Super Food: Eggs

Hey, hey! Good morning!

Whew, yesterday passed in a whirlwind. I went from one project and meeting to the next at work, and had a bunch of to-do’s on my personal list plus teaching 2 BodyPUMP classes…..

Yowzers! It made the day pass quickly, which is sometimes nice because then I get to see my hubby in the evening. :)

But I bit my nails throughout the day while typing up a copy of some physical activity information for work…and now I only have me to answer to. Why do I keep doing this?! It’s like the nail is magnetized for my mouth.

That sounds so gross & wrong. Sorry.


Lets just easily move into talking about some super foods, shall we?! πŸ˜‰

Super Food: Eggs

As I stated a few days ago, I wanted to share some great information about super foods with ya all. I am the type of blogger that gets easily bored with just sharing about my day (my eats & fitness is pretty similar on most days)….I’d rather share some new or helpful information with you interspersed with my weekly goings ons. That’s how I roll.

Do you know why I could never be vegan? Eggs and Greek yogurt and cheese.

But mainly: eggs. I freaking love those things.

Luckily, they are considered a super food because of their nutritional profile.


  • supply every essential amino acid we need
  • contain lots of B vitamins (folic acid, riboflavin, B12)
  • includes a variety of minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, choline
  • are a single-source of cheaper protein (as compared to most meats)
  • are super easy to cook

Some other interesting facts about eggs include:

  • the eggs’ yolks contain all the vitamin A, D, E <–vitamin D occurs naturally in eggs (hard to find in most foods)
  • there isn’t much evidence to prove that the yolks’ cholesterol is harmful for our blood cholesterol levels (read more in this post)
  • eggs are used in cooking and baking because of its binding chemical properties

(some facts I knew, some were found here)

Eating Eggs

I like to cook eggs for breakfast, snacks, and for easy dinners.

Let’s be honest, they are my go-to food, so I am perfectly okay with eggs being a great, affordable health food, packed with protein, and considered a part of the super foods group.

I really love to eat eggs with cheese, salt, pepper, black pepper.

I also love ’em atop salads,

boiled & eaten with cheese sticks or whole wheat bagels/cream cheese,

stirred into oats (haven’t done this in years),

made into my 40-gram protein pancakes,

made into french toast,

and eaten with jam and spinach or kale.


Guess what I am having for breakfast today?! :)

Have a GREAT day, ya all!

How do YOU like YOUR eggs?? What do YOU eat, if YOU can’t eat eggs??Β 

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  1. caroline says:

    Eggs have saved me during pregnancy. But in some recipes I replace eggs with a flax-egg. 1 T ground flaxseed plue 3 T of water and let it sit. Works like a charm!

  2. YUm..YUM…I just made scrambled eggs for my daughter for breakfast!

    My favorite has got to be POACHED eggs on top of my baked kale (and crushed red peppers) w/ salsa and sauerkraut or spaghetti squash…MMMMmm, Mmmm, Good! Some times I throw some bacon pieces over it or warmed up left over chicken too…;-)

  3. I.LOVE.EGGS! Seriously, I do.. the whites, the yolks, the whole thing! I eat them like you – for everything!!

  4. Love this post! Eggs get such a bad wrap! Funny today I put 3 hard boiled egg whites in my lunch today! I heart eggs!

  5. Egg. Addict. I eat them every single day! I like to cook them up quickly and throw them in a breakfast wrap. This morning’s had saaaaaalsa :)

  6. I was an egg addict the past 3 months or so and ate them almost everyday for lunch. And now I can’t stomach them. I’m sure I’ll be back eating them soon though!

  7. Hi , I just came across your site after you commented on my guest post on Amazing Asset. After reading this first post, I know I agree with you! I LOVE eggs and they are my #1 source of protein. lately I’ve been eating a lot of hard boiled eggs with garlic powder for flavor (I’m trying to reduce my salt intake). Love that you mentioned you like to write about stuff that’s really helpful to your readers rather than just meals you eat and what you do throughout the day (which is also very interesting and the reason I love reading health blogs so much). And great pics!

