Enjoyable Moments

Hey friends!

How are you? Happy new week to us :)

Today will be mostly pictures (with a bit of words–I can’t NOT talk). You all seem to love weekend recaps, so I’ll indulge ya-because I had some enjoyable moments (most included delicious, decadent food I don’t normally eat) that I want to share!



It started with teaching Zumba in the morning.

Definitely enjoyed that! Those ladies know how to shake it–and we’re all sweaty (happy) messes by the end of the hour.

At lunch time I had my beloved steamed kale with hummus:


After work my husband and I went to the temple, and then we enjoyed pizza on the couch.

Never in our marriage (of 2.5 years) have we ever ordered pizza for just the 2 of us!

(We’ve eaten it with our families though.)

He had a coupon, so we picked up the pizzas, and an easy dinner it was.

And pizza on the couch?! WOW. I felt so, ummm, not like me! Hah.

{I usually always make something for dinner, and we always eat at the table……annnddd this is making me/us sound boring. Yikes.}

I had a chicken/cheese/onion pizza & added spinach.

I ended up eating 2.5 pieces-and they were actually quite good. No shame in saying that Papa John’s is tasty! It was fun to eat on the couch too-we never do that!

He watched football……and I sort of joined him. πŸ˜‰

He watched it in his office, and I watched Once Upon a Time episodes on Netflix next to him (with earphones in).

It was actually quite fun!

And then I grabbed some frozen yogurt from the freezer-and scooped it on top of some casein protein pudding (powder+water+dark cocoa powder+stevia) and added some granola & salted caramel.

Perfect evening, actually. He really wanted to watch a game, and I wanted to watch some more of season 1–we’re a laid-back couple, can you tell?!



Really early Saturday morning I had a date with this:

Some really enjoyable moments ensued on that thing. :)

I also found out that this treadmill shakes once it hits 9.5 mph…..ahh well. Wasn’t on that speed for too long (just .22 miles worth).

I did a HIIT workout for about 3 miles, then I did some core work, showered, and ran out the door with my husband to go meet my dad & brother for some business they were conducting.

It was a beautiful fall day in the mountains!

FALL leaves! Gorgeous!

It was a long day-so fuel was needed (thanks dad!):

I ate that whole thing (read: over a 50-or so minute time period —>at the restaurant and during the drive), and enjoyed every bite.

{It was a turkey on wheat/oat bread with all the veggies except olives.}

Enjoyable moments indeed! That freaking long sandwich was delicious. Subway, be still my heart.

Later I did some shopping at the new City Creek center-and it was a madhouse of people!


I didn’t end up buying anything-but I did plenty of looking & trying things on. I just wasn’t in a buying mood. Weird?! I know.

Then we all ate dinner at the fancy Roof Restaurant over-looking the beautiful SLC temple.

It is a fancy buffet-style place, so I filled my plate. And then proceeded to only eat the veggies & shrimp. Did not like the mixed salads on the edges. (I ate about half the plate.)

Yes. Yes I did.

Can we talk about this for a second?!? These rolls are out of this world & I totally did eat 3 of them-spread with that honey butter. SO good.

Less white flour & white sugar went out the window this weekend….and I was okay with that. But I did feel quite full (and slightly ‘not myself’ by the end of it all. But hey, such is life. I knew I wouldn’t totally avoid it). I chose to eat these & enjoyable moments were had, for sure!

Then I enjoyed some hot food. It was delicious–but by this point I was just sampling stuff–I ate about 3/4ths of this plate.

I had to save room for:

The dessert buffet.

YUMM. I had some bites of red velvet cake, that decadent chocolate fudge/brownie piece, the chocolate strawberry, and a bite of the chocolate flan thing.

Some bites of the peach cobbler & half of that chocolate mousse. (And some fruit from earlier).

Evvvveeeerrrryyy bite was very much enjoyed. :)

Thanks dad for a great dinner!

My husband and I were also celebrating our first-date anniversary! 3 years ago we went on our first date. BEST idea to say yes, EVER!

Love this guy.



We said good-bye to my dad, slept a bit more, and then headed up to his parents to spend the day hanging out & watching Conference.

We ate dinner with his sister’s family as well:

Broccoli cheese soup.

And buttery monkey bread.

Comfort food at its finest!


It was quite the weekend, full of food I don’t normally eat (you all asked for more food pictures!), family, uplifting messages, a quick workout, and a whole lot of fun.

