Simply Weekend

Hey friends!

Good morning, and happy Monday! :)

I swear Mondays are aways busier than every other day. Maybe that’s why they fly by so quickly?!


Simply Weekend

This weekend was full of fun, food, and luckily, some calm moments.

Friday I worked late, so we just grabbed a RedBox & watched Man On a Ledge. It was actually quite good! I was sweating it was so intense! I like those Ocean 11 type movies though. 😉

Saturday began bright and early with a sweat-fest workout <—everyone has 10 minutes even if it’s at the butt-crack of dawn!

And then I headed to the Gluten-Free Expo to man the Simply Bar booth with Ashley.

It was a bbbuuussssyyy day!

We gave out a bazillion samples, answered five million questions, snuck in some quality blogger catch up time (we knew each other from 2 years ago where we both worked at the same gym), and soaked up the devoted-gluten free people’s lovin for the products.

I tried a few of the gluten-free items:

gluten-free pancakes (ummm they were best doused in strawberries & syrup)

the simply bar chips (my fav is the chili flavor)

plus a few bites of some gluten-free bars, chips, breads, cakes, cookies, crisps.

I have to hand it to some of those vendors–they totally made the products taste good/normal!

Buuuuuuttt on the other hand, some of those products were nasty. #sorryimnotsorry

You people who have to check labels for all those ingredients to save your lives & not feel crappy all the time, KUDOS! Wow.

However, there are some people that I swear make up some of the ‘labels’ for themselves. To be restrictive with their eating? To seem “healthy”? Who knows.

But one lady came up & said “I am gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan, salt-free, soy-free, and sugar-free. Do these bars/chips have any of that?”

I kinda chuckled to myself (okay, I laughed out loud after she was gone), and have to admit, I wanted to say “Umm, sorry lady, there are no raw veggies in sight at this expo.”

Okay fine. MY salad was in sight. But it wasn’t dairy free. Or salt free.

Besides if she were truly “sugar-free,” she’d not only not be able to eat fruit, she’d be dead. We need glucose people. And glucose comes from sugar. And there is some type of sugar in fruit & pretty much everything.

Just sayin’.

Unless you have a serious disease or reason, there is no need to swing to the end of the spectrum of crazy restrictiveness. Moderation is key.


After the expo I collapsed into a bath. Yes, a bath. I felt sick (germs everywhere! recycled air! people touching our booth! ugh!), & my throat hurt, so I filled the bath & added in some lavender oil to help me relax & feel better.

1 hour later…..

I did. :)

{I skipped out on a fun ladies evening with some friends because I didn’t end up leaving the expo until 6 & felt like crap. So sad about that though!}

Watched Hunger Games, ate steamed kale, and hopped into bed!

Sunday was sleeping in, french toast, church, and reading.


I am off to teach some BodyPUMP! Then work, and more BP teaching. :)

How was YOUR weekend?? How did YOU keep it simple?? Are YOU gluten-free?? If so, what is YOUR favorite thing to eat and/or fav GF company??

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  1. Ahh I would have loved that expo! And at least the woman wasn’t also corn free? I do have a friend that is vegetarian by choice, and then also can’t eat dairy, soy or gluten (intolerant) AND is highly allergic to eggs… Not fun.

  2. Guess I am the lucky one….I have no allergies and can eat any thing. (Maybe not so lucky?? Since I DO LOVE food) I have to watch every thing any way or I can get a little crazy enjoying too much food some times.

    Sounds like a great expo.

    My weekend was a little work, CC meet, church and errands….can’t complain. 😉

  3. Haha I totally remember that lady you’re talking about! Craziness. We ended up skipping out on our evening plans too. I took a nice hot shower and collapsed on the couch. It was quite the day! Glad I got to spend it with YOU though! So fun!

  4. Looks like it was a good weekend. So was that lady a zombie cause what the heck does she eat to survive? I guess she would die if she was a zombie too cause brains arnt vegan!

  5. haha at first i didn’t realize you were standing on a treadmill in that first pic and i was like WHAT why does she look so tall?!?

    glad the fair went well! sorry you felt crappy after. and that’s so funny about that lady! xo

  6. Sounds like a fun, but long day. Oh boy, I remember those times when I was high in my ED and I would always say I was corn, sugar, egg, free and vegan. And whatever else I could come up with at the time to just avoid food in general. Not fun. Sorry you didn’t feel good after though, sometimes those long days just creep up on you!

  7. What people don’t seem to realize when they go “free” of this and “free” of that, what they are most often doing is changing their processed food to be something they can eat, which doesn’t make it any healthier. Our bodies will never recognize bread and pancakes as food no matter what we add or take away, because we are not genetically programmed to eat foods like them. Our bodies will handle them in small amounts, but they are still a stressor to the system. That salad looks pretty darn tasty though :)

  8. Just checked back in b/c I was wondering about protein powders…..found your post about ON Whey powder….I will be trying that soon.

    Nice new blog look too….so neat and tidy. 😉

  9. I did my first half marathon on Saturday. I kept it really simple after that because I felt like I couldn’t move!!!!

  10. Man, so that woman consists on water and air? That’s pretty intense.

    Sorry you weren’t feeling well afterwards, at least the expo looked interesting!
    I’m definitely not gluten free. My body digests it fine, so why would I cut it out? Like you said, a lot of people are choosing to be free of this or that, and not because it’s a medical cause. I don’t get it – I’d rather keep my diet varied.

    My weekend involved froyo, sushi, relaxing and candy corn – pretty much perfect, except for that 12 page paper that I had to write!

  11. I agree! Why restrict yourself when you’re lucky enough to have no restrictions! I hate labelling stuff like that- I may not be sugar free but I prefer to eat less added sugar products- if I do, then oh well it happens. People need to loosen up…and I need to take my own advice probably too 😉

  12. Haha wow, I wouldn’t have been able to hold in my laugh until she had walked away. Some people take the “non” diets way too far- moderation IS key, like you said, and people who believe not eating all of those products really don’t understand that you need a little bit of everything to stay healthy. Love adding lavender to a hot bath-it smells good and makes you feel so clean and pretty!

  13. Phoebe says:

    haha have you watched a cinderella story? similar scenario!

    Cheerleader: What can I get here that has no sugar, no carbs, and is fat free?
    Protagonist (Hilary Duff): Water.



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