  8. Danielle says:

    Ohhh I love me some eggs, so much that I got the reputation as the “egg lover” by my running club mates last year after I turned down an invite because I had an omelette at home waiting for me, lol.
    I love eggs almost every way possible, but right now a poached one sounds great with some sweet potatoe fries – soft eggs with crispy fries, yummmmm.
    I really agree with you about the Vegan thing – it’s too hard for me to leave eggs and cheese. I can skip the meat a lot of times, but eggs and dairy is just really tough. Eliminating a major food group is pretty challenging now that I think about it! every time I’ve tried an extreme diet it backfires on me… must be a lesson in there somewhere πŸ˜€
    You’re such an awesome role model, and I wish I could eat all your egg pic meals! random thoughts, hahaha

  9. I agree eggs are just all around goodness…I like mine scrambled with some onions and green peppers. Add a little salsa and I am good to go!

  10. I do enjoy eggs! Not for breakfast though…You know I am a sweet breaky kinda gal…The closest thing I get to eggs for breakfast is my french toast…

    I often make omelets for fritattas for supper…They are great to throw every veggie under the sun into! and I LOVE hardboiled and pickled eggs…Egg sammiches are one of my absolute fav sammiches! And well, pickled eggs are just yummy…

    Jeff HATES all things eggs…some days I can’t believe I married him πŸ˜‰

  11. I agree… I could NEVER be vegan! I love my dairy way too much! I am an egg fanatic too. There’s really no way I don’t like eggs. My favorite is probably hard boiled with salt & pepper for a snack or fried on top of wheat toast/on egg sandwich. I seriously love them any way though. I just love how versatile they are too… So many things you can do with them! I love their nutrition too! πŸ˜‰

  12. Nicole says:

    I love my eggs scrambled with buttered wheat toast. I need to get into “dippy eggs”….everyone says those are the best!

  13. I LOVE eggs! As a vegetarian eggs are an essential part of my diet. Great post! πŸ˜€

  14. Eggs, cheese and cottage cheese = 100% why i would only last about 12 minutes on a vegan diet. I had egg whites for breakfast today (in a protein pancake) and had 2 eggs with runny yolks as part of my lunch. The boyfriend and I eat em so much that I buy them from the farmers’ market a flat a time. Easily one of my favourite foods!

  15. Up until a year ago I never really ate eggs all that much, but now I love them! I like to have them fried (with runny yolks!) served on top of quinoa, massaged kale, avocado, and tahini. So good!

  16. I love eggs also, and for brekky I usually have one flipped (with a runny yolk still) and one scrambled with vegies. I also like poached eggs and hard boiled! (But I rarely eat hard boiled actually).

  17. Aren’t eggs just amazing?! They are so versatile and great with nearly any meal! If it weren’t for my love for eggs my diet would be near vegan. Being a vegetarian and thinking I’m starting to develop a lactose intolerance, eggs are my go-to for protein! I don’t normally have time for eggs in the morning so I get my fix with ‘dippy’ eggs (running yolks) on top of roasted veggies, hard boiled eggs with my salads or on an open-faced sandwich, and many other yummy dishes! All the benefits and for so little calories…PERFECT!

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE eggs! I usually eat at least one per day. Had a couple with lunch today atop a salad actually. Perfection.

  19. Teddy says:

    Haha I’m backtracking on your older posts today. I don’t remember when I started following you regularly, but there’s so much great stuff in here! I just want you to know that eggs are my absolute favorite food. They are one of very few foods I never get sick of, and I eat some form of egg on an almost daily basis. Plus I’m a mostly vegetarian so it’s also one of my main sources of protein.

    Do you get your eggs from somewhere special? In the winter it’s harder to find farmers/chickens who lay regularly in the cold so I try my best to get them from Sprouts or something. The regular hormone-pumped ones from the grocery store taste TOTALLY different than eggs from a farmer/organic farm. I just have a hard time finding those right now. :(



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