Friday Truths

Hey friends. HAPPY FRIDAY!!

I am so excited about this weekend. It is going to be relaxing, with only a few plans mixed in. LOVE that. And need that (esp before holiday madness hits!)

Anyways, I thought I’d just share with you some fun truths about moi.


Truth: I can not stand spiders or bugs. I freak out everytime I see one.

My husband finds this hilarious.


Truth: I do not LOVE running. I like it. And I only DO it if I feel like it. And these past few days I haven’t felt like it. So I didn’t run.

Let’s be honest here, for the 2 marathons I ran, the training was the worst part for me. I HATED feeling like I HAD to run. Ugh. So now, I try to run when I feel like it.

I definitely am not doing any marathons any time soon. Running for 26.2 miles sounds so boring & torturous to me right now.

Yep. Being real here. 13.1 sounds pretty good, short bursts (5-7 mi.) sounds fabulous, but 26.2. UGH.

Truth: I am in love with my husband more every day.

Yep, I am THAT romantic sap who found someone who loves her more than she could imagine. Sorry, but yes, I did get the fairytale. :)

And yes, I do wear pajama pants in formal photos. That crop button is a handy tool.

{NOTE: not everything about us or our lives is perfect. FAR from it. But because I married a man who is better than I, life is good, no matter the issues/problems. Ladies, DO NOT settle. I almost did before I met Jared, and it would’ve ruined my life. }

Truth: I still can’t eat enough of my beloved whole wheat bagels and cream cheese magic.

So sue me.

Truth: I am actually kinda sick of everyone freaking out about holiday weight gain (already?!?!). If we didn’t put so much pressure on the issue, no one would be so worried. When we worry, we actually tend to bring that worry to life.

True story.

When we’re happy, thankful, and living life with great intention, we bring to life a beautiful future. So STOP worrying. (And maybe amp up the workouts, like we talked about last year). Enjoy the stuff you want to enjoy in small bites, and know that you can have it again tomorrow if you want (it’ll probably stop any and all 2nds & 3rds).

I promise all the ‘worries’ about weight gain will melt away when you focus on what is REALLY important during the holidays.

{NOTE: Yes, I can say all this because I’ve been on both sides. It’s WAY sweeter & awesomer without the worry. FACT: I lost weight during last year’s holidays because I finally didn’t worry about weight gain.}

Truth: I am a sucker for family time.

And it’s freaking HARD to live in the moment right now when you can’t wait for a.) your birthday and b.) Thanksgiving, beacause almost your whole family will be there (8 siblings + spouses + kids…. 1 sibling, the 9th, is in Switzerland for his LDS mission and will not be home.}

{2 bros & a sis. that middle dude is on his mission}

Truth: I have come to terms with the fact that I am not creative or crafty, AT ALL. (okay fine, Pinterest helps me out a little.)

My oldest sister is, my sister-in-law is, and several of my sisters are so good at coming up with cute ideas. Annnndddd I married into a family that is.

Le sigh.

I guess I will stick to my science, research, teaching, writing, and coaching.  😉

{Note: not necessarily complaining, just recognizing that we all have different gifts. And apparently I am alone in my gifts. hah}

Truth: I really enjoy laughing my head off at YouTube videos.

True story. The other night, my husband and I curled up on our bed and watched 1 hour of hilarious Ellen show moments. We laughed so hard my abs hurt the next day.

And it was wonderful.


Off to work & teaching Zumba. And eating more of this:

Have a GREAT Friday! :)

What are some of YOUR Friday truths YOU’ve been dying to share??!? Are YOU afraid of bugs? Weight gain?? Are YOU creative & crafty??

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  1. Truth…your sis is wearing your pajama top!! Same dots! ha!

