Friday Tangents


Ya’all glad it’s the weekend?

I am, because I get to see my dad & brother-and hear amazing, uplifting messages all weekend long. WOOT!


Janae always has hilarious posts–and she has a great idea of posting tangents. Well, I’m gonna share some randomness with you today. Watch out!

Friday Tangents

I can’t stop eating sweet potato fries with ketchup.


Easiest way to make them ever:

  • wash a few sweet potatoes, cut off ends, and poke ’em with a fork
  • roast them in the oven for 50 minutes (375)
  • slice them & then drizzle olive oil & dashes of cumin, salt, roasted red pepper flakes, and cinnamon over them
  • pop them in a toaster oven for about 15-20 minutes, or until they reach desired crispiness

I have watched almost an entire season of a TV show just because I heard it was good from another blogger.

Thanks to Meghann (read her post, you’ll want to watch too!!), I have spent any extra minute I do have (plus the minutes I usually spend making dinner/showering/doing my hair….) watching season 1 of Once Upon A Time.


Sooooo good! I highly recommend watching it. YESSS.

This is why we don’t have TV. I get too wrapped up into shows I like!

But, then again, Netflix instawatch is pretty amazing too.

Bloggers do sometimes know what they’re talking about. 😉

I’ve been drinking too much water in the evening….I HATE interrupting my sleep!

I am sure ya’all wanted to know that, but seriously?! Why does the body have to be so efficient (and quick!) at using, filtering, and disposing of fluids?!

Funny story: When I went on an African safari with my dad in 06′, we were riding along in the jeep, and I told my dad & the driver I HAD to go. They both said “are you crazy?! There are lions out there?!” (which there were. We had just been about 5 feet from several).

I responded “I don’t care.” The driver then said, “suit yourself. But I am not going with you.”

Yah. Thanks.

We still laugh about that in my family today. My small organs can NOT be tamed. Even in the wild, wild, African sahara.

My husband’s cut is healing well, but it scares me about moles now.

I don’t have fair skin (at least compared to him), nor do I have moles, so I’ve never been worried about skin cancer. But now? That is tough to swallow-knowing that your spouse had to have surgery to remove an almost-cancerous mole.

Just a great reminder of what matters most! Hug your loved ones tight.

I can not figure PicMonkey out.

There. I said it. I just am not a photographer/editing savvie junky. HELP?!

I totally love that so many of you all enjoy working out in the crazy hours of 5 & 6 a.m.

How neat is that?! You all are rockstars!

{And those of you who get extra sleep & do it later, you all are my heroes. It’s HARD to teach/rock a workout after work!}

I really enjoy teaching that early, I do.

Just as long as I get to bed the night before at a decent hour……

Well, number 2 from today kinda kept me from that, and I was yawning by 3:30 p.m. yesterday. Hah. Serves me right!

I can’t wait to do a fast, sweaty speedy HIIT workout tomorrow a.m.

Bring it on.

I can’t get enough of kale lately! 

I think that’s why I decided to spotlight this super food first. I am its number one fan right now!

The other day I steamed some in the microwave with olive oil (I had to make it fast), and then added some salt/pepper/garlic & hummus to it. HOLY moly that was good!


Have a GREAT Friday, my friends!!

What are some of YOUR tangents today?? Have YOU ever been sucked into a TV show-which one?? What do YOU eat your sweet potato fries with?? Fun weekend plans on YOUR agenda??

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  1. This reality tv show Beauty and the Geek has just started and its’ like the only show I’m watching atm! Every thursday night :)

  2. hahahaha that’s why I don’t have a TV either! Granted now I can watch entire seasons of shows on netflix and hulu plus… not that much better…

  3. haha i can’t use any fun editing websites either… maybe someday. i’m headed to chicago this morning with jonny, my rents, and his rents!! super stoked!!

  4. I’ve been looooving roasted sweet potatoes with ketchup too! Can’t get enough! I’ll have to check out that show!

  5. Now i have to try hummus on my kale, thanks for the idea! and i also like working out early in the morning… not 5 AM, but 6-7 AM is really great :).

    I worry about skin cancer too… never hurts to have a screening. You’d be surprised at the number of people our age who get moles and have them removed. It’s a scary thought.

    I didn’t realize Once Upon A Time was on netflix. Gonna check that out now!

  6. I am on a breakfast tangent….loving….baked kale sprinkled with crushed red peppers, topped with 2 poached eggs, salsa, sauer kraut or celery or broccoli (whatever “other” I have on hand) maybe some flaxseed or chia seeds and a touch of sour cream. JUST HEAVEN….although, hubs thinks I am nuts. 😉

  7. I LOVE once upon a time!!! One of my favourite new shows!!! Its amazing.
    I was on a total kale kick until I found a spiders nest in my kale las time….it hasn’t been the same since;)

  8. Danielle says:

    LOL your post cracked me up, great way to begin my Friday! I am still chuckling about your peeing in the African wild story – omg that would totally be me! I am that girl on the bike ride that will pull over anywhere to tinkle… anywhere! if i gotta go, well i gotta go. last weekend i had to go and the only building around was an old air conditioning repair place, so i went behind their building and squatted down, and was surrounded by a graveyard of broken a/c units. lol, it was really a lot funnier than it probably sounds :p
    sweet potato fries are so yummy – i like to drown them in EVOO or coconut oil and siracha or savory seasoning, but ketchup sounds mighty fine! i’ll have to try that. i love kale, and having it with hummus sounds super amazing. never had that combo, but i bet you by sunday i will have a full report, lol.
    so happy it’s friday! movie date tonight, running in a park tomorrow and lake swimming, then a charity ride on sunday. can’t really imagine anything better :)

    • WOW. What a fun weekend you have planned :) You do some great stuff. The race is coming at ya–and you’re so freaking ready!!

      kale + hummus + garlic = crazy good


  9. those fries look delish! I looooove Modern Family. Watch it on netflix. so funny! Tangents for today: I’m excited to see Pitch Perfect tonight, excited for my long run tomorrow morning, and for this weekend on the couch enjoying conference 😉

  10. Oh wow so many similarities in this post!

    -Sweet potatoes are the best

    -Once Upon a Time is my favorite show, I get so excited to watch it every Sunday!

    -Kale is amazing

    -I have super fair skin and had to have a mole removed. Thankfully it wasn’t even the start of something, I was just born with a funky weird mole but I am definitely higher risk for skin cancer than most people and it scares me, but all I can do is control what I can control and see the derm every year :)

  11. Some shows I refuse to watch because I know so many people that are addicted to them. I already love a few and would rather not be attached the tv every night of the week. Shows like Parenthood and Modern Family are apparently amazing, according to my friends, but I don’t want to get sucked in!

  12. Always, always eat my sweet potato fries with ketchup. It’s like a rule. 😀

  13. New reader but this post has definitely sparked a sweet potato craving! Love them with Greek yogurt, peanut butter or even better…topped with truffle oil & parmesan ;)!



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