3 Ways To Reduce Stress Instantly!

Hey friends!

How is your week going?

Have you enjoyed the weather? Knocked out a good workout? Eaten super delicious, Fall foods?

I say all of that, because, well, that’s what I’ve done!

{p28 bagel + salted almond butter + Swiss honey}

Great workout(s) yesterday, enjoyed a bit of fresh, mountain air on a walk with my husband, and ate a curried turkey sweet potato chili last night.

{And for those asking for a recipe, well, there wasn’t one. Dang. Why I am so good at this food blogging thing?!}

Kinda funny story: on Sunday night after we got home from our friend’s house, we both crashed so hard from the weekend we had had that we almost slept through our alarms the next day (Monday)!

Usually we get ‘our catch up sleep’ on the weekend, but yah. That didn’t happen.

Annnnnnddd because I am totally nuts & turn my alarm on high volume, I bounded out of bed, woke up my husband (who shot out of bed because he was thisclose to being late for class), and promptly made him lunch before leaving to go teach PUMP.

Yup, it was definitely a Monday.


Stress, Lately


Work is super busy lately (I do love it though), so I am enjoying every moment I can to just relax when I am not working or teaching.

As you can imagine, those things are highly physical and mentally challenging, so when I get to relax, I kinda don’t want to do much with my brain or my body.

Hah. That sounds real great right?

Actually, I kind of just want to VEG.

And hence, why I love to read, go on {short} walks, watch movies, listen to good talks or podcasts, or simply nap or lie down.

Or take pictures in the car. Apparently.


I have come to terms with the fact that I can’t do it all, I don’t want to do it all, and I can’t be stimulated all day long in those ways. I MUST have a way (or several) to just let it all go, relax, not worry, and destress.

Stress, the good kind, is great for us. But bad stress, or the chronic stress that overtaxes our bodies, is obviously not good for us at all. In fact, we’re one huge nation of stress cases. And stress eaters.

How many times have you heard the phrase “I am so stressed” or “I am stressing out” in the past 2 weeks?


Again, there’s nothing wrong with stress per say, but there is something wrong with chronic stress, and stress that physically & mentally debilitates a person to a state where he/she can not relax or even sleep.

{I would die if I couldn’t sleep. Seriously. That’s how I handle stress sometimes, I just simply go to bed. Hah!}

So, I figured, since this time of year tends to be stressful for some ironic reason, I’d shout out 3 ways to reduce stress instantly. I can’t wait to hear your ideas too-I am always looking for great ways to just RELAX, baby!

3 Ways to Reduce Stress Instantly!

  • Jump into a bath or hot shower. (You needn’t jump, but you can. And I often add in lavender essential oil to calm & relax me.)
  • Roll your feet on a tennis ball to relieve pain & stress! Our feet tend to hold stress (lots of pressure points & pores on those bad boys), so this pressure-relieving mechanism is an insta-stress reliever.
  • Turn on a comedic movie or TV show & lie down, lengthwise with arms extended at your sides, on a foam roller. Laughing, stretching, and releasing our chest muscles helps us forget stress, calm down, and improves posture (which helps with breathing & later stress-handling techniques).

Pretty nifty, eh?

Another great one that is portable (and office friendly): watch hilarious YouTube videos under “fail.”


And if you care, I enjoy watching dance fails for some odd reason….


Well, have a FABULOUS day! And if you get stressed, you know what to do! 😉

{I am off to do some quick cardio sweatin’ before work & then teach some BP after work.}

What are YOUR 3 top ways to reduce stress?? What do YOU do when YOUR alarm doesn’t go off at the right time?? Any funny stories about good YOUTube comedies or alarm failings?! 

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  1. Weather permitting – I definitely go on walks to de-stress! I’d like to go to a yoga class but that doesn’t always fit in the schedule.

  2. I need to be alone to truly de-stress. Quiet time…reading, vegging in front of the TV/computer, jogging, sipping coffee what ever…but don’t bug me or talk to me just let me be “chill” for a while. 😉

    You really have nice informative and yet funny posts…love them!

  3. I love taking walks or curling up with a good book for destressing!

    Great tip with the tennis ball…I’ve been thinking about picking up some cheap ones just for that purpose!

  4. A good workout or vent session to my husband always helps me de-stress. My husband then proceeds to always make me laugh which helps too. :)

  5. I love these tips! I’m definitely a fan of talking a quick walk or just talking to someone over the phone to get my emotions out. I used to be the queen of bottling everything in and just saying yes to everything and everyone, until I just broke. And yes, laughing is a great remedy!:)

  6. Great tips! My favorite is just putting away ALL technology and watching a movie.. comedy’s are the best like you said especially for me since no thinking is required, ha. Lately I am almost TOO tired to shower when I get home from teaching zumba, but it is amazing what a nice hot shower does! Great post, lady!

  7. Great post and advice on tackling stress! I’ve been feeling it lately, balancing grad school, a full-time job, midterms, and my sister’s wedding. It’s kind of hard not to be stressed! The most important thing for me is to get enough sleep, and dedicate some VEG time like you! Come Friday and Saturday night, sorry but I’m not doing one “productive” thing!

  8. I love your tips- taking a bath is definitely one of mine. My other two are to exercise (or just take a walk) or to play with my dogs. No matter what kind of mood I’m in, my pups instantly make everything better!

    So glad you’re loving the P28 goodies!

  9. Loving this tip! I’ve definitely learned that it’s okay to just veg out and relax. I was talking to my best friend from college last night and she even said I sound so much more relaxed than I used to!

  10. Walking is a great stress reliever. Yoga really helps me de-stress, and if I’m somewhere where a random downward dog may not be appreciated, I will just sit quietly for a while and focus on my breathing. Works for me every time.

  11. To reduce stress I like to have my bf massage me, watch some trashy tv or just watch a dvd- something where I don’t have to think. Quality time with the boy is always good too :)

  12. Danielle says:

    Ohhhh I love foot and leg massages, heck I love massages period! So getting a massage is at the top of my list, and thankfully I have some great spots that are open 7 days a week that can indulge me, haha 😀
    Funny movies are also a great idea, and anything funny in general.
    I also looooveeeeeeee sitting in the steam room at my gym – the ladies have a private room that is filled with Eucalyptus scent/aroma, and it is the most relaxing thing ever! I sit and steam and let all my worries and woes evaporate, lol. Then I jump in the jacuzzi, and finally a shower, and whatever was buggin me is totally gone. Yeah!
    Of course if I have the option, some low and slow endurance workout like walking can be very relaxing, especially if it’s a nice day and the park is nearby :)

  13. Chelsea Sawyer says:

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