BPA-Free EcoBottle + Run Update

Hey friends!

How’s it going?!

I’m feeling great. I’ve totally made it a part of my JOB to get to bed early lately, and it’s working well so far. Who knew that getting 8+ hours is better than getting less than 8 hours of sleep?


I am kidding. I KNOW this. But there’s always so much to do every day after work (plus if I’m teaching a class, then that adds the class + driving time). So yah. It’s all about commitment & just up & DOING IT.


Just get to bed.

Sorry for the rant/another reminder.

But I think we often get caught up in doing ‘one more thing’ (I hear myself saying this to my husband way too often lately), and that sometimes we just need to forget that THING & think about our health & ummmmm sanity.

Sleeping enough = happy self.


BPA-Free EcoBottle Review

Another part of being healthy & feeling awesome? Drinking LOTS of water.

You’ve probably heard it a bazillion times, but drinking enough water is super important for a healthy body. Drinking (quality) water throughout the day will support a healthy liver, glowing skin, great immune function, a lively metabolism, and hydrate every cell in your body.

You convinced yet to go grab a bottle of the good stuff???

Well, if you want a BPA-free one, EcoBottle is the jam.

The lovely folks at TrueNorthPR sent me an EcoBottle to try out & I really liked it!

It obviously is not riddled with chemicals, and it is HUGE. It will help ya meet your goal in no time. Plus, there are two different caps you can screw on & off for wide or small mouth options.

My husband LOVED this feature (because he and I drink different ways with our lips on bottle tops. Weird?)

{P.s. see more about the EcoBottle info HERE}.

I drink a lot, so this bottle is fabulous to have on hand, and it’s always a lovely thought knowing that I’m doing something good for the environment & my body.

{from their website}

Thanks EcoBottle ! :)

*I was given the product to try for free. All opinions are my own.*


Run Update

I’ve written 2 posts as a FitMixer ambassador so far–and I’ve mentioned that I wanted to reduce my time on social media (I have. Woot!), and get to running a bit faster.

{See details from both posts about social media break-up & fitness moving forward.}

I’ve owned my goals actually.

Yes, I can say that.

There is power in writing them down, and having a PLAN to actually accomplish them!! (Means to an end, baby.)

Remember what I said:

  • I am going to run 2x/week-using negative splits & HIIT runs to help my speed.
  • I am going to do more circuits, bootcamps, WODs <–one of these at least 1x per week on top of my normal fitness teaching schedule.
  • I am going to do integrated core work at least 3x/week for 15 minutes each time.
  • And I am going to continue to reduce white flour & white sugar intake to get ‘more’ defined.

So far I’ve run 5 & 6 miles at 7.0 mph pace, and done 2 HIIT running workouts (shorter runs-more like 2/3 miles).

{6.02 miles in 51:45 –including a 1 minute warm-up. See how I read when I run??}

Plus I’ve gotten in the core work & the short WODs that I said I would.

{and have been downing whole wheat bagels with creamcheese like it’s my job} <–follow me on Instagram (@FitnessPerks)


#getafterit #nomoreexcuses

Have a GREAT day!!

What kind of water bottle do YOU drink out of?? How much water per day do YOU drink?? What is a goal YOU’re working on that YOU’ve owned lately??

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  1. You are speedy!!! Awesome job! I’ve gotten slower with the marathon… haha I get to used to the comfortable long run pace! I’m excited to work on my speed afterwards and get back into HIIT runs!

  2. You always OWN your goals!! :) :) I like drinking out of smaller mouth bottles!

  3. awesome! you’re so fast! I’m a Nalgene bottle lover, I pretty much don’t go anywhere without my water bottle!

  4. I’m so bad for finding something else to do when I should be in bed…I blame blogs and Pinterest. :-p

    Jesus woman, you are FAST!

  5. Go figure I have my water bottle right in front of me now…some thing from Target…Nalgene is stamped on it? (Hey I just noticed Steph above also drinks from one of those..ha!)

    I drink a ton of water ….down side….I know where A LOT of bathrooms are in various stores. I am worse than my kids for having to take potty breaks. 😉

  6. I have been working hard for 4 months to be ready for my half marathon on Oct. 13 and I am so proud to say that I have owned that goal. Never missed a run and I feel SO ready to get out there and run!

  7. I drink water out of a 32oz. Nalgene bottle with a straw. I’ve tried other bottles, but this one gets me to drink much more water throughout the day. The straw thing is mainly how I am able to drink so much. I love straws so much, and it’s so much easier for me to drink more from a straw. Keeps the water bottle cleaner longer too!

  8. I’ve been SOOO sick of social media too! Definitely checking that post out.

    My goal is to run an 8 minute mile. I just reached my goal of nine and am pushing forward! What’s totally weird is since fall came and I quit going for an inspirational swim in the afternoon to break up work articles, my time gets faster and faster every week! :) Do you know any good active rest I can do besides just walking? I can’t just sit all day–I need to get up and move to help get the ideas flowing for work! :)

    • The elliptical is great, so is the stair climber. Or just climbing stairs in general :) I like swimming for thinking & I do love a good jog (half walk/half run type thing) for ‘thinking’ too. Dancing clears my head. Jump roping & jumping jacks help to get that blood flowing too!

  9. Balance is so important with life especially when you’re a blogger, way to stay focused!

  10. Great job going after your goals and kicking butt!! Seriously, there is so much power to writing down your goals. For some reason it makes you 6430423 times more accountable to them!

  11. You seriously ROCK your goals woman, so awesome to read this! Keep on going strong :)

  12. I reuse the bought water bottles- I love the top lidded feature on the eco bottle! How cool. Awesome job with your goals :)

  13. thats a pretty sweet water bottle! I never saw one like that before. thanks for sharing!



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