4 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

Hey, hey!

How was your Halloween? Did you eat some yummy candy/chocolate?

I ate fun-sized twix, almond joy, and kitkat.

Plus a few ‘candies.’ It was pretty tasty, but yah, nothing beats really good chocolate.


{As a sidenote: ya all seem to think I am a weirdo for hating PB & reeses. I am so sorry I can’t be as cool as you. 😉 Seriously though, PB makes me want to gag. I think I had a bad childhood experience with it. }

I also taught BodyPump in the morning & worked. And wore Orange & Black to both!



So, the other night I did NOT sleep well. And that is odd for me because I am a great sleeper. I usually crash into bed and am dead to the world until my alarm goes off (however, with usually 1 trip to the bathroom per night).

Yah. It was SO not fun to go through the day with out enough sleep.

I feel for people who don’t sleep much, can’t fall asleep, or just don’t have enough ‘time’ to sleep. I think that would be the most horrible thing in the world.

And guess what? It was kind of my fault that I didn’t fall asleep quickly and didn’t have a good night’s rest. I totally did all of the wrong things before bed!

I am going to share with you (if you suffer from not sleeping well or not being able to fall asleep quickly), my secrets and my tricks of what works for me to fall asleep fast.

4 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster

1. Stop the electronics an hour before bed! (including phones, computers, TVs, and iPads)

2. Use essential oils and a sleep mask.

  • I use lavender & a blend called Serenity. They work like a charm.
  • And yes, I wear a sexy mask over my eyes to block out all light. My husband loooovvess this. 😉

3. Read, pray, meditate, or stretch for 10 minutes before the desired fall-asleep time.

  • Foam roller and prayer are my top choices!


4. Don’t eat a too-heavy dinner right before bed.

  • This is tough when I teach late….so I am working on eating more during the day & less at dinner.

And a bonus tip? Workout. Hard. (My body wants & needs sleep so bad by the time 9 p.m. rolls around that my brain doesn’t stand a chance!)


Thankful Thursday

  • I am so grateful for beautiful Fall mornings and evenings.
  • I am super thankful that I get to spend my life with a man I love.
  • I am really grateful for thoughtful compliments-they mean a LOT.

Have a GREAT first day of November!

It’s a good month 😉 (My birthday & Thanksgiving are top reasons.)

What do YOU do to fall asleep faster?? What are YOU thankful for?? Why is November going to be awesome for YOU??

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  1. Where was that picture taken? It’s so beautiful.

    I’m thankful for my health, husband and family. November is going to be amazing because I get to visit the USA for the first time since I was a small child!

    I find that it helps to be careful about the discussions you enter into approaching sleep-time. If I get into a conversation about work or something that has been playing on my mind I won’t be able to switch off. Also, when I’m tired there is a much higher chance of having an irrational argument with my husband!!

    • Thanks :) It was taken at a mountain cabin that we got to a few times each month.

      WOW! YAY for coming to the US! Where are you headed??

      And YES, totally agree about the discussions thing. That has happened before, and was not a fun sleep at all. I have to tell my husband to talk to me about ‘serious’ things before I head for bed! hah.

  2. Wow, I just have to say that I am SO jealous of that view! Is that really what you wake up to every morning? You’re making Miami look pretty inadequate haha

    And about the Reeses– I vote you try to re-train yourself to like peanut butter 😀

    • The view was taken at a mountain cabin we go to a few times each month-it’s about an hour away. But the mountains by our house are almost as majestic (just a bit more in the distance). I am one lucky gal!

      HAHA. It’s hard to re-train when it makes you gag…..but do you have any suggestions? 😉

  3. This might be weird but I actually wear earplugs to bed. I’ve never slept better! It’s so quiet and peaceful for me. I’ve never tried a eye mask though…does it bother you later in the night? Are you still wearing it when you wake up? I might try it out.

    • That is actually a GREAT idea (ear plugs!)

      If I do need to, I usually have to readjust it once-when/if I get up to go to the bathroom. But mine is a bit silky, so I think that’s why it slides off. I used to have a cotton one (no idea where it is?) and it never budged. I slept like a rock every night. I highly recommend it. Or black out curtains :)

  4. I read before bed. While sometimes it keeps me up because I can’t put it down, I need to relax in bed for awhile and staring at the tv or my phone just doesn’t do it. So i read :)

  5. I really need to work on powering down electronic earlier. Right now my usual routine is sit on my computer until late, read a book/magazine for about 15 minutes then crawl into bed. Not terrible, but the computer probably doesn’t help much.

  6. Falling asleep is definitely so much easier when I put in hard work and sincere efforts during the day with my workouts, work, dinner making, etc. I’m all guns a’ blazing from start to finish and I can truly say when bedtime rolls around, I’m definitely ready! I have had the random nights like you experienced with not the best sleep. Definitely hard on you the next day! November will be great just because it’s another wonderful month and new opportunities are abound!

  7. I always sleep better when I get in exercise and eat well – it does wonders in so many ways! November is going to be awesome because I get to see my family for Thanksgiving! So excited!

  8. What a perfect post. I have the worst time trying to fall asleep! It’s been that way ever since I was about 4 year old. I’ve just never been a great sleeper. It’s not always the best…actually it’s never the best;) I definitely notice I sleep a bit better when I for exercised for the day and ate the proper amount…not too much, not too little. And meditation has been helping a lot as well!

  9. I agree with exercise and eating well, I sleep so much better. And I’m also starting to do some foam rolling before bed, it relaxes my muscles and loosens me up!

  10. Where did you get your face mask? I was thinking about getting one because the light streams into my room a lot in the mornings…. any links, brands you can recommend?

    • I don’t remember where I got it, but it’s kinda silky, and so I don’t love it as much as I did the cotton-y type one I had before. It’s not as thick, and sometimes falls off. So if you’re going to get one, look for a thicker fabric that isn’t too silky (they tend to slide right off). Also, make sure it fits your head, you don’t want it too be too tight 😉

  11. TWIX! YES! I’ve been having some trouble falling asleep recently. Maybe I should look into the essential oils thing! I feel like it might just make my noise itchy or occupied. I’m so silly. Great tips though!

  12. Great tips. I have a really hard time turning off the electronics before bed! I need to be better about it because I know I would fall asleep easier if I didn’t watch TV right before bed. :)

  13. you don’t like recess pb cups.. now that is weird 😛 jp.. what great tips to fall asleep faster! sometimes i feel like i can never get to sleep. it’s probably cause i have the tv on!

  14. What helps me fall asleep is turning the electronics off like you, and getting a head rub from the boy.



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