Friday Fall Survey

Happy Friday!

How’s it going today? It is beautiful weather here, and I am totally enjoying these great days! My home office has a huge window and I often leave the windows open. I so love fresh, crisp air! Glorious.


So, thanks to Cait, I got the idea to bring a Fall Survey to you all today!

Nothing wrong with sharing what I love and enjoy about Fall time….especially since I am okay with its arrival, now that it’s almost October. 😉

Friday Fall Survey


Apple picking or pumpkin picking?

APPLE picking!! I loooovveee doing this!

Favorite apple recipe?

Apple crisp.

Favorite pumpkin recipe?

Whole Wheat Pumpkin Bread!

Or pumpkin waffles. Mmmmm!

Favorite soup recipe?

Pumpkin soup. Or butternut squash soup.

{I got an immersion blender as a wedding gift. It gets used a lot during Fall!}

Football: on TV or in the stadium?

Neither. I so do not watch football. Unless I have nothing else to do, and my husband wants me to watch it with him. :) (This is about 2x/year).

Favorite Football team to cheer for?

See above. But I like when my alma mater, BYU, wins!

Daylight savings time….love it or hate it?

LOVE. Extra hour of sleep, baby! But then again, it makes it dark so early….Sad!

How do your workouts change (if at all) for Fall time?

Nope. Still teaching a bunch of classes, and still busting my butt in the gym. I don’t run or work out that much outside anyways (trails are sparse), so this isn’t a huge change. What can I say? I love me some gym sweat!

Favorite Halloween candy?

Caramel apple suckers. Fun size almond Snickers. Now or Laters. Twizzlers. Laffy Taffy. Sour Patch Kids.


Oh, and I think dum dums, hershey’s anything, Nestle Crunch, black jelly beans, and tootsie rolls are nasty and a waste of time & calories… #sorryimnotsorry

Any fashion essentials for Fall weather?

Boots! Scarves! Leggings! <–but if real tight, the shirt or dress MUST cover the butt. ‘Nuff said.



Do your meals change when the weather changes?

I tend to eat hotter meals –soups, chilis, and I bust out the crockpot a lot more often.

And I drink a LOT of herbal tea. Mmmmm!

Favorite Fall dinner?

Sweet potato fries. Pumpkin soup. Pumpkin bread.

Favorite Fall dessert?

Apple crisp with ice cream & caramel. Pumpkin chocolate cake with caramel ice cream. Carrot cake with pralines & caramel ice cream.

{oct ’11}

Do you all sense a trend?! 😉

Best thing about Fall?

Wearing hoodies, scarves, and jackets. I LOVE layering.

Oh, and the beautiful leaves in the mountains. SO pretty!

Worst thing about Fall?

That it’s not Summer. I want a tan & the sunshine & hot weather…all while having ‘Fall’.

A girl can dream, right?!

Best thing (that will happen) in Fall 2012?

I get to spend the holidays with my family & my husband’s family (T-day time in StL/Christmas in UT)!


Have a GREAT day!!! <3

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What are some of YOUR answers to the above questions?? Favorite Fall dessert? Favorite Fall outfit?? What do YOU love about Fall??

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  1. Yes…Oven baked meals, layering clothing and pumpkin goodness!! Love it all…and same as you bummed to see summer leave and know that winter is around the corner. (Maybe that’s why I enjoy spring so much more….)

  2. I miss summer!! I do love wearing boots and leggings though (not so much scarves). And I love that this means you will be visiting soon!!!!

  3. I love the coziness, color, and holidays of fall. Being inside is so comfy, but when you step outside the crisp air is so refreshing. With the leaves changing, it’s so beautiful! everywhere. And I love love love that the fall marks the beginning of the holiday season. I’m all about any little holiday for an excuse to see family and make fun, themed foods.

  4. not going to lie, might be stealing this is the very-near future. :-)

  5. Favorite fall dessert is either a caramel apple or apple pie!! Fall is the best because apples are my favorite!

  6. I love this post! I makes me want a pumpkin spice latte from sbux while wearing tall brown boots and wrapping up in my favorite scarf! Fall is definitely my favorite season!

  7. Just remember this Halloweed not to go Trick or Treating at the bank, They get all nervous about masks for some reason :)

  8. Have to agree about DST… I love the extra hour of sleep, but hate to see the sunlight go!

  9. Yay another survey! They’re my favourites:)
    I love everything about Fall, its such a beautiful season. Plus my birthday happens!
    This makes me excited for the pumpkin bread I have plans to make this weekend!

  10. I am right there with you on boots and scarves. Layering is so much fun! But, I do have to admit, I’m not very excited about the sub zero temps and snow that is inevitably coming. I love my outdoor runs too much!

  11. The weather truly has been gorgeous this week! What a fun survey. I love your love for pumpkin! 😉

  12. I love reading surveys- I’d do this on my blog…but since we’re going into Spring and’s not the same 😉

  13. haha, me too! no football, more sleep, dark earlier. Am i weird to like these too’?”


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