Weekly Workouts Update + Kona Kase Review

Hey friends!

How’s it going?! I really LOVED your comments on yesterday’s post. I think in general we all need nice reminders to take a chill pill, realize no one is perfect, and simply be kinder–to everyone and to ourselves. You all have your heads on straight! If you need some extra help loving yourself, read the comments. You all are wise beyond your age.

Except I don’t know your age.

So yah.

Let’s just roll with that, mmmkay? :)


Weekly Workouts Update

I totally owe you all an update on my weekly workouts (since it’s been like a year–oh wait, I sorta updated it in June. But not really).

Because I teach (a lot), the weeks tend to look similar (unless I am out of town or am helping someone by subbing), so for me to update you daily on workouts gets boring, tedious, and downright, well, boring.

But, since it’s changed in the last little while (no more Half IM training. Kinda glad about that!), I figured I’d share.

We’re all a bit nosy when it comes down to it, so here’s a peek into what goes on in my fitness life.

{NOTE: I teach a lot. I love it. And right now it works for me. This will prob be my schedule for about 2 months until a new quarter.}

{NOTE #2: Also, remember, I eat a lot to fuel all this. Like I eat my husband’s leftovers, that he didn’t eat, for lunch the next day. Who does that?! And who’s husband doesn’t finish his lunch?!}

{NOTE #3: Are you sick of my notes? Hah. I like to do something in the morning to get me going, and since my condo bldg has a community gym, I just roll out of bed & go there–plus I really enjoy my shortened cardio sessions.}


Starting next week my weeks look like this:


  • a.m.: 30 mins easy elliptical & teach BodyPUMP
  • p.m.: teach BodyPUMP


  • real early a.m.: teach BodyPUMP + stretch
  • p.m.: teach BodyPUMP


  • a.m.: 30 mins elliptical + 10 mins core
  • p.m.: teach BodyPUMP


  • a.m.: 1 hour run (5-7 miles, depending) + 1o mins core/stretch



  • a.m.: circuit/(heavy) weights-type workout and/or HIIT run (2-3 miles) / OR sub BodyPUMP


  • all day: RESTTTTTTT! And do absolutely nothing but sit, eat, and nap (sometimes I’ll go on a stroll-weather depending)

Yep. I am crazy. I know.

I also have fabulous amounts of energy. And eat crazy amounts of food (esp protein) to fuel, refuel, and repair and rebuild everything I do.

Plus, you must know, I don’t always do the ‘real’ weight I could for BodyPUMP. If I am feeling more tired or sore than usual, I won’t lift my normal weight.

{But then again, it’s still a good amount of weight so the participants don’t feel cheated. trust me.}

And I’ll show options (kneeling for pushups, for example) so I don’t push my body past its limits. There are tricks us instructors just know how to do in case we’re beat or too tired. 😉

Fun, right?!


Kona Kase Review

These Kona Kase people are awesome! They (Taylor & Joel) were so kind, friendly, and ready to send me a Kase right away.

I was super stoked to receive it a few days later, and immediately tackled the goodies.

So what IS a Kona Kase?

  Kase of 8-10 endurance nutrition samples delivered right to your doorstep, monthly.

*You may cancel your subscription at any time
**All Kases ship Free on the 15th of the Month


{from KonaKase}

As you can see from above, I need energy in quick forms at certain times of the day. And it was fun to try out some of the products in the Kase to test & see how it would help (or not) my fitness for the week.

I really loved the Vega electrolyte hydrator, the FRS energy mix, the Builder’s Mint bar, and the blueberry muffin. (husband loved the mint & blueberry too. Oh, and I gave him the power bar–banana flavored, ick.)

So all you need to do is create an account and then sign up to receive fitness fueling goodies delivered right to your doorstep for only 15$/month!

Join, Receive, Perform.

And perform I did. These babies came into play in my life–especially since we all know I don’t cook much.

Or at all.

{See previous monthly Kases to view options of products.}

Thanks Taylor & Kona Kase friends!

*I was provided a complimentary Kona Kase. All opinions expressed in this review are my own.*


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for phone chats with sisters. Ahhhh it feels so good!
  2. I am super grateful for my pink foam roller. We’ve become goooooood friends lately.
  3. I am very thankful for toenails. You definitely miss ’em when they go, ummmmmmm, missing.

