BodyPUMP Release 83 Review

Good morning! And happy FIRST of OCTOBER!

Fall is here, and now that it’s October, I am okay with that. 😉

I even busted out some serious baking over the weekend –using tons of apples, pumpkin, cinnamon, & nutmeg.

My whole wheat pumpkin bread made an appearance, as did some other yummy stuff. (Recipe to come).

Oh, and I even made dinner. Homemade whole wheat pizza dough -spinach/chicken/red sauce & salad. I was one busy lady in the kitchen Sunday afternoon!

Let’s back up, yes??


Quick Weekend Recap

Friday after dinner

I spent all evening prepping for my early morning BodyPUMP re-launch party at the gym.

Literally. I was glued to my headphones & computer finishing up learning all the choreo perfectly.

Saturday morning (starting at 5:50 a.m.!!) until 10 a.m. I was prepping for it (buying balloons, writing messages, setting up), teaching the release (all by myself. kinda sad), and taking down stuff from it all.

It was AWESOME. Freaking AWESOME. (More on that later on in the post.)

Then I came home/showered/ate an egg/spinach/cheese toast,

quickly changed back into workout gear, and did a Zumba audition at a local gym. We all had to participate in each other’s auditions…so yah. There went 2+ more hours of working out.

I was STARVING & so done with working out (?!?! who says this?!?!) by 3:30 p.m. on Saturday. DONE.

Needless to say Saturday evening was spent watching a lovely broadcast, eating a protein snack,

laughing at a fun movie with the husband (it was called “Last Holiday”), and hitting the sack at 10 p.m. Yah.

And Sunday was church, sorting through things, reading, and as I mentioned, baking/cooking time.

Now… on to the MAIN event of my weekend!

BodyPUMP Release 83 Review

I LOVE this new release!!!! And I love teaching it even more. It was kinda cool to see the members’ jaws drop during several of the tracks. They were like “umm this is HARDER than normal!”

Hah. Yes, yes it is.

I feel so happy when they get a great, tough workout. I totally love helping people discover their limits & then PUSH past them! It makes my job worth it–and yes, it means I am DOING my job.

{fueled up with FitMixer aminos at an insane hour on a Saturday morn}

I know I say this often, but Les Mills is the jam. They are at the top of the fitness class game because they know how to keep making things tougher and tougher (while maintaining safety & high standards) as time goes on. They put gobs of time & money into research & training to prepare each release to deliver maximum results, and it WORKS.

For every BP release the format is the same (read this  quick overview about BodyPUMP), but the music, tempos, exercises, and innovations are all quite different–delivering a new journey every class.

{SO excited about my Black and RED shorts <–BP colors are red & black}

I am still totally obsessed with teaching BP, and I am getting stronger from consistently teaching it (by adding more weight to the bar when it feels too easy for me).

Track 1 – Warmup. Song: “Set It Off” Here we lift the lightest weight of the class for this track, just so the body gets used to lifting a bit of weight. This also allows the body to warm up and prepares the body for hard work to come, and reduces the risk of injury. This song is super fun & catchy.  Like last time it does have a lot of quick transitions, but it keeps it interesting. I like the new ‘practice for the clean & press move’ in this one! My weight selection: 20 lbs. <—weight listed does not include weight of the bar (1-2 lbs.)

Track 2 – Squats. Song: “Summer of ’69” We put triple to quadruple our warmup weight on the bar for the quads and glutes, as these larger muscle groups comprise the legs and butt. This squats track is great because a lot of people know the lyrics…and they were singing along. Wahoo! The end is KILLER though, so watch out. Hello 7 sets of 4 bottom halves! That is ONE minute of just bottom-halves….my legs were on FIRE during these.   This track has 5 sets, and at that final one, my whole lower body was screaming for mercy (as was everyone else in the room). My weight selection: 55 lbs.

Track 3 – Chest. Song: “Turn It Up” Love the song, so this one is easy for me to enjoy. I totally enjoy hip hop/rap styles-especially for the chest press! We did 3 sets with the bar- chest press -with 1 short recovery and some of the tempos made it crazy hard to get through the whole thing. My weight selection: 40 lbs.

Track 4 – Back. Song: “Set Fire To The Rain” This track is my favorite of the whole release! The song (it is an upbeat/techno type version of Adele’s) is super fun & the moves are even better.  There are 2 different type of combos–1 with 2 clean and presses and a bunch of bent-over deadrows and then another combo with power presses & triple deadrows. These powerful moves use the muscles in the entire body to move & drive the bar-which means a HUGE heart rate jump & serious calories burnt. Not to mention the crazy muscles we build. (Sidenote: my entire back has been sore since 4 p.m. Saturday.) My weight selection: 45 lbs.

