Friday Confessions

Hey you guys! Happy FRIDAY :)

So glad it’s today & not yesterday anymore. Ugh. Bad day mania! A good cry, some almond butter, and early to bed made it seem a bit more bearable though.

And today is starting out nice & early–I am subbing for a friend, a 5:45 a.m. BodyPUMP class! LOVE that time to teach.


Today I leave with you some confessions I am sure you’ve all been wondering about. :)

Friday Confessions

1. I eat casein protein powder almost every night now….and I keep finding ways to eat it in a variety of yummy forms!

  • c.powder + water + cottage cheese + cocoa powder + cinnamon + AB (mix it all up)
  • c.powder + water + cinnamon + cocoa powder microwaved for 1 minute and then AB + butterscotch chips added in for the last 30 seconds (top it with crumbled protein muffins)
  • c.powder + water + cinnamon + cocoa powder + stevia + AB microwaved & then dumped on top of frozen yogurt as a ‘chocolate sauce’

That’s about as creative as I get in the kitchen, my friends.

Obviously this is no food or recipe blog.

{I can’t believe I just admitted that?! But when I do make something & share it here with real measurements, then you know it’s good.}

2. I just finished season 1 of Once Upon A Time on Netflix.

That’s kind of scary how fast I went through those all.

You find time for things that matter to you, I suppose! But now our apartment is a bit messier than I’d like it to be…..

3. I still can’t stop eating sweet potato fries. Mmmmmmm!

Guess I am being consistent there, ehh? :)

4. My husband is super sweet & knows when to ‘just listen.’

I need to be better at that. I tend to always want to dish out advice!

5. I keep sleeping in by a few minutes from my ‘normal’ time & its glorious. Minus today, of course!

A few extra minutes here & there really count! And my body is thanking me.

6. We went to Costco last night and I wanted to buy the whole store.

Oh wait, we did.


7. I am totally enjoying every bite of my NEW P28 bread, thanks to P28 & Lauren!

She secretly sent me a box of the stuff, complements of P28, and I can’t get enough. It’s high protein bread, and it tastes like bread. It is a tad bit chewier, but I love chewing (more time to savor), so this stuff is perfection for moi.

Thanks again Lauren (and P28 people) for the thoughtful gift and for sponsoring my latest meals!

8. I bite my nails when I am bored, contemplative, or have nothing to do with my hands.

It drives my husband crazy! What grown woman bites her nails still?!?

I sometimes paint them to help me stop it, but that doesn’t seem to work that well either. Gahhh!

9. I am secretly super excited to represent the Simply Bar tomorrow at the Gluten-Free Expo. :)

{well, it’s not so secret anymore, huh?}

If you live in UTAH and want tickets, email me. And then come visit me and Ashley at our booth (& get free samples too).

10. I am sooo over the election season.

Can we all stop being rude & unkind to each other & remember what this land was founded upon?! #thankyouverymuch

{But really, could Biden please stop smirking & laughing for one second? It was annoying, and I think he was slightly drunk. or high. or both.}

There you have it, some deep dark confessions of mine that I am sure you were dying to know about! 😉


Make it a GREAT day, ya all!

What are some of YOUR Friday confessions?? Do YOU regularly use casein protein powder?? What are some of YOUR weekend plans??

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  1. I’ve never had casein protein before – I should change that. And I”ve heard so many great things about that p28 bread… crazy amount of protiein! I want to try that! And I do still bite my nails (eek!) – that’s why I try and keep them painted!!

  2. I’ve been having casein at night too! I usually just mix it with unsweetened almond milk and stevia and throw a few chocolate chips. It works for me!

    I don’t bite my nails but I definitely pick at them.

  3. Sorry about your bad day yesterday! I had similar feelings on Wednesday but yesterday turned things around for me and I’m right back on the smooth sailing train now!:) It’s funny how things get stirred up every now and then and can throw us off for a bit! Glad to hear your Fridays starting off well! Enjoy the weekend!

  4. I LOVEEEEEE Costco!! Seriously, feel you on wanting to buy the whole store. The fruit (berry) section alone is fabulous! And I agree – I’m ready for this election season to be over as well. Let’s all go back to semi-getting along.

  5. Confession #1….I watched Biden last night for about 20 minutes and thought he looked and sounded great…very knowledgable and just sick of the whole Republican thing…ha! I think its great how people can watch the same thing and come away with totally different views. Such is life.

    Confession #2….I still bite my nails…so much easier…ha!

    Enjoy teaching…I love the new 83.

  6. I’m sorry you had a rough day yesterday! I hope today is MUCH better for you. :) I’ve been wanting to try that P28 bread! Glad to hear it’s good! Aaaand YAY for the expo tomorrow! Looking forward to it!

  7. yes! i love p28!

  8. my confession: I’m super jealous of this P28 bread! They need to make some gluten free, just for me!

  9. I also am addicted to Sweet Potato fries and believe you cannot leave Costco with less than a full cart, impossible.
    My confessions:
    1. My internet was out for a week and I realized I am an Internet addict.
    2. I set myself a 10pm bedtime, and break it every night.
    3. My favorite TV show was meant for 14 year olds.

  10. Love your confessions! Hmm, my confession would be- I also bite and pick my nails. Painting them makes it more fun, because I like getting the nailpolish off haha- then I have this trashy half painted nail look going on.

  11. I want to try that P28 bread! Everyone raves about it, although I do love my ezekiel lots. Not sure if something could replace that.
    Sweet potatoes are totally addicting, I can’t stop eating those delightful orange foods!

  12. It’s ok, I bite my nails too. Someday, I’ll stop, but today is definitely not that day!

  13. Dohhh sorry to hear that you had a bad day :( I hope it has been 100% better ever since! I have always wanted to try that bread, I have heard so many great things about it, plus the nutrition stats are pretty much awesome

  14. P28 bread sounds SO cool! Too bad it isn’t GF!!!



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