Saturday Motivation

Hey friends!

Happy weekend to us all. :)

Last night was spent finishing up learning & practicing BodyPUMP 83 for today’s launch at the gym!

My co-presenter is out of town, so it’s just me. I’m used to that, but still–with the new music, new focuses, and sometimes new participants, it’s a LOT of pressure.

But, what doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t CHANGE you. <3

I can’t WAIT to bring 83 to the members. It’s freaking amazing.


A few favorites for our Saturday Motivation to get up & move:






GET after it!

And of interest-from Men’s Health:Β 25 ways to lose fat & get leanΒ (a really great article on some simple tips)


Don’t FORGET–it’s the final 2 days to do these:

Enter NYC Trip Sweepstakes!

Enter FitMixer Giveaway!


Have a GREAT DAY! <3

What gets YOU motivated to move on the weekends?? What are YOUR favorite ways to enjoy the time away from work?? Weekend plans?? Anyone going to the new 83 release today?! :)

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  1. I will be taking a class tomorrow…should be good!

    After losing some weight, eating better, exercising more I still have such jiggle on my outer thighs….I know things don’t happen over night but any good suggestions to firming up that lovely area. Or just keep doing what I am doing and eventually it should firm up? thanks.

    • Hey girl! It’s true that spot training does not work, but being smart about how & what you exercise is always a good option :)

      Keep doing what you’re doing, and make sure to include lots of squats & lateral movements–that will help. Pilates helps to ‘tighten’ things too. And of course, eating well is always a plus :) Cheers!

  2. Hilary says:

    These quotes are AWESOME! I often read the blog at work while eating breakfast and the photos do not show up thanks to our internet filters, however reading today from the comfort of my bed made me able to see the pics. Great words! Thank you!!

  3. Those are some good ones! Oh, and as I was experiencing some insomnia at 4 AM this morning, I was thinking you and I should try to do brunch next Saturday? What do you say? What is your teaching schedule like on Saturday mornings?

    • 4 a.m.?!? Ugh. So sorry about that :(

      I WISH I could. Next Sat is not a good one. Boo. But after next weekend, things should calm down…promise. I get to see that next weekend though? Want to do fro yo after it or something?

  4. I have been trying to get to CrossFit on saturday mornings and running after or running on Sunday. Our pup is great motivation for weekend runs/activities. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck on your bodypump class! #GetAfterIt

  5. I find weekends to be full of NO motivation. That’s why I usually use one of the days as my rest day. The fact that working out has become so routine for me helps a lot, and tomorrow I’m going to take a hint from Nike and just do it.

  6. 83 has been here for a few weeks now- I like it. The squats is good but music is average but I love the biceps (for once) and the back track is the best one ive ever done!



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