Pinterested Themed Food {Halloween}

Hey friends!

How was your weekend? Was it lovely?

Ours was!

It snowed here. Obv.

Gorgeous sunrise, eh?

Before anything else, I must show you our Halloween-themed dinner from Sunday night with my husband’s family. It was AWESOME.

Courtesy of Pinterest, of course.

{Disclaimer: All items were easy to do, or else I wouldn’t have done it.}

Pinterested Themed Food {Halloween}

Apple teeth! {idea here}

{I made a few almond butter ones for me & my mother in law. Quite tasty!}

Veggie candy corn!

Napkin ghosts!

Taco Monster Salads!

Graveyard dirt cake! {idea here}

Thank you Pinterest for making our lives more fun. :)


Other weekend delights:

Taught Zumba on Friday.


Drove to a cabin in the mountains.

Drank a diet Coke.

Yes, yes I did. It was sitting in our fridge for like 5 months, and it was needed at the moment. thankyouverymuch.

Made an easy (to make & eat) dinner.

{Chicken ‘n’ bell pepper + whole wheat fettucine alfredo}

Date night with my hottie continued—we watched a movie, ate chocolate, drank hot cocoa, snuggled, and ate popcorn.

Worked out.

{stairmill + heavy weights}


{GNC lean shake + Chobani + blueberry granola}

Halloween party with friends from church.

We were an angel/devil or salt/pepper. Not really sure which.

Ahh well. We tried.

Sort of.


{soup, breadstick, scone with honey butter}

Hilarious kids:

And me & my cotton candy.

For some very odd reason, I love that stuff. So fake, so sugary, so delicious.


Fun, eh?

Well, I am off to teach BP, work, teach BP, and fall into bed. Kinda can’t wait for that…. Mondays are long. Hah. 😉

Have a GREAT day!

What did YOUR weekend include?? Have YOU ever done any Pinterest-themed food before?? Do YOU like cotton candy??? 

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  1. caroline says:

    your halloween themed dinner looks awesome! Nice costumes, at least you dressed up =)

  2. those apple teeth are hilarious!!

  3. Haha I love the Halloween foods! So fun! It sounds like you two had a great weekend together!

  4. Just found you through the LinkLove thread on FB today.
    (1) You are ridiculously pretty!
    (2) The pinterest recipes all look delicious but I’m drooling most over that ‘dirt’ cake!

  5. So fun! I love all of your Pinterest treats, especially the apples and the graveyard cake. Too cute! I went to my friend’s house Subday and we made some pinterest autumn treats as well! Gotta love seasonal ideas! :)

  6. Your “scary meal” is adorable and so creative!!!

  7. I’m impressed!!!!!! Nice dinner Annette!!!! How fun! Can you come make that for my kids too? Cute Halloween costumes, beautiful mountains, and awesome halloween party! (I’m serious about you coming on over here and making that dinner for my kids…so cool Annette!)

  8. Your Halloween food is so funny!!! We don’t really celebrate Halloween in the UK so I have never seen anything like that before :)
    That sunrise looks so beautiful!

    • Yeah, Halloween stuff is quite interesting for people not from the U.S. My mom is from Europe, so it was hard for her when she started having kids (she immigrated after marrying my dad), and the holidays were something she had to ‘learn’ hah :)

  9. Danielle says:

    I love the apple teeth!!!! Your Halloween inspired meal looks seriously fun and deelish :) what a cool way to be festive, gather together, and eat a meal at once – I dig anything that involves multi-tasking!
    Cotton candy DOES rock, I agree. I’m also thankful that I don’t see it very often because then it would be a tremendous distraction and problem, haha.
    Happy Monday! xoxox

    • It was fun, and super delicious. The taco/monster salads were fillinh!

      Glad there’s another cotton candy lover out there :)

  10. I try not to drink it too often, but I really do love Diet Coke. #noshame

    I love that graveyard dirt cake! So cute.

  11. Awe, those are so cute!! I love little Halloween things like that. I’m actually not a cotton candy fan, not really a candy fan in general…to sugary. Although I loved those reese’s chocolates as a kid!

  12. The apple teeth and cookie craveyard are awesome. The snow, though, makes my heart sad :(
    Thanks for the ideas :)

  13. Looks like such a fun weekend, Pinterest really does make our lives that much more exciting! Love the graveyard dirt cake idea. And can I just say that where you live is totally breathtaking! Never seen anything like those mountains in real life, I want to travel out west sometime soon!

  14. My weekend WAS lovely, thank you! I even talked about you yesterday when telling my friend Heather about NESTA. :)
    Your snow/mountain photos are SO pretty….
    I love the apple mouths with teeth! So cute!!

  15. Those Halloween food pics are a crack up! As for who is the angel, and who the devil, let’s just say that you are the ………..???????? heh heh

  16. I love all your Pinterest Halloween themed food – super cute!

  17. Ah I agree with Heather, everything looks so good and easy! Way to go all out on the holiday season. Thanks for posting!

  18. Omg all that food looks amazing! So glad you enjoyed yourself!

  19. I actually don’t like cotton candy… I just think it’s sticky and way too sugary (lol which is weird since I have a sweet tooth…). And I LOVE your taco salads! That is too cute!

  20. My weekend WAS lovely. Thank you for asking! Haha. Halloween-themed Pinterest treasures are the best. The ones you talked about are super cute! I love getting crafty in the kitchen, but I rarely have an occasion to do so. And that is one reason why I am now choosing to celebrate every little holiday. Celebrating pretty anything is fun. So excited it’s the holiday season now. :)

  21. I love watching them make candy corn in that big tub! Thanks for the recap!


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