Friday Friday!

Hey you guys! How are you?

Today is FRIDAY! (in case you didn’t know) :)

And I have some random thoughts & pictures I’m just going to throw out there to ya. So enjoy :)


Friday Friday!

1. I had the best treat/snack the other day.

Oh yes. That would be dark chocolate covered almonds, milk chocolate covered cashews, and dark chocolate toffee almonds.

I was in heaven.

Actually, still am. I have managed to not eat the entire bags…..yet.

2. I haven’t really ‘cooked’ in over a week. 

There is a downside to teaching lots of fitness classes. You have NO motivation to cook dinner once you get home!

I rely on easy things like frozen turkey patties, eggs, leftovers, bulk food I’ve made, crock pot chicken/turkey, and well, cat throw up.

Okay fine. It just looks like cat throwup.

(But it’s actually real good. It’s curried ground turkey with sweet potatoes & carrots).

3. It snowed here in Utah, and it’s so pretty!

{drank my fitmixer aminos while watching the snow}

I think it’s hilarious how everyone freaks out about the snow (check FB on any day it snows).

I just wanna be like “Ummm guys. We live right by the mountains.”

Just sayin’.

For the record: I love snow. I think it’s super pretty. I don’t like driving in it, and I don’t love that it means it’s cold, but I love the fact that it does snow.

However, I’d rather it snow and be cold than it just be cold. (Did ya catch that?! Ehh? ehh?)

4. I ran more miles yesterday than I have since the Half IM.

Yep. I ran 7 miles. They started feeling hard after about mile 4.

{ran it in 1:04:38}

Annnnnddd that’s probably because I had nothing good to read or listen to. (So sick of my music right now).

But, last night I remedied that & got my butt to the library.

5. I ate runny eggs with toast, drank hot tea (several times), and had a snack that consisted of 2 kinds of nut/seed butter during this week.

It was all amazing.

6. I have a church party on Saturday for Halloween & we’ve got nada in terms of costumes.

I don’t particularly love dressing up for Halloween….and I’m too cheap and SO not creative.

(we borrowed costumes for last year)

Le sigh.

7. I do my hair about twice a week.

I thought ya all should know that.

(Remember: I work from home as a health coach & wellness content writer + I teach fitness classes.) <–There you have it. Legit reasons not to do my hair.

8. I am SO excited for my birthday & Thanksgiving coming up!

I get to see almost my entire family during T-Day time when I go home to visit. SO stoked.

9. My husband is a stud.

He sets his clothes out in another room each night so he won’t wake me in the morning (mainly because he knows I’ll be beastly if I don’t get my alloted 8+ hours. But still).

He also unloads the dishwasher because he knows it’s my most hated chore.

{us from late August}

How did I get so lucky again?!

10. I can’t wait for the election to be over.

…..But what will everyone rant about on FB then?!

QUICK! Find something to complain about!

11. I read this hilarious article. GO read it if you want to laugh.

40 ways to stay fat forever

I was laughing HARD. I just thought I’d share.

It is in no way making fun of anyone (so please no one take offense that I am posting about it).

12. I want to sleep for 12 hours one night this weekend. 

I think I’m going to do it on Saturday night.

Yes, I fully plan my sleep amounts. Gotta problem with that? 😉

13. After trying out one of the bars from the Kona Kase, I went & bought a whole case of ’em off Amazon.

I know, right? Amazon is dangerous.

Especially if you have a stellar dad who lets all his kids use his Amazon prime membership. (free shipping)

Those mint protein bars were too good to only have one though. My husband and I were both so sad when the bar was gone (we shared it in the car).

14. I am SO glad it’s Friday!

Enough said.


Have a LOVELY Friday! <3

p.s. happy birthday to my brother-in-law!

What is a great snack YOU had this week?? Any funny articles YOU’ve read?? What does YOUR spouse/significant other do for YOU that you are so glad YOU don’t have to do?? How often do YOU do your hair??

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  1. I have a Halloween themed 5k on Sunday and no idea what my costume will be! Ahh I keep putting it off! And I love Thanksgiving too, it’s by far my favorite holiday!

  2. Not only have I not cooked in a week, I have not grocery shopped either. We are living off the bare minimum right now! And last night I went to my parents to prepare my Halloween costume for school today, so I was lucky enough to have dinner there! haha

  3. Danielle says:

    That article about 40 ways to stay fat forever is hilarious – happy Friday! Thank you for sharing! The great snack I just had this morning was a fruit smoothy from home with 2 teaspoons of peanut butter and it was extra delicious. My husband is amazing and he does laundry every so often. :) I’m not the one to spend time on my hair but luckily I don’t have to since my hair is so curly and thick.

  4. LOL! I told ya those mint bars are awesome!!! The lemon one is really good, too, by the way. 😉

    My husband vacuums, which is amazing. I hate to vacuum. I’ll wash dishes, do laundry, clean the tub . . . but I loathe vacuuming.

  5. I only do my hair once/twice a week…yup, pure laziness right there. And milk chocolate covered cashews sound so good!

  6. I work from home so I don’t do my hair much either, just if we’re going somewhere nice. Of course I wash it a ton but I usually just wear it down or with cute little clips anyway so not much to do to it. I feel ya on dressing up for halloween especially with a church party bc so many of the costumes aren’t suitable for a church function, lol. I ended up resorting to the kid’s section one year to get something that wasn’t risque, hahaha. Your husband sounds so amazing for letting you get all your sleep like that and doing chores :)

  7. You are so dang cute! cat throw up, hahahaa, I just LOL’d at my desk (sorry boss for reading blogs and not doing my work ha.. oh well, its FRIDAY). your eats lookin’ good… I LOVE chocolate covered nuts of any kind, how can you NOT eat the whole bag??? impossible. you rock for runnin’ 7 miles, too.

    You and your husband are SO CUTE. I absolutely love that he puts his clothes in the other room! My amazing boyfriend Nick knows I HATE taking out the trash and doing laundry, so he does them both for me :) so lucky, ha-ha.

    HAPPY FRIDAY!! and get those 12 hrs of sleep!!

    • My eats were good, for sure :)

      That’s so nice of Nick to do that for you! I hate taking the trash out too, so he usually does that as well!

      I WILL get those hours of sleep in. Promise. hehe. Happy Friday to you!

  8. Ha ha. Oopsy, I think I was one of those people to comment on your instagram snow picture;) Up here, our city freakssss out over the tiniest bit of snow! Literally, the city shuts down. Its not so good. I’m opposite of you, I do my hair every single day. But, I guess its cause I work at a restaurant so I mostly have to. Ha ha. Soup totally looks like throw up. I always hate picturing it! I have to dress up for Halloween this weekend too, and I love it, but not so much the dressing up part. I always want to be something different but still haven’t planned anything….oops

  9. I love that you love snow! It seems like everyone I know who lives in the mountains always complains about it, but it’s my dream to have snow all through the winter! Your snack reminded me of something I got at Sam’s last week-chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds. So good!

  10. Nicole says:

    LOL! My boyfriend orders his Mint Flavored Builder Bars off of Amazon all the time……he always has a box in stock. :)

  11. I probably do my hair twice a week and only one of those days do I put effort into it. Regular gym trips are detrimental to hair and it’s always too sweaty and ratty to do anything haha.



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