Best and Worst Halloween Candy

Hey friends!

Happy Halloween!!

If you celebrate the holiday, what are you doing for it? Anyone dressing up & going trick or treating? :)

We are.

Okay. Lies. We’re going with our niece & nephews, and they’ll be trick or treating.

Is there some sort of aunt/uncle tax? There should be.

Let’s be honest though, I am sure I’ll finagle some sort of candy out of them. Halloween is just a day where I do eat some candy-even though I don’t particularly love it.


I like chocolate, as you all know, but, I am a major chocolate snob. #sorryiamnotsorry

I don’t eat crappy chocolate-hardly ever. Once you taste the real stuff (ahem, Swiss people, you’ve got it going on!), you pretty much can’t go back. My mom is Swiss, so I was literally raised on the good stuff.


And yes, chocolate and cheese do run in my veins, thankyouverymuch.

So this puts me in a sort of predicament when it comes to Halloween. Because no one really gives out ‘good’ chocolate. BUT, there are some chocolate ‘candies’ I will eat.

So, for fun, I’ll show you what the ‘news’ (a few websites) says is the best & worst candy (health-wise & popular-wise/they don’t agree every time, actually), and then I’ll share what I think are the best and worst (tasting), in my opinion.


News’ Take on Best & Worst Halloween Candy


-Candy Corn


-Now & Laters

-3 Musketeers

-Caramel Apple pops

-Reeses’ Pumpkin




-Flavored Tootsie Rolls




-Now & Laters



My Opinion on Best & Worst Halloween Candy


-Almond Snickers


-Sour Patch Kids

-Junior Mints

-York Peppermint patties

-Now & Laters


-Caramel Apple pops


-Almond M&Ms


-Reese’s anything


-those huge, nasty jellybeans

-Gummi bears



-Hershey’s anything

-Crunch bars


Have a happy, safe Halloween!

What is YOUR opinion on the best & worst Halloween candy?? What are YOU doing for tonight’s festivities??

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  1. So Funny….We are in the WORST category….

    Hubs loves Dots
    Boy loves AirHeads
    I love Flavored Tootsie Rolls….vanilla yum!
    Coley is our TWIX girl

    and Makenzie loves every thing Reese’s….(Oops I guess they are kind of part of the best….lucky her)

    I am REALLY going to try and NOT have ANY candy tonight…one for me just leads to many more so NONE is a better option for sure!!!

  2. YOU DON’T LIKE REESE’S!??! I don’t think we can be friends anymore. Just sayin’….

  3. As if I even needed an excuse to eat more candy corn 😉

  4. Yay for candy corn! Happy Halloween!

  5. Best: anything chocolate with other goodness mixed in (not just plain hershey bars) Worst: non chocolate haha

  6. Best: Reese’s (how can you NOT like those?), Crunch bars, Mars, Almond Joys, candy corn

    Worst: Kit Kats, Coffee Crisp, those horrendous chocolate kisses things (bright orange wrapper? So gross), suckers, anything relating to fruit or a toothbrush. Seriously, why would people give out toothbrushes on Halloween?

  7. Is this best or worst in terms of nutrition or popularity? To me the best would definitely be Reese’s, Twix, Heath Bar, Kit Kat, and Caramel Corn. My husband would say Peanut M&Ms.

    Worst… those black and orange wrapped taffy things? I don’t know what they are but never very good.

    • It’s both :) I mixed both popularity & nutrition lists for fun. Hah. Because let’s be honest, not really any candy is ‘nutritious’. I mean yes, some say some are better than others, but in all reality, it’s sugar, and more sugar.

      I agree-those taffy things are nasty.

  8. Love Halloween! My favorites were Snickers, Skittles, Peanut M&M’s, and Kitkats. Least favorites are candy corn, Smarties, Airheads, or any other weird non-name brand candy.

  9. I celebrated this past weekend by dressing up and partaking in some festivities. Tonight I’ll be chillaxing at home and hopefully getting rid of some candy if children stop by the house for trick or treating!

  10. I would have to say candy corn is probably one of the WORST Halloween candies out there (health-wise)… All it is is sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and a bunch of artificial dyes and colors. Can’t get much worse than that! Haha. As for my favorite (taste wise), obviously Reese’s… Once again you are crazy. 😉 I also love Butterfinger and Snickers!


  12. I love chocolate, and reeses! I didn’t know people still eat smarties lol!

  13. I seem to be following a trend here but, REESE’S!!?!? Amazing. And I love dots, candy corn, tootsie roll pops, ALL KINDS OF M&MS, snickers and milky way’s. And I’ve never had, nor seen, almond snickers but it sounds good!

  14. After living in Europe I’ll admit it was hard to come back to American chocolate. It seems so waxy. I do love me one of those Reese’s Stix though.

  15. Best for me = Candy Corn, Reeses, and probably Twix or Kit Kat. I’m not too huge on candy either, but am with you that I will have a couple pieces on Halloween. :)

  16. Of course the ones I loved the most when I was younger are the worst – Twix and Reese’s… mmmmm… I just love chocolate candy bars. Not really into the “all sugar” candies. Those are boring to me. Sigh.

  17. mmm candyyyy! I love snickers! My fiance handed out candy tonight he said no one liked whoppers! haha I told him i don’t blame him!

  18. Why is Reese’s anything bad?! Pb baby! We don’t actually get Reese’s chocolate here in Aus, but I know there’s pb in them 😉

  19. I’m totally late to commenting on this post, but I’m totally a Butterfinger girl if I’m going for candy. Or peanut butter snickers. :)

    My main reason for commenting though is that I shared this article with a friend of mine and there totally is a tax. 😉



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