Hey ya’all!

Happy Thursday to us :)

I am back from an incredible 2 day AIM (Advanced Instructor Module) training with some of the top BodyPUMP trainers in the world.

Ummmm yah.

I have been totally rocked.

My comfort zone: GONE.

My limits: PUSHED.

My desire to help people find happiness & life through fitness: REIGNITED.

My goal: REALIZED.

My brain after all that learning/teaching/feedback: FRIED.

My experience of meeting over 30+ instructors from around the world: INCREDIBLE.


But let’s back up, eh?

{I attended BodyPUMP AIM 1 in February <–read the recap.}

After coming back to our {new} condo at around 1 after our short getaway, we unpacked a bit, and I started gathering my food, stuff, and gear to prepare to leave for LV.

I left the SLC airport at 7 p.m. on Saturday night, and arrived in Las Vegas 1 hour later.

I grabbed my rental car, and set out for my friend’s house.

{Free upgrade because they didn’t have the small car I asked for. I’ll take it!}

I got to stay with my amazing friend & her husband and her BRAND new baby!! AHHH. I was so excited to meet him! He was adorable.

We hung out for a bit, and then I hit the hay. I had an EARLY wake up call!


Sunday at 6 a.m. came fast.

Real fast, actually.

I grabbed my gear, choked down some oatmeal from a packet (fastest, lightest thing to pack, baby), and drove myself to the gym where I would spend over 18 hours learning from the best of the best.

The training was held at the Las Vegas Athletic Club.

It was all alight with neon colors and crazy colors.

And Les Mills instructors milling around the inside area of the club. <—so fun to meet all these fabulous people who love Les Mills as much (if not more) than I do. I knew it was gonna be a great 2 days!

We got started at about 8 a.m, and boy were we all a ball of nerves. There were 30+ instructors that came to this training–and we travelled from all over the world!

We all had high hopes of rocking our presentations & learning tons of new ways to become our BEST selves.

There were 6 Les Mills programs being highlighted here–which means that not all instructors were going for their AIM 2 status in BodyPUMP (on release 82). The other Les Mills programs that were there were BodyATTACK, BodyFLOW, BodyCOMBAT, BodySTEP, and RPM.

Which means we all got to participate in each program, and I got to try a bunch of pieces of new-to-me classes! <–just a short piece though. Very cool, indeed.

AIM 2’s goal is to help us instructors become the BEST instructors we can, so that we can spread the love of fitness to all our members. Good instructors help people stay with fitness & get results, so it makes sense to bring power to the instructors!

And Les Mills instructors are some of the best. Just sayin’. 😉

And that’s because they put a lot of time, effort, and money into trainings & upskillings. They truly want to change the world.

Here’s how AIM 2 day 1 worked:

  • we gathered and began with a short education session
  • we presented a track (I was given the shoulders track) <–and total, this took 1.5+ hours (so we were jumping, punching, lifting, yoga-ing, stepping, and riding during this time) <–read a post from one of the RPM guys on how he felt about doing all those squats & lunges
  • we received feedback while another instructor was presenting another track, and then we jumped back into whatever was being presented (so yes, I did the squats track like 10x. Awesome)
  • we had another education session
  • we put into practice what we just learned
  • short lunch break
  • another education session with practice
  • we presented our track again (so shoulders track again for me) which once again took 1.5+ hours + got feedback
  • we recapped & wrapped up the day (and found out ‘our track’ for the next day)

{half the room was set up w/steps & weights-for BP and BS, the other half was used for the BF, BC, BA, & RPM<–we pulled out the bikes at the end.}

SNACK during some of the day:

That night I didn’t leave the gym until 6:45 p.m. and I was SPENT. But on such a high!

I was pushed and pulled in new directions and my comfort zone was completely GONE.

{Can’t  ya see that I am so tired & happy?! hah}

I got some great feedback, I learned new ways to be a better BodyPUMP instructor, and I was learning from the best of the best. WOW.

{end of day 1-sweaty & tired & in the BP colors: red & black}

So I got back to my friend’s house, ate, showered, and started prepping for Day 2. I wanted to NAIL my track (lunges!) putting into practice everything I had learned & got feedback on from Day 1.

Day 2’s set up was kinda similar to day 1….

But Day 2 started with some group challenges. And those were TOUGH. We were split into 4 groups & had a marker tattoo on our arms to separate us. We then received different strength and mental challenges.

They were called “legs of death” “shaking arms” etc.


Um. We lived up to those names, no worries. My arms/legs/abs/every body part were on FIRE.

Then jeopardy style to test our knowledge of the previous day’s info to end the challenge.

Annnnndddd my time won the whole thing! WAHOO! ONE TRIBE (our group’s name), baby.

We then jumped right into track presentations around 10:30 a.m.

And I felt like I did really well with this one–I was just ‘on’ and felt strong, happy, and just there. (Instead of being nervous: I mean you’ve got world-class trainers watching & evaluating you. Hello scary!) I got to do the lunge track, and it’s one of my favorites– so I felt more so in my element than I did the day before.

LUNCH & snacks:

{most random/yet portable/cheap lunch ever?! w.w bread, colby jack cheese, turkey dog}

After lunch we had an incredible session on WHY we do what we DO.

I mean it’s definitely not for the money.

Group fitness instructors are notorious for not getting paid well for the time & energy we put into our classes. But let’s be honest, if you want to make gobs of money, I highly suggest not becoming a fitness instructor.

BUT, there is a REASON so many of us are passionate about what we do. So we explored that in great detail, and a few of us got teary! It was an incredible hour or so, exploring the beauty of fitness & fitness classes for people all over the world.

{With new friends I made! The above friend teaches BodyFlow and this one teaches RPM. AWESOME ladies.}

I will talk even more about these reasons in a later post, because it’s something that is dear to my heart, but fitness & being an instructor is a HUGE passion of mine, and I do what I do because of that (and more…but that’ll be later).

There was SO much positive energy all weekend long. All of the instructors I met were incredible, energetic, passionate, and totally in love with fitness & with sharing that with their class members. It was EYE opening & inspiring to see so many of us bonded together in our love for fitness and Les Mills.

Les Mills: One Tribe. Be Brave. Change the World.

I am proud of being a Les Mills instructor. And of trying me best to bring a great fitness class to every member that walks in.

After a few more hours of great training in becoming our best selves (and being better instructors), we got ready to present our track for the final time.

I was about halfway through each time (so time to be nervous & get excited). This final presentation I didn’t feel like went as great as I could’ve hoped. And I messed up 1 count. I was SOOOOOO bummed.

But then again, I hold high expectations of myself. I just really wanted to NAIL it ALL on that last chance, ya know?!

But I learned a lot, and should be proud of what I was able to accomplish during those intense 2 days, instead of freaking out about 1 mistake (which I NEVER make. I always get the choreo. Gahh!)

More on all of that later. The emotional aspects, I guess.

My amazing trainers:

{Josef Matthews-from Sweden, me, Mid Thomas, from New Zealand<—my new BFF-love her!, and Megan Peterson-from the US.}

These 3 are BodyPUMP master trainers (among other programs), and are SO freaking inspiring. I learned so much from them! Mid is so much like me, Josef was my actual one-on-one trainer for the weekend & he is a great teacher, and Megan has a fabulous heart. All have been on the DVDs I get to watch to prepare for the release launches.

So yah, I felt like I was meeting & working with celebrities! (Well, they are in the fitness/Les Mills world.) Hehe.

But they were all SO kind, generous, and full of helpful information & guidance to help us become better. And they PUSHED us. Hard.

WOW. Just WOW.

This is just the beginning of my recap & thoughts, by the way. 😉 But for fear of this turning into a novel, I’ll finish with other thoughts soon.


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am so grateful I got to attend BodyPUMP AIM 2!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I am super thankful for a nice porch & big windows. It makes life SOOOO much better to have light & air. (Did I mention we moved from a basement apt? I liked it, but boy do I need my sunshine & air!)
  3. I am really grateful for our new mattress. Except that it makes me want to sleep allllll day…. 😉 Hah

Have a GREAT day! <3

Who is someone who inspires YOU?? Have YOU had any great instructors?? <–what did they do/what did YOU like?? What Les Mills programs have YOU tried out??

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  1. caroline says:

    Sounds like an awesome fun HARD learning event. I bet you rocked it better then you think. I am thankful for sunshine, pumpkin everything, hot chocolate and that this week is almost over. (means J’s rotation will be done on Sunday. Happy husband means happy wife =)

  2. Sounds awesome!! Now come back to St. Louis and show me whatchya got! 😉

  3. I love doing the classes at my gym, they are the Les Mills classes. I do Body Pump once a week, at least, and I’ve done a few more like the Core class. I also have done PiYo and Yoga but I think those are just other classes the gym offers. You are right about fitness instructors not getting paid much because I know ours put in so much work to get certified and learn all those tracks and releases! Plus most of them have other day jobs too like teaching, offices, car dealerships, etc on top of it. But it is really inspiring and I love the classes, they always make me feel healthy and strong and have definitely made my running better.

  4. Your training looks like so much fun, and such hard work! What a whirlwind. I really, really, REALLY wish my gym offered a Bodypump class now!

  5. How awesome for you…

    One cycle instructor about 30 minutes in would walk around with kleenex…during the winter classes…what is it about cycling in the am that causes ones nose to run?? (Lots of peeps grabbed some tissues 😉

    BP instructors who actually walk around and check and correct when members are doing it wrong…yes, we want to see the moves from the instructors but it only takes a minute to check up on us and to be sure we are not hurting/injuring ourself more….I see a ton of peeps do lunges/squats wrong and think …”Oh, some thing is going to give some day”..

    Can’t wait to hear more…yea! for you!

    • I agree-as a BP instructor, you’re actually not supposed to walk around at all. (straight from Les Mills).

      It’s tough as an instructor to check & fix & help everyone, but if people listen up, and trust the good instructors, we’d all have perfect form & be rocking every move :) That’s why these AIMs are so awesome <--they inspire to be better & help more people in fitness journey. xoxo

      • seriously?? wow, I never knew that….see how educated you I am becoming! Hmmm…so the instructors should really be emphasizing the moves and know the routines so we don’t get messed up half way through a clean and press?? ha! 😉

        I bet you are great….way to go girl!

        • hehe 😉 YEP-that’s right. Spot on choreo & technique is number 1!

          Thanks! I want to be the best I CAN be so I can help OTHERS be the best they can be. It’s so freaking rewarding!!! <3

  6. What an awesome opportunity for you! It sounds like quite the fun, educational, and sweaty weekend! 😉 So I’m curious… These AIM trainings – are all BP instructors required to go to these? Obviously it’s a very educational experience, but what are your reasons for going beyond that?

    • the AIM trainings are there to inspire instructors to be BETTER. AIM 1 focused on form and technique (perfecting it, etc.) and AIM 2 was all about connecting, fitness magic, and rocking each class < --helping each person reach potential in the fitness class setting. AIM 2 has three different outcomes as well (1.instructor with a plan 2. advanced instructor 3. elite instructor) and the BP trainers from around the world are chosen from the elite instructor pool. The title just solidifies where you are in relation to the top trainers, and can give some sort of desire to be even better. We don't know our outcomes yet from the weekend, actually. Hope that helps :)

  7. Danielle says:

    Oh I’m so excited and happy for you, your passion and joy is beaming off of my computer screen, lol! It’s so awesome that you had such a great time and met great people and came back with newfound energy and zest. Yay!
    Gosh I’ve met so many awesome and inspiring people lately, mainly because I’ve joined a couple of great training groups. One is a cyclist/teacher that lost her husband 4 years ago, and decided in order to heal and grieve, she would do an Ironman in his name. She did it! and has done a few more. She had never swam before, nor cycled, and now she is practically a rocket on the bike! I’m just so impressed with anyone that goes for their dreams and goals, like you!
    I’ve had a lot of great instructors and they make all the difference. My favorite ones were a spinning instructor a few years ago – she was in her 50’s and ran marathons, did tri’s and so much more! I could not keep up with this woman! And more recently a young woman who teaches Strike at my gym, she is so full of positive energy like yourself, and I would want to go to class just to catch some of her sunshine rays and happy bubbly energy :)
    Happy Thursday, I”m sooooo happy for… pay day!!! hahahah xoxox

    • You’re the BEST!!! Thanks :)

      way to be inspired by others–you’re such a positive light wherever you go, Danielle!!!

      YAY for pay day :) xoxo

  8. I’m glad you had such a great weekend, and that you work in a profession that you LOVE!

  9. How fun!! I so need to try a BP class! What all did you have to do to be a Les Mills instructor?

    • BP rocks!!

      Les Mills is a brand, so a gym must pay for the brand to be at the gym, and then that gym can sponsor instructors to go to trainings. That’s why Les Mills is well-known to be a leader in the industry–they don’t let just anyone take the trainings 😉 If you’re interested, use the tool on to find a class/club near you. You could get hired there, and then they’d sponsor you to be an instructor :)

      have a great day!!

  10. That sounds really intense! I have been looking to try a body pump class locally because I have really only heard great things about them. It just might have to happen sooner than later after reading about your experience!

    • DO IT!!! :) You must give it at least 3 chances though, it’s different from almost any weight training you might’ve done. But boy does it work!

  11. this looks awesome but also a lot of work! eat drink sleep body pump! way to follow your dreams! (:

  12. I hear ya all the way with loving what you do- there is seriously no greater feeling than teaching a Body Step class, once I’ve saved some money I’d love to do my AIM 1- I’ve only been a certified trainer for not even a year now but I’ve always had a huge passion for the Les Mills classes! Thanks for the recap can’t wait to hear more :)

  13. What a cool experience that must’ve been to be surrounded by so many like-minded people! And it sounds like it was a lot more than just a PHYSICAL workshop, but emotional and social too!

    I used to have this really great Zumba instructor back up at school in Orlando, and she made SUCH an impression on me that I mention her in normal conversation all the time. Okay that might sound a bit creepy haha, but she really made me want to become Zumba certified!
    Now if only I could learn to shake my booty..

    • It was!

      YAY for finding great instructors who INSPIRE! Love hearing that :)

      Come over to SLC and we’ll shake our booties together, yah??!

  14. Great to hear about your AIM 2 experience! I had a bunch of friends at the Quarterly, but none that I know of did AIM 2. Josef was my bestie’s trainer for his initial training for BP. :)

    What’d you think of Flow? Had you done it before?

    • Oh that is cool! Josef was definitely strong. And not very ‘fuzzy fuzzy’ feeling, but gave helpful feedback!

      I liked Flow! It was nice to have a slower paced few moments :) I’d never done it before, but I think I’d like it more than yoga??

      I want to go to a Quartely SO bad! Have you been?!?

      • I definitely like it more that yoga – I think it’s because the music does so much more for me inspiration-wise. And maybe also because I like the predictability of it? With yoga, I never know how long I’m going to have to balance or when we might do yet another sun salutation, but with Flow, I know that I’ll have a song of sun salutations and then move on. :)

        I haven’t been to a Quarterly, I would LOVE to go. Maybe next time around??? I have to start saving. :)

  15. maria says:

    You took a picture in my bathroom and of your car but we didn’t get one together?! haha!’ll just have to come back again soon! :) it was so great to see you!!! glad you had an awesome training! xoxo

    • I know-seriously lamesauce. Sorry about that :( I wish I could’ve been around more, but THANK you for everything! I am sure I’ll be back soon!!! xoxoxoxoxo P.s. your kiddo is so freaking cute. NICE work 😉

  16. what an awesome day! especially if you’re with the best!

  17. Kia Ora!! I love this!! You are SUCH a great representative of the Les Mills’ family and truly know what it’s all about!! I want to go to an AIM training so bad. It sounds like that hardest thing ever- but SUCH a great challenge and so rewarding! Us Les Mills’ instructors are definitely a crazy, passionate bunch.
    And man, you got to meet Mid and Megan- so cool! (I’ve been practicing 83 for weeks now, so seeing them in your photos is kind of surreal!).
    I’m so proud of you, my friend! xoxo

  18. Ally@ combat for life says:

    Hi Annette! I have my AIM 2 for combat in 3 weeks, I’m super excited! One question, I’m a little confused about how you get the outcomes. Do they tell you what you’ve made at the training? Or someone told me you have to film yourself teaching four tracks then send it in. Just if ou could help clarify that would be awesome, thanks! And glad you had fun! Inspiring me to do my best now!

    • Good luck! That is so exciting :) You learn a ton, so get ready!

      You get emailed an outcome after about 3 weeks or so. If you get advanced, you can film yourself teaching a class to try and get elite at some point.

      Hope that helps!



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