Consistency Is Key + Gluten Free Expo Tickets

Hey friends!

As a quick update (you all tend to love these), I ran 5 miles on the TM yesterday.

And those miles were toouugghhh to get through because on Tuesday I taught 2 BodyPUMP classes 12 hours apart.

You do the math.

530 a.m. and 530 p.m. Oh yes.

That was Tuesday. Yesterday (Wed) I decided to sleep in a bit & then do the above-mentioned run.

Run I did, but it wasn’t pretty! I stopped 4 times for about 30 seconds to drink water, walk around, and get rid of a stitch in my side. It was SUCH a battle to finish off the miles I wanted to tackle!

{stopped at 4 miles & had a serious chat with myself.}

Here’s the thing: I had a goal, and I was so determined to make that goal. I was not in pain at all, I was just tired. My legs were tired. And I knew that if I gave up, it’d be easier to give up next time. Besides, the next day (today/Thursday) is an easy day for me with no teaching and only steady-state cardio and core work, so I knew if I could make this, I’d be fine.

Call it what you will, but I am proud of the fact that I finished, even if it wasn’t pretty.

{Please NOTE that if I had felt injured or seriously ill, I would’ve stopped. But just ‘being tired’ is no excuse for me….if it were, I wouldn’t get anything done. Personal choice.}


Consistency Is Key

With that personal example, it illustrates the beauty of consistency. Consistency is key in making and achieving goals. It just IS!

And that is why excuses, justification, and the ‘tomorrow I’ll do its’ are so powerful & destructive.


In looking at any professional athlete’s rigorous training, you will notice one thing that is the same across the board: consistency. They have a certain number of rest days, certain weight training days, certain ‘chill’ days, and they have prescribed activities, exercises, eating plans, and allotted rest times. It is their job to show up and be there.


If you want to look even similar to an athlete, you must train like you. You MUST be consistent. You must show up. And you must do what is asked. And not let your head give up.

{Like the note above, if illness or injury occurs, then obviously scale back/stop completely.}

I often tell clients to PLAN their workouts in as an important appointment they’d never miss. You wouldn’t miss that long-awaited doctor’s visit? So why miss the appointment with yourself?

Consistency is key. Results come, but only for those who put in the effort & ramp up the intensity.


Gluten Free Expo Tickets

Guess who is going to be a rep for The Simply Bar at the Gluten Free Expo in SLC this Saturday?!?!


And Ashley!


Come visit us! Just FYI, The Simply Bar products are gluten free (duh), super tasty, and chock full of protein with minimal fat and sugar.

I have 10 tickets (they’ll be free to you) to any UT locals who want to come. The first 10 persons who email me (subject header: Expo Tickets) get them ([email protected]).


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am really grateful for sweet potatoes being in season. Can’t. stop. eating. them.
  2. I am super thankful for the website evite. It makes planning a party so much easier!
  3. I am real grateful for handwritten notes from my husband. He’s a keeper!

What helps YOU stay consistent in YOUR fitness goals?? What is YOUR driving force to get ‘er done?? Who’s coming to visit me at the Expo?!? What are YOU thankful for today??

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  1. Aww I love expos – wish I were closer so I could come! :) Consistency is definitely key. Sticking to training plans and looking forward to my workouts help me stay consistent.

  2. Julie says:

    Wish I could go to the expo. Those “Simply Bars” are awesome! I just tried a few & totally love them.
    I am Thankful to be Alive & healthy!!!

  3. AH! I freaked and then saw it was for UT locals… So jealous! Have fun with Ashley!!

  4. Never tried the bars but they look great. (Too bad expo isn’t in MN!?) Unless the ticket also comes with a plane ticket. ha!

    I would be thankful to try a sample one. 😉 Feel free to mail any leftovers out.

  5. Way to push through the mental roadblock and get to your goal of 5 miles. Sometimes it is totally necessary to take a moment to give yourself that pep talk and then return with a strong determination! During my 1/2 marathon training I used to tell myself ‘be sore tomorrow or be sorry tomorrow!’ and ‘the pain of pushing through is nothing compared to the pain of quitting!’. Along with what you mentioned I never pussed past physical pain but the mental anguish your mind tricks you into believing! =)

  6. ugh so bummed i had to pass up the expo shift! wish i could come. maybe i will try to sneak in for a second between tough mudder and the bikini competition! thanks for helping out!

  7. Sounds like a fun expo…considering I love living gluten free!

  8. That expo sounds like it will be amazing! Too bad I live in Canada ha ha.
    Yes! Consistency is so important in our lives! Whether we are trying to maintain, gain, lose weight, or train for anything. All around its important to have in most aspects.

  9. Breanne says:

    That has been me all day. I have a date with the gym this afternoon because I’m working on choreo, but I went to BP this morning and I was tired. Tomorrow’s a rest day, so I just need to push thru.

  10. I think what makes me consistent in my exercise is the fact that the group exercise classes are scheduled and timetabled- so it’s basically like I’ve made a mental appointment/schedule already.



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