Sometimes it’s okay to do things differently once in awhile–and the amount & type of food I ate was definitely different than normal-but it was totally enjoyed. Life would be boring if it were the same every weekend!


I am off to teach some BodyPUMP & I have a busy day ahead of me at work. Have a GREAT day!

What were some of YOUR enjoyable moments this weekend?? Have YOU ever had honey butter?? Where do YOU usually eat dinner?? What would be at YOUR dessert buffet if YOU could order one for a party??

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  1. YUM! Lots of tasty treats, for sure!! Jonny and I NEVER order pizza!! We eat it with our families, too, and sometimes if we’re at a restaurant we’ll eat it, but we never have it delivered to our door. THe other week I had bought a Groupon so we went to Fortells which was quite different for us! Love those laid back evenings though!!

  2. I am cheap and usually don’t like to go out….however, this weekend….we had plans Friday night to go out with 3 other couples (Buffalo chicken salad was great) then after church Saturday night I wasn’t in the mood to cook so hubs picked up Chinese and brought it home (all 5 of us love that stuff…not many leftovers there) and finally, Sunday lunch was a previously planned date with sister in laws (Thai chicken salad…smaller portion..kind of funny dressing but overall ok)

    My stomach felt bloated and gross by 4pm on Sunday so hubs and I went out for an ez 5 miler….today back to normal eating for me~for sure!

    (your pics look great by the way)

  3. I laughed a little when you were talking about how unusual it was for you guys to order pizza and eat it on the couch because that is totally us too! A month or two ago we did the same thing, and I just kept thinking… “this is SO unlike us!” It sure is fun to change things up every once in awhile though. πŸ˜‰ Lots of yummy eats! Glad you guys had a great weekend!

  4. the leaves are so pretty around here lately! um, gimme that monkey bread.

  5. I definitely eat all my meals on the couch – but that’s because our apartment is a tad too small for a kitchen table :-p We make do!

    Looks like you had an awesome weekend! I try to cut back on white sugar/flour, but it definitely went out the window for me too. It happens!

  6. Danielle says:

    Happy Monday Annette! Your pictures are amayz and totally made me hungry, lol. Your energy and positivity are so contagious, love it!!!! plus after a brutal training weekend, I really needed some extra UMPHHHH this morning πŸ˜‰
    The weekend was so busy but I really enjoyed being in all the nature – running and cycling in Hunstville State Park and all around Montgomery county were uber fun, but uber challenging. My booty and glutes can testify!
    Ohhh how i love honey and butter , and together it’s just crazy yum. Yes! those rolls look out of control, like in a great way.
    Yesterday after a morning of climbing hills in the cold wind, I was starving and we chowed down at this local bbq joint. I ate ribs – something i never do! – and lots of creamed corn and other treats that I don’t normally have. My tummy is not very happy today, but it was fun and I’m glad that I enjoyed the meal with friends rather than make it all about rules like I used to do :)
    for my fantasty dessert buffet, I loved what my younger sister did at her wedding last year – she had a dessert buffet of macaroons!!!! OMG it was so yummy and fun – all sorts of macaroons and small pastries that were 2 bites each, and there were so many to choose from. I would love something like that, and also include one extra thing: a trail mix buffet bar!!! I love trail mix and playing around with flavor combos, so anything i can do with nuts, chocolate, and dried fruits is great.
    hahaha πŸ˜€

    • You DID have a busy weekend! YAY for enjoying delicious meals–it’s totally awesome to have ‘all that’ once in awhile. I’d go crazy if I didn’t! hah.

  7. Personally, I have a problem mixing bad food with good. So, if I’m going to eat pizza, I make sure I don’t put ANY vegetables on it. I want my junk to be junk, and then I’ll have something good separately lol. πŸ˜‰ I think I’m due for a weekend like that.

  8. I enjoyed listening to conference on my long run this weekend! I’m glad you had such a great weekend filled with family and great food. Its fun to change things up every once in a while.

  9. I love buffets because I love sampling a little bit of a lot of things! And that monkey bread looks amazing! Congrats on your first date anniversary!

  10. Buffets are my favorite type of meals because I get to try a little bit of everything. I’m pretty indecisive with EVERYTHING, so it’s a great way not to commit.

    Looks like you had that sampling thang down!

  11. I think it’s super normal that you every now and again eat stuff you don’t typically do- it’s called living :) IF anything it’s a really positive thing for your readers to see you do indulge every now and again and live it up :) All about balance! Ps. Dessert buffets would not be good for me..any buffet is way too overwhelming! Haha, thanks for sharing :)



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