{no problem wearing pink with red around here!}

Track 5 – Triceps. Song: “Glad You Came” This track is a good one-nice & long, and it uses both the bar & the plate–I love when we switch things up throughout. The track involves triceps extensions, triceps presses, a nice press-pull-over combo (that I love) & ends with standing triceps extensions. We do bottom-halves with the extensions–LOVE that new innovation. It is a kicker to those arms, baby! My weight selection: 30 lbs (bar) & 12.5 for the plate work

Track 6 – Biceps. Song: “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)” OH YES. Kelly brings it with the music (who doesn’t love this song?!) & we get to bust out a whole bunch of biceps curls & bottom-halves with no recovery. This one you can go heavier than normal & boy does it burrrrnnn!! My weight selection: 25 lbs.

Track 7 – Lunges. Song: “Turn The Tide” A killer lunge track once again! The song isn’t that great, but the moves are. It starts with several rounds of squats (woot!) with the barbell, moves to lunges with the barbell, and then we hit body-weight squats, & jump squats. Then we do it ALL over again. OUCH!! Those final barbell lunges & the jump squats were touuuuggghhh! Once again, pushing the limits feels AMAZING! :)  My weight selection (for the squats/barbell lunges): 40 lbs.

Track 8 – Shoulders. Song: “C’est Bleu” This track is really awesome–and TOUGH. It begins with a bunch of pushups, moves to reverse deltoid raises with plates, and then goes to standing work; think lateral raises & MAC raises. It ends with MORE pushups (on our toes, baby!), and barbell overhead press and push presses. Seriously-my shoulders/arms were dyyyiinnngg. And yesterday it kinda (really) hurt to move them. I was SO sore because of this one! My weight selection: 30 lbs. on the bar, 10 lbs. plates

{source} <–I want to go to one of these huge classes (aka quarterlies) so bad!

Track 9 – Core. Song: “When We Stand Together” This core track is challenging! It has slow crunches (good because it forces us to think about engaging more muscles), crunches with a reach, pulse crunches, twisting bicycle crunches, and side plank holds with an under-reach. Hard stuff.  My weight selection: none.

Track 10 – Cooldown. Song: “Better Than I Know Myself” A perfect time to take a deep breath & stretch! I love this time to release the tired muscles, and congratulate the hardcore members. It’s those moments when you realize YOU GOT AFTER IT & did 800+ reps! No weight selection here.

Ahhhh that was a GREAT morning! I wish I could’ve had a partner in crime with me like I did  with 82 (it just makes it a bit more fun & ‘special’ than normal teaching days), but I had a total blast with my members. It’s incredible what they do during those 55 minutes, ya know!

If you haven’t yet, TRY a BodyPUMP class. Better yet, come visit meeeeeeee!!! :)

Sweaty. Tired. Happy.


Well, I am off to teach 83 again & then off to work I go.

Create a beautiful day for yourself, my friends!! <3

How was YOUR weekend?? Do YOU hate wearing certain colors together?? (pink/red and black/brown are hard combos for me!) What do YOU think of BodyPUMP and/or release 83 if YOU’ve tried it?? Did YOU bake this weekend??

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  1. I went to Body Pump just last night….we had a sub so no new release. She was great though…

  2. So jealous of all your BP action! Wish I was there!! And you had an awesome weekend of eats – yum!!! I REALLY don’t like black brown, brown navy, black navy. The only thing I “baked” this weekend was white chocolate dipped oreos with pink sprinkles (per my sister’s request) for my niece’s birthday party. They were….. sugary. (but pretty)

  3. I did a review of this also on my blog! I found this release quite good, especially the back track which is my all time favourite! I was a bit disappointed with the squat track song- just didn’t motivate enough I feel. I loved the bicep song too :)

  4. Glad to read about 83 before my gym has the launch on Saturday (I never can go thanks to coaching cross country, but I will try it next Tuesday when I can go!). I love all those songs too and agree that body pump is the coolest class ever.

    I wear black and red a lot too, because those are our Cross Country team colors, so pretty much every Monday, Wednesday, and some Saturdays I wear it because that’s what color our coaching shirts are!

  5. AWESOME! I wish LA Fitness had body pump… you look FAAAANTASTIC and loving ALL your eats! I HATE red and pink colors together… total ew in my book!

    • Thanks girl!

      Yes, LAFitness needs to get in on the FUN! :)

      I know, I died a little inside when I realized I’d be wearing red & pink…ahhh well. Can’t have it all, right?!

  6. Ah I wish I could try body pump! I found a gym near me that does the class but it’s over twice as much per month to belong there! Rude.