Have a WONDERFUL day! <3

What does YOUR weekly workouts look like?? Do YOU think I am nuts?? (that makes 2 of us) If YOU were to get a Kona Kase, what would YOU want in it?? What are YOU thankful for??

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  1. I love all these box of the month clubs – but this was especially is cool!! And you are amazing for maintaining that crazy workout schedule!! BEAST!!

  2. I feel like Body Pump would be so much fun to teach. I love going! =)

  3. The Kona Kase looks like a lot of fun. With such a variety of items, I’d love the surprise of what each shipment would include. The mint Builder’s Bar that I see in your shipment is awesome (if you haven’t tried one of those yet). It’s like a healthier version of Girl Scout’s Thin Mint Cookies. :)

  4. I didn’t realize you taught so many body pump classes…good thing you go lighter with the weights some times…and eat your protein. 😉

    The Kona Kase stuff looks interesting…have to check that out later..

  5. I think your workout schedule looks FUN! A great mix-up of different classes and exercises, you must never get bored!

  6. You are one crazy lady – just kidding! 😉 In all seriousness, it is an intense workout schedule, but I know how well you fuel your body and rest when you need to and that is what makes all the difference!

  7. I love body pump but your teaching schedule is intense! I totally understand you going light on the weights when you have to teach so much or aren’t feeling well. Definitely good that you’re getting enough protein too, very important with all that lifting and cardio. I love how Body Pump combines both though, perfect workout.

    That box looks pretty awesome :). I would love to try any of those products, honestly, it’s neat that they come individually like that so you don’t have to buy an entire box at the store, then figure out you don’t like something.

    • It is a great workout–and yeppers. It is intense. But luckily I fuel right, so I actually feel pretty great. Oh and I sleep crazy amounts of hours too (8+) to make sure I’m doing the best I can to keep with it :)

      I agree! I loved trying them all out. THe mint protein bar was AMAZING. I think I am going to be a case of ’em on Amazon, actually.

  8. Busy schedule! That will keep you fit ;). At least you have some good items in that box to keep you refueled!

  9. Oooo those look like some great goodies you got! And um, 5 body pump classes in 3 days!? Whew, my arms hurt just thinking about that! Did it take you a while to build up to be able to do that much weight lifting, because I think I’d be shaking by day 2!

    • I know. I am crazy. It took me over 2+ years to get to that. And I don’t necessarily recommend it. I just really love it right now, and CAN do it. It’ll probably stay like this for only 2 or so months, and then we shall see :)

  10. Danielle says:

    Oh I love your weekly workouts! they look intense but a whole heck of fun if you ask me! 😀
    I pretty much do endurance 5-6 days a week with 2-4 bricks thrown in, 2-3 days of strength and core and 1-2 days of rest. Really could use some more yoga, so that will be my goal after this dang race, lol.
    I would love some Hammer or Lara products in my Kona Kase but honestly I’d be happy for some fun surprises – always like my goodies!
    So thankful for today because I get to see two of my gal pals tonight for dinner, and thankful that I took today as a rest day and sat in the lovely steam room again. Ahhhhh peace!
    xoxox Happy Thursday!!

    • It was SO fun to get surprises. The mint builders bar was awesome!!!

      YAY for race day being soon, and then yoga time baby :)


  11. Ha ha. I liked your little notes you included:) I think its so great that you love to teach fitness so much, and that you can NOURISH your body properly in order to workout that way, which is for sure a healthy amount if you refuel properly! Which you clearly do! And of course that rest day must feel beautiful by the end of the week!

  12. Now THAT is my kind of product box!!!

  13. Girl you ARE crazy! Yesterday I taught Spin and Turbokick nearly back to back (an hour in between) and thought I would pass out! Props to you chickadee! Since you do teach so much, have any advice for me (fairly new to teaching) on ways to stay fueled and energetic during the classes? I NEED to go balls to the wall so that my ladies will too!

  14. i have never heard of a kona case! I need to look more into that! great workouts! you rock!

  15. Haha us instructors do know a few tricks of our own 😉



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