Slightly Lazy

Hey, hey. HAPPY Friday!!

It’s already that day again?! That week totally flew by….probably because I had a gazillion projects and meetings at work. So much more interesting to mix it up. Me likey.

Last night we did our lil’ date night I mentioned, & attended a meditation seminar, and it was quite cool.

I like doing random things like that with the husband. It’s kinda nerdy, kinda sweet, kinda bonding-ish, pretty fun, and kinda random all at the same time. But I truly believe that’s why marriage rocks–you get to do whatever ya all want. Together.

{We were on the balcony together before he left one morning. Pretty, eh?? I love that I can see the mountains right outside my windows.}


Slightly Lazy

On this lovely Fall morning, let’s delve into some secrets of mine. And how I can be slightly lazy. Sound good?

You see, I am definitely a perfectionist, Type A personality. Luckily, after going through several things, and marrying the amazing man I did, I’ve been able to quiet that down a bit (a good thing for me).

And there are definitely parts of me that are slightly lazy. Like all parts of me having to do with the kitchen, meals, baking, and cooking. (Hence why I often have disasters in the kitchen too.) To be fully honest, most of these things aren’t that lazy,Β hence why the wordΒ slightly.

Eating Out of Pans

I sometimes eat out of pans.

{See that egg/feta/spinach mess in the pan? I ate that. With a fork.}

I mean, why dirty another dish?!

Take Pictures because “I must for the blog”

Let’s be honest here. I did want to capture the sweat dripping off my nose, yes (so sexy, no?!), but I also wanted a quick break from my workout.

There, I admitted it.

Eating Out of Jars

I wasn’t going to dirty a dish for any of this (my casein protein choc sauce on the bottom, frozen yogurt on top)!

Any minimal cleanup in the kitchen in my opinion, is a winner.

{I am sounding more like my husband than ever! hah.}

Eating Bars for Breakfast

Oh, and in a sports bra. Because I was too lazy (or excited to eat. you choose.) to shower before eating. And too lazy to grab a plate and a chair.

Some mornings are like that, okay?!

{is anyone judging me yet?}

Eating Out of a Bag

I fully admit that plating chips and snacks is best (especially if looking out for portion control and/or wanting to lose weight), but since I already knew I was going to eat the entirety of the bags pictured above, I chose to save time, dishwasher soap, water, and my sanity.

I am queen of justifications while munching down on my bagged food, too. πŸ˜‰

Making Food Ahead of Time (for later consumption)

This is both smart and slightly lazy. I full admit that.

Make huge batches of protein muffins and hardboiled eggs? Don’t mind if I do….aannnnnd eat them every morning instead of doing my hair (so I can be on time to work).


Have a GREAT start to your weekend! (Work, teach Zumba, work, then headed up into the mountains with my man!)

What are YOU slightly lazy about?? What are YOUR weekend plans?? Mountains or no mountains??

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  1. Mountains!!!! And I try and dirty as few dishes as possible especially since I don’t have a dishwasher!

  2. L.A.Z.Y. when it comes to dusting!!!! UGH, dislike …but LOVE to vacuum ….is that weird? ha!

    Big plans…middle daughter gets her braces off this morning and then the family is heading north to close the cabin for the year…take docks out, rake leaves, bag up bedding, and set out mice traps (the fun stuff). In between all of that we will see cousins and other relies and take part in a certain boys of the cousins…birthday party!

    Mountains….take them with no slithering or big pawed friends. πŸ˜‰

  3. I definitely ate my oats out of a jar this morning! I get to clean out the almond butter residue and save a dish..definitely a win-win.

  4. Some of the sunrises have been beautiful lately!! I am thankful for my experiences and my husband that have helped me tone down my Type A craziness a little too. πŸ˜‰ I’m ALL about keeping dirty dishes to a minimal so I definitely eat out of pans, jars, etc. – whatever it takes to not dirty another dish. Ha!

  5. Oh I catch the lazy bug….I grab dirty dishes out of the dishwasher that “look clean” so I don’t dirty another dish. I’ll eat out of ANY container that’s almost empty. Mountains ALL the way, just got back from CO! Heading to New Orleans for work this weekend, at least it’s going to be warm. Enjoy your trip!

  6. Wow beautiful sun rise! I love getting to see the sunrise outside my house as well. So pretty. Oh yes, I get lazy about certain things as well! Like prepping breakfast the night before, and definitely try not to dirty too many dishes or utensils so I’ll use them over again. No shame.

  7. I follow this philosophy too at times! Making a huge amount of something and keeping it in the fridge or frozen so I don’t have to make it again for a long time. Part lazyness and part time saver! When I get home at 8:30 on a weeknight, sorry, there’s no way I’m cooking dinner!

  8. Haha I like to eat out of bags/boxes too! Also I eat apples for snacks a LOT because they’re just so easy and don’t require putting anything in a container! πŸ˜›

  9. I LOVE this post! I am all about the minimal clean up in the kitchen and trying to make things ahead of time. So necessary for my sanity, too. I LOVE popcorn and can eat so much of it – my stomach feels pregnant after. I love making home made popcorn using kernals and a brown paper bag. then adding lots of olive oil and GARLIC on top..mmm.

    YAY for zumba this weekend! I just got ZIN41… does not compare at all to ZIN40, IMO :(

    Happy weekend pretty lady!

  10. Haha I would say your hardly lazy but I love these! Hehe. I’m slightly lazy when it comes to getting up and grabbing stuff from downstairs when I’m upstairs, that’s the boys job πŸ˜‰

  11. Danielle says:

    Fantastic post!!! I’m lazy about many things and defnitely cleaning, and will use the same bowl and utensils repeatedly for a week… yep, pretty much. Of course I’ll rinse them after use, but I have left them in the fridge before when I was really in a dash because I didn’t want to dirty up my sink. Now talk about crazy, lol!!!!



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