full of goodness!

{My plate. YUMMMMMMMM!}

{husband’s plate}

It was such a fun evening–thanks to our cute napkins, free burgers, and awesome apron.

Thank you MorningStar Farms for sharing your delicious veggie burgers with us!

My husband really liked this flavor because he said it had a legit taste/smell of ‘real’ burgers. And let’s be honest, his first choice would be ‘real’ burgers. But he agrees that this is a way healthier option to get a similar taste/smell that you could with a burger. It is a bit chewier than a beef burger, he mentioned, but it wasn’t bad.

As for me, I LOVED this kind! It was really tasty, flavorful, and filling. Totally buying these again!


Your Chance to WIN this Grill On! gift set! GIVEAWAY time, baby!

Do you want to win the above gift set and host your own grill party?

I’ll answer for you. YES, YES you do!!

Mandatory: Leave a comment telling me what you’d top your veggie burger with!

Optional: Tweet this: “Enter to win @MorningStrFarms giveaway-free veggie burgers & apron! via @FitnessPerks:” or blog about this giveaway & leave a comment telling me you did so.

And/or follow me on any social site, or subscribe to this blog, & leave a comment telling me you did so! :)


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Have a GREAT day ya all! And good LUCK. :)

*Disclaimer: I was sent this basket & coupons to try the product. All opinions are my own.*

Leave a comment to enter this giveaway–What would YOU top these veggie burgers with??!

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  1. caroline says:

    I’d top my burger with spinach and ketchup! Simple yet delicious!

  2. Avocado slices or guacamole would be great veggie burger toppers!!

  3. tweeted!

  4. Megan S. says:

    I would top mine with guacamole!

  5. Megan S. says:

    I follow you on Pinterest

  6. I would top my veggie burgers with the really tasty guacamole dip from Trader Joe’s :). Spinach is a good topper too!

  7. YUM! My favorite stuff right now….avocado, a little spaghetti squash, mustard and a pickle (duh!)


  8. Id top it with cheese, ketchup and mustard. Yum!

  9. I subscribe to your blog!

  10. I’d top my burger with more veggies: tomato, lettuce, and onion (wait, isn’t tomato a fruit? :))

  11. Danielle Duffey says:

    Avocado slices, peppers and guacamole would be so DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUMMY!!!!

  12. Lettuce, tomato, honey mustard and a pickle – I am a classic girl when it comes to burger in any forms!

  13. I love avocado, pickles and tomatoes on my burgers (with a side of ketchup and mustard.). I’d love to try these. :-)

  14. Darbi says:

    Grilled onion, cheddar cheese and a bit of bbq sauce!

  15. Lots of ketchup! I loooove ketchup!

  16. Ohh, what a great giveaway! I never had a garden burger, but if I did I would top it with Gaucamole and hot sauce!

  17. I follow you on everything!!! :)

  18. Tweeted your giveaway!

  19. I’m a pretty traditional gal – ketchup/pickle/lettuce usually top my burgers. These sound great!

    Thank you.

  20. I tweeted @JillSnethen


  21. I LOVE everything about Morningstar Farms! I would top by veggie burger with avocado, lettuce, and a little ranch dressing – YUM!!

  22. Tweeted the giveaway!

  23. Laurel C says:

    I love to have avocado, mustard, and romaine lettuce on my veggie burgers!

  24. Laurel C says:
  25. Laurel C says:

    I like your facebook page!

  26. Laurel C says:

    And I subscribe via email!

  27. Laurel C says:

    I also follow you on twitter!

  28. Swiss Cheese & Grilled Mushrooms gets my vote!

  29. Alexandra says:

    These look delicious!! I’d top mine with LOTS of ketchup and lettuce tomato and avocado

  30. Alexandra says:

    I already like you on FB :)

  31. I subscribed to you blog emails! Thanks!

  32. oh gosh I would top mine with some salsa!

  33. i subscribe to your blog

  34. Georgiana says:

    Avocados, Tomatoes and Spinach for me please! :)

  35. Georgiana says:

    I subscribe to your blog as well!

  36. I would definitely top it with avocado and probably some ketchup!

  37. I’d top it with some hot sauce.

  38. Lettuce, tomato, onion, and mustard!

  39. I follow morning star on FB

  40. I would top it with tomato, avocado and light mayonnaise :)

  41. I liked your facebook page :)

  42. I love topping my veggie burgers with hummus, artichoke and nutritional yeast! YUM!

  43. My favorite thing to put on veggie burgers is avocado and salsa!

  44. I follow you on Twitter!

  45. I like your facebook page! It’s great!

  46. Julie F says:

    I have had these burgers many times. I am so boring I usually eat them plain.

  47. Sheena says:

    I’m boring – lettuce, tomato and pickles! Ooh brown mustard too, NOM NOM NOM

  48. Leslie Luu says:

    I would top it off with chocolate, Peanut butter, and some sea salt..haha I know strange but It tastes great!!

  49. Leslie Luu says:

    I also follow you on twitter and subscribed to your blog a while ago!

  50. Jennifer says:

    I love avocado on my veggie burgers!

  51. Jennifer says:

    I tweeted!

  52. Jennifer says:

    I like you on FB and follow you on Twitter!

  53. Kara D says:

    I’m traditional – I would top it with lettuce, tomato, and sliced onion!

  54. I’m all about pepperjack cheese and avocado so that’s what I’d top mine with!

  55. I like the Southwest black bean burgers with veggie chili, avocado, and salsa.

  56. I love MorningStar veggie burgers! I top mine with ketchup (lots of it!), a little mustard, tomato, onion, and lettuce! Easy peasy but super tasty!

  57. Tweeted! :)

  58. I’m subscribed to your blog!

  59. I “like” you on FB! (How did I NOT before?!??!) :)

  60. I would top mine with veggies, like onion, tomato, spinach… Maybe pickle.. And ketchup and mustard!

  61. Tweeted as xokammIe

  62. Already subscribed to your blog via rss

  63. Oh man, that “grill talk” apron sounds ADORABLE!

    I top my burgers with ketchup, cheese, and avocado 😀

  64. I tweeted!

  65. I’d top mine with grilled onions & avocado!

  66. Christine says:

    I would top it with cheese and ketchup, YUM!

  67. I would top mine with avocado, yum!

  68. Renata says:

    Avocados and tomatoes for me please!

  69. Renata says:

    I subscribe to your blog!

  70. Renata says:
  71. Renata says:

    I like you on Facebook as well – thanks so much!

  72. I would top mine with hummus. nom.

  73. Nicole says:

    Yum! I’d top with mustard and cheese!

  74. more veggies of course! Lettuce and tomatoes and honey mustard! and whatever else I have in the house! yum!

  75. i tweeted

  76. Jordan D says:

    I’d top my burger with some guacamole and sriracha chili sauce!

  77. Jordan D says:
  78. Well. First I’d shmer some skinny cow fake but yummy spicy cheese on it. Then a slice or two of tomato, some crunchy cucumbers, maybe a pickle or maybe some hummus and then I’d make one for Annette and we could eat our lunch together!!!

  79. I’d top my veggie burger with a flipped egg (yolk still runny please!), cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and grated carrot! The egg totally makes the burger- plus the cheese is optional 😉

  80. Mmm, nothing like a good veggie burger! I had one for dinner tonight and topped it with sauerkraut, mustard, and ketchup!

  81. I tweeted! @kissmybroccoli

  82. I already follow you on Twitter!

  83. I follow you on Pinterest!

  84. I like you on Facebook!

  85. i love to top my veggie burger with an over-easy egg and some cheese! another favorite combo is veggie chili and avocado. i LOVE morningstar products and would be thrilled to win this.

  86. followed both you and morningstar on twitter!

  87. tweeted! @bentozen

  88. I love my griller with swiss cheese, avocado, grilled onions and spicy mustard all wrapped in lettuce. No bun. Yum!.

  89. Hummus, luttuce, and mustard. maaaaaaybe some onions…. oh and maybe some goat cheese cheddar. yum!!

  90. I would make it spicy with a yogurt,green pepper and coriander blended (salt to taste) in together and place it on top of the patty and eat it with a salad 😀

  91. I would top mine with guac and salsa!

  92. Billie Jean says:

    Avocado! Can never get enough of it!

  93. Billie Jean says:

    Following you on Facebook and Twitter!

  94. Louis says:

    I’d top the burgers with mango salsa
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  95. Louis says:

    I tweeted your giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  96. Ttrockwood says:

    I would top mine with sauteed mushrooms, avocado and tomato!

  97. Stephanie says:

    I’d top it with jack cheese and teriyaki onions. yum!

  98. Stephanie says:
  99. Dionne says:

    I like my mines on bread/bun with sauteed onion, “chow chow” (relish made out of cabbage, instead of cucumber),mustard and honey and most definitely with cheese.

  100. Lisa Twombly says:

    My husband, Steve, sautes our Grillers Prime patties in a little olive oil, then adds a little worchestershire sauce, granulated garlic, and black pepper. He serves them on jalapeño cheese ciabatta rolls. Yummy!


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