Super Food: Kale

Hey friends!

How’s it going for ya??

BP 83 is in the HOUSE! (I taught it again yesterday and it ruled).

I am doing GREAT! Last night was super fun: date night with the hubby to the Owl City concert.

Ummm YES!

Soooo fabulous.

{snackage at the concert}

The concert was good too. πŸ˜‰

I really liked a lot of the songs they played–and had no idea they even existed, to be honest. I was a huge fan of the music! (I really only ‘knew’ their signature songs).

I wish they had played longer (duh!), and had talked a bit more. Like had a bit more of a ‘personality’ to them.

But it was still crazy fun! And we even jumped a bit with the youngins (it was a young crowd. Hello getting older?!?)

Oh, and my husband had gotten surgery earlier that day (I know, I know. He wanted to go still!), to remove some more of a part of underneath a mole on his face that was *almost* cancerous.

{Thankfully it is not cancerous, but because of its unique qualities, it was sent to this fancy lab across the country for testing, and they were adamant in him coming back to the knife to finish getting even more cells/possible growth out. He is fine–20 stitches later, but in a bit of pain. Well wishes to him!!}


And from concerts to stitches, I thought I’d share with you all some great information on various super foods here on the blog that you might see & hear about on websites, in recipes, and might skip over at the grocery store.

Today’s deliciousness is about KALE!

Super Food: Kale

Kale, a form of cabbage, is considered a super food because of its high nutrient density (read: nutritional properties are high per gram of food) & very low caloric density (read: low number of calories for amount of nutrients).

It is often considered a ‘free’ food in many diets because of these qualities. In this context, free meaning you can eat as much kale as you want without worrying about counting macro grams or calories.

Some other great facts about this Super Food: Kale….

a. Kale is high in:

  • beta carotene (and carotenoids)
  • vitamin K
  • vitamin C
  • zeaxanthin
  • Calcium

b. Kale contains sulforaphane (aka anti-cancer properties)

c. Kale has properties & chemicals that aid in DNA repair.

d. Kale is widely popular in many countries including Germany, the Netherlands, China, Taiwan, and Brazil. It is most often cooked with or served next to meat dishes.

Fun, eh? (Some info I knew, & some was found here)

How to Enjoy Kale

I’ve eaten kale as chips.

I’ve dumped it into smoothies. I’ve used it as a salad base.

And I’ve even used it to practice my kissing skills.

Shhhh. Don’t tell my husband. πŸ˜‰

ADVICE on Serving Kale

When cooking with Kale or eating it raw, make sure you pair it with SOMETHING. It is kind of bitter….and since I didn’t know that the first time I used it in a salad, my husband now no longer will eat Kale….

So yah. Just take my advice & massage it with some coconut or olive oil–or add a nice dressing of lemon/salt to it. You & your spouse will thank me later for this knowledge. :)

Happy KALE eating!


And Happy Birthday to my cute 1-year old, nephew!! <3

Have a GREAT day, my lovely readers!

Have YOU gone to any concerts lately?? How do YOU like your kale?? Any awesome kale recipes that YOU have?? <–please link to them! What other Super Food would YOU like to be featured??

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  1. I hope your husband heals soon!

    I just had kale in my eggs this morning!

    • oooh kale ‘n’ eggs sounds good! Must try.

      I hope he does too–it’s hard to kiss someone who can’t use their facial muscles completely! hah πŸ˜‰

  2. love love love kale!!! my chocolate covered kale protein smoothie –> sounds odd, but itz actually quite delicious if you like kale!! hope jared feels better in no time – glad they removed it!! xoxo

  3. I looooove Kale! And I had the same mole issue, but I didn’t go back to get more out… Lol I know, it’s bad but it healed so nicely and I was traumatized by getting my moles taken off the first time. Granted I just went to the dermatologist yesterday and now I have to get MORE taken off in a couple weeks. Ugh. The life of the fair-skinned.

    • Oooh FUN. Not. But a NECESSARY part of being fair-skinned for sure. My husband was not excited about it at all, either. If that makes you feel any better?! :(

  4. Nice! I saw Owl City in concert a few years ago, it was so much fun! I haven’t been to a concert in over a year! The last one I went to was a Britney Spears concert. Seriously.

  5. Mama Pea’s sunshine kale salad coverted me to a kale-lover!

  6. I love kale :). I usually just cook it with garlic, salt, and pepper and eat it alongside a veggie burger or something like that. It’s good. I’ve had a few moles removed myself, and it stinks but it’s important. Hopefully all is fine with his and it comes back good and he doesn’t have to have any more removed! Glad you were still able to go to the concert and had fun, I like Owl City too but like you only know the songs on the radio.

  7. STUFT Mama…Kristen turned me onto Kale about a month ago. Must say I was a bit leary but I love it. Baked Kale…kale on a pan, spray with cooking spray and dose with crushed red peppers…about 15 minutes later I use that as a base in my salad. I also bake broccoli slaw too…from STUFT Mama too. if the link doesn’t work (sorry) she has so many good recipes just go to her site and look around.


  8. I love kale in soup! My favorite is a portuguese soup with chourico, chickpeas, kale, and other veggies. Delicious!

  9. The first time I tried making Kale chips, my kale must have been on the verge of going bad because it made the WHOLE house (and tasted like) smell like poop. Literally!!

    So when I tried again, of course, Husband and I both were worried. But it was AMAZING!!! Baked with kosher salt and lemon……so yum.

  10. I need to try kale chips! I’ve had it in the messaged raw form and I was not a fan. It’s so good for you that I want to find a way I’ll eat it!

  11. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been to a concert. Last one was smashing pumpkins with the hubs.

    Loooove me some kale. It’s one of my favs especially in egg scrambles.

    • Chelsy said that too–I’ve gotta try this egg/kale thing! Thanks :)

      It was fun to go to a concert on a ‘school’ night. Hah.

  12. I really like Owl City – that’s awesome you went to their concert! I haven’t been to a concert in ages. The last one I went to was John Mayer like 2-3 years ago!

    I love kale in any form! But I especially love massaging it with avocado, lemon juice and salt for a salad base. It’s so tasty!

  13. I didn’t know kale was a cabbage!

    I most often eat my (baby) kale thrown in with a soup or stir fry (I throw it in after I’m done cooking and let the heat of the dish steam it up a bit). I’ll occasionally mix it in with my salad, but it definitely has to be massaged first. I used to toss it in my smoothies, but, um, I haven’t made a smoothie in ages.

  14. What a great date night! My husband and I love going to concerts. In fact that’s how we celebrated our first anniversary!

  15. I’m back. So I didn’t think I knew who Owl City was until I put it in Spotify….I TOTALLY know Owl City!! They are great! What a fun concert!!

  16. I’ve only used Kale in smoothies because I don’t love the taste of it!

  17. I’ve actually only ever made kale chips… I’m kind of nervous about its bitter taste, so I haven’t used it in much else. My lettuce of choice is definitely spinach!

  18. Kale is very rare here, I’ve only seen it once but would love to try it. Yay for the concert- I like it when bands and singers talk to you a bit and show a bit of their personality- it’s something different and special.

  19. Haha I used to ALWAYS try to put kale in my smoothies, but it was just too bitter for me to handle! I’ve gotta have it savory style



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