    I agree with the whole eating and weight gain during the holidays….if we didn’t hear so much about it and focus so much on it it probably wouldn’t be so horrible. Let’s focus on other more important stuff for now. 😉

  2. I have the exact same approach to running. If I tell myself I have to run or feel like I have to, I definitely don’t want to AT ALL. But if I replace a run with different cardio when I’m not in the mood, it takes the pressure off and usually I want to run more! And I totally agree about the weight gain during the holidays. What the heck is the point in worrying? And telling yourself that you can only have one of this and a small amount of this is just gonna make you want it that much more in the end. I say, enjoy the holidays for what they are, life goes on.

    • I’m glad I am not the only one who thinks like this! I went out on a limb to say it all, knowing full well lots of people don’t agree. hah 😉

  3. Wow! This post was great! Not sure if you intended for it to have such a punch butnyounreally hit the mark on so many of your truths! I feel the same way with the liking, not loving running and doing do only when I really feel like it, never getting enough family time (family is so important and who could love you more?!), having a great man in your life whom truly betters you and the note on how constant thoughts of worry and fear bring those feelings to fruition! Have a great weekend!

    • I just decided to go out on a limb and write straight from my thoughts–not giving it any thought. beforehand (and had no idea ‘what theme’ I was going for. hehe) ANd I didn’t edit anything after I was done. Hah. Glad you appreciate pure, unedited thought processes 😉

  4. uhhh i’m not creative and crafty at all. good thing my momma is and helps me out whenever i need!!

  5. My Friday truth…I also found the fairytale! So happy you did too :). Of course, we have the real life dramas, the struggles, the arguments etc, but I love him more every day! Jx

  6. Danielle says:

    Friday truth – I’m an all or nothing person and it’s a pain in the rear sometimes! I’m working on being more balanced :) I finally made my own salted Almond Butter, in your honor Annette! Okay that’s not a truth, just braggin, LOL.
    Hate buggs more than anything… sadly. So over the body weight stuff, I’m SICK of hearing about dress sizes, and really don’t like that us girls/women can love ourselves based on what size we are. So over it!
    Since I made roasted salted almond butter and it came out yummy, I’d say heck yeah I’m crafty! hahaha
    Happy Friday ladycakes xoxox

  7. can’t wait for our TJs to open so we can buy that goodness here! too bad they postponed the opening date to the 30 booo

  8. I was just saying to Peter the other day that this is the first year I’m NOT worried about the holidays and all the treats. I feel like I’ve come even further in the past year with my past eating issues and know that food doesn’t control me. I don’t need to worry about it because I know it will be okay. It doesn’t need that much attention from me. Love that you brought it up and pointed it out.

    Also, I’m with you on the DO NOT SETTLE thing. I was with a guy ALL of high school and college (8 YEARS!) before Peter. I expected to settle for him because he was all I knew (and the crazy unhealthy relationship involved). So glad I didn’t settle and that I’m with the man of my dreams now.

    • YAY! Love that you have that attitude too :)

      And hello, not settling. It’s amazing, ehh??

      • Phoebe says:

        Dear Tina and Annette,

        It’s amazing to hear your fairytale stories!! I’m really torn right now — my boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years, he’s a nice guy and generally we go along well. But somehow, I often feel bored + attracted to other guys – i don’t know if that means something is missing from my relationship, or that I’m born flirty :(

        This nagging feeling has lingered for years. I just can’t make a decision but time is slipping away…It’s just so, so hard to decide. I’m also scared that I’m have unrealistic expectations–what if I break up with him and no one better appears in my life?

        If you don’t mind, could you please share more about your previous relationships (that almost got you “settled”)? I’m really curious how you finally decided to break up, thus leading you to your Prince Charming :)

        I know the question is really personal, so don’t feel obligated to answer. Anyway, thanks! Your stories are very encouraging :)

        • Hey Phoebe :)

          Thanks for reaching out! I can’t answer for Tina, but as for me, I almost married this guy. He was great-real ambitious, kind, hard working, good looking, etc. He was perfect on paper. Really. I couldn’t have gotten anything that matched ‘what I wanted’ better.

          BUT. He did not meet my emotional needs at ALL. My sisters saw it first, but I denied it. I really was in love with him, and the idea of him being perfect for me. (Again, he perfectly matched what I thought I wanted.)

          We broke up once (for about 6 weeks), and I was so sad. It was tough. Then he came back to me saying he was an idiot & wanted to try again. I was reluctant (since he already hurt me), but I did go back into it, giving it my all.

          In the end it came up to the fact that he couldn’t love me. He didn’t love me. And that was SO hard to take. But even more so, it was that I wasn’t really in love with HIM per say, I was in love with the idea of him. He was a nice enough guy, and I am sure will be successful, but he was not for me. He couldn’t love me enough (or at all), and I deserved way better than that! Plus, he had major commitment issues, couldn’t really talk about his feelings that well, and wasn’t all that intimate.

          My now husband, whom I adore, fell in love with me. ALL of me. He meets my emotional needs and beyond. He is everything and more. Although, I must say, he is not the perfect ideal I had thought I wanted on paper. He was almost opposite in many ways to my previous bf. Funny how that works out, eh??

          A wise man once told me, “for a relationship to work really well, and a marriage to last, the man MUST love the woman more than the woman loves the man.”
          It was SO profound. And I have found, so true. Women innately love. We are good at loving & being nurturers. Men, not so much. So for a real good relationship to last, the man MUST be totally in love with the woman. And every good marriage I’ve seen, this is the case. Now it’s not always totally true, but for the majority it is.

          I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

          And I wish you all the best in your relationship endeavors :)

          • Phoebe says:

            Dear Annette,

            Thanks, thanks, THANKS for sharing your personal story to me! I’m sorry that the breakup was painful for you, but thanks for opening up — it makes me feel that I’m not alone :’)

            My boyfriend and I took a 2 months break (I initiated it) in the summer and we’re “trying” again, this time with the help of our Pastor. I most certainly hope it works, because i know he loves me and he’s improving, but somehow…

            I’m okay with him being my boyfriend but not sure if he can be the husband who leads me in life / walks with me side by side. Maybe he has some intimacy issue, cos it’s really hard for him to open up. not just deep things but also daily life things or general opinion on stuff. I always feel like a big sister when I’m trying to get him talk.

            Plus, things get boring with us frequently. It’s hard to communicate to a person who barely speaks, and he’s not keen on “finding fun stuff to do together” (I have to initiate it but he’s not a fan). It’s nice to spend time with him from time to time, but if we get married, it’ll be a 24 hrs, lifelong commitment!

            Annette, I know your blog is not about relationship management, so I hope you don’t mind my long sharing about “love.” I’m just so impressed by the joy between you and your husband, so glad that you feel cherished and loved :)) Thanks for sharing the sad parts (previous breakup) with me as well and I feel better after typing all these comments to you :))

            ps. wt the wise man said is interesting and…wise (lol). it’s my first time hearing this but i think it makes sense!

  9. I smiled as I read this because I could write each of these truths myself! :) I couldn’t agree more with everything you’re saying! xoxo

  10. It’s so funny to read about your approach to running. I also do not love running, but I actually sign up for races because if I don’t have to train I just won’t do it… and I love what running does for my body. (And sometimes even if I do sign up for a race I don’t run enough as evidenced by my last half. ;))

  11. I’m not afraid of bugs, but I HATE those ones with a million legs.
    I don’t love running either, and only do it when I feel like it. And sometimes I don’t run for weeks, or months- and I’m completely fine with that. There’s definitely more to exercise than running. :)

  12. I love your truths! I feel like you’re someone I’d definitely get along with in person. I too have met someone way too good for me and I’m never letting him go. I guess I’m lucky I met him early on in my life too :) Oh and I hear ya on the holiday weight gain- worrying about it makes it worse people! Eat what your body wants and don’t deprive! Freaking out about the weight gain, makes it all that more likely that it’ll creep on. Ahhhh, reading your blog always makes me smile- just thought you should know :) Thank you for doing what ya do :)

  13. Regular bugs, I can deal with. Spiders, I freak right the eff out.

    This describes my reaction to a tee, actually:


    Hope you have a fabulous weekend, Annette!



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