Focus On: Push Press

Hey guys! Happy weekend :)

We’re up at a cabin in the mountains once again, so I’ll be MIA on twitter/blogs/etc. It’s going to be a fun time hanging with my man!

And yes, I am totally gonna get that sleep I promised I would this weekend.


But in the meantime, here’s a quick focus on move that will get your legs, back, butt, and shoulders rockin’. :)

Want to see what it is?!

Focus On: Push Press


The Push Press!

It’s like an overhead press (sort of), with an added squat.

This means you can lift more that you would for the overhead press, and you get the bonus sculpting action into the legs (quads/hamstrings) and butt.


To do the Push Press correctly:

  • load the barbell (or grab DBs) at a heavier weight than you would use for overhead press
  • bring the bar (safely) to your upper chest height
  • bend your knees in a half squat and as you rise up, push the bar up (not directly above your head…it’s slightly in front of you)
  • bend your knees back into the squat to bring the bar back to chest height
  • that is 1 rep

{source <–note: it should not go behind your head -safety first!- some of the pics/cartoons make it look that way.}

Do 3 sets of 8 reps in a weekend workout that you’ve got going on, and you can thank me on Monday. :)

{Note: if you want to make it harder, go to a deeper squat.}

TOUGH stuff!


Enjoy YOUR weekend! We’ve got t-minus 8 hours to figure out what we’re going as to tonight’s Halloween shindig….if we find anything at all. Wish us good luck. 😉

Have YOU tried the Push Press before?? What is YOUR favorite full-body move as of late?? What is YOUR Halloween costume this year-if you have one??

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  1. I love this move!

    I’m not sure what I’m going to be for a Halloween party tonight either… I’m thinking of just going as an 80’s fitness instructor because it should be pretty easy to pull together a costume with what I have! 😛

  2. I did these when I was going through the CrossFit intro program – SUPER hard!!

  3. I love this move in Body Pump!

  4. Right now, my favorite full body move is the ball squat front raise. No idea why, I’m just diggin’ it!

    Thanks for the form reminder!

  5. LOVE push pressin’!



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