  7. We actually don’t even have body bump where I live! So I’ve never tried it!
    Ha ha I definitely dislike certain colour together as well!
    Can’t wait for your muffin recipe, those look delicious!

    • Find a BP class. Stat.

      xoxo 😉

      the muffins are yumm…i need to figure out what exactly I did so I can post a recipe….hah.

  8. I still haven’t gotten to try bodypump. My gym doesn’t offer it! We are moving in January and I’m hoping my new gym will have it! It looks like a GREAT workout!

  9. Hooray for relaunch! I’m still recovering from Saturday – Pump, Flow, CX, and Combat! My bestie would definitely agree with you on the teaching solo – his partner in crime had other commitments, so he had to launch solo. They did get to launch Combat together later in the day though. I’ve never had to launch solo, but I do love team teaching! :)

    For the most part, I loved 83. I definitely agree on the “clean & press practice” in the warm up – SO good! The squat track was INTENSE – serious furnace at the end, but I wasn’t pumped on having a song they’ve done before and not TOO long ago).

    I liked the chest track and loved the new combos for the back track – but, and I said it last time, I’m done with Adele (especially since the last two quarters the Adele songs used in my Flow releases have then been remixed for Pump the following quarter). The choreo is great though.

    I always love the press-pull-over combo, so I liked the tricep track and I LOVED LOVED LOVED biceps. Kelly rocks and the song is a great motivator.

    Lunges and shoulders were both killer, but good killer. :) I liked the abs and I always get excited when the cool down song is one that I love. :)

    • I agree with pretty much all of what you said!! :) Except for the Adele thing, I’m not over their remixes yet. hah.

      You’re amazing for doing ALL of that!! AND so lucky! :) I want to do CXWorx SOOO bad. One day…..

      • I’d probably like Adele better if I wasn’t getting it in multiple formats. I do like Adele and the remix is good, it’s just a lot of Adele. Haha. :)

        And thank you! I am definitely sore though – thank you LesMills for keeping it coming and always challenging us in new ways! You should check the LM website to see if there are other gyms in your area with more formats (I totally did that when I went on vacation… haha).

        • Hah. Good point-I think if I heard it over & over in multiple classes, I might die a little inside too. 😉

          And yes, that’s a good idea to look around! UT is just not a huge fitness market…so they don’t bring much here. Gahh!

          • That’s a bummer! But yeah, I was definitely surprised to see how many MORE places had LM than I expected when I did “find a class” on the website. Hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised too! And, I’m totally guessing you’re at 24 based on your relaunch timing, but our super sports are starting to bring in other formats in SoCal. Maybe talk to your GM?

          • I have talked to her :) she wants more formats even more than I do! Hah. But yes, hopefully soon something will work out! Thanks for the ideas :) No super sports around here unfortunately….have fun with those, girl!

  10. Love how they have Summer of 69 on there! That’s just awesome. 😀

  11. AHH you look awesome lady! And so happy!!! I love it, keep doin’ what you’re doin! 😀

  12. Vanisha says:

    Hey Annette! Love that you love Pump as much as I do! I live in Auckland so it’s always makes me smile when I see people around the world enjoying something created by kiwis! Also – really impressed with your weight selection! I tried a few Pump classes when I was living in the States last year and noticed people in general didn’t lift heavy (but maybe it was just the gym’s that I went to!)

    • It totally depends on the instructor :) I just CAN lift that much weight. I’ve always been pretty strong–esp in my legs. But yes, I agree-love you Kiwis!! Thanks for a great program!! :)

  13. Arg! I still have to wait 2 weeks for Body Pump 83 to launch at my gym! You’ve got me all excited!

  14. Hi great site, i have been searching for info on the body pump class and your site is great anouther great site is check it out :)

  15. rachel says:

    Hi Annette! Love your blog, and I’m a huge fan of body pump! my class schedule is such right now that i can make it to pump monday morning, tuesday night, and wednesday morning, and then sunday morning- do you think that’s an okay schedule? i try to get cardio in friday-saturday ish. any feedback you have would be appreciated!

    • I am glad you love BodyPUMP! It’s a great class to get in shape & strengthen all the major muscle groups.

      I would suggest cutting back on the Wednesday morning/tue night schedule. Doing BP back to back is not advisable if you can help it. I would suggest doing a BP class Thur instead of Tue-or doing a cardio day on Thur & Fri, rest on saturday -with your normal BP on Sunday. If there is no BP on Thursday, stick in some body weight exercises & make a circuit out of it. Or try a bootcamp class. It’s always best to keep challenging our bodies in new ways.

      Hope that helps :)



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