Weekend Getaway Amidst a Move

Hey friends! I’m back!

WOW. WOW. I am on a high! That was an amazing training–and I have learned so much. There’s sooooo much to share. <–will happen in later posts. I must digest it all. But let’s just say I was outside my comfort zone a lot, and boy did I have to really work hard!

But first…..must rewind!

My life is a tad bit crazy right now–like I said before, we moved on Thursday/Friday while I was working, my husband had a quick surgery on his face to remove a mole, we had a fun getaway in the mountains Fri/Sat & hung out with my parents who were here on business for less than 24 hours, and then I flew out to Las Vegas that night for AIM 2.


I actually didn’t sleep in our (new) bed until Monday night/Tuesday early a.m.!

And our condo? My husband unpacked nearly everything (except the kitchen) while I was gone for the AIM 2 BodyPUMP training. He’s such a gem.

{Hence the absence of emails, texts, tweets, pins, & instagrams, and posts. Hah.} But I choose to LIVE in the present rather than try and do it all at once. So I’m okay with ‘being gone.’ }


Friday we cleaned & moved. But I had to make sure I had (salty & savory) fuel for it:

Goodbye small apartment!

It was a great apartment for the short time we were there–we were very blessed to have found it!

We headed up to the mountains & spent time there with my parents.

Rode ATVs.

Enjoyed nature. Snapped photos. And had a great time.

We were so busy that we ended up being super duper starving.

It was about 9 p.m.., so we had to find something quick!

Annnnndddd we found ourselves eating dinner at a very quirky steak restaurant (TimberMine), but it ended up being super tasty!

{mozzarella sticks & fried zucchini <–I had a bit of both. I didn’t like the ‘fried’ part of the zucchini, so I stripped it of its outer layer & that ended up tasting amazing.}

{hot bread & butter never tasted so good!}

My meal:

This was real good. Hello incredible salmon!

{My mom and I even split this dish, and it was tons of food. Just FYI if you ever go there.}

Even though we were stuffed, we decided to get a dessert to split among the 4 of us.

GOOD decision. This cake was moist, chocolatey, rich, and full of flavor. <–I don’t usually like cake, so this is huge! And the pralines caramel ice cream atop it was to die for.


My stomach ended up being okay because I stuck to just a few mouthfuls of the decadence.

We each slept at separate bed & breakfasts- and ours was flowery & retro:

But we both crashed hard. We were BEAT (and happily full)!

The next morning we grabbed food from the continental b-fast area:

I ate an apple chopped into greek yogurt with the cheerios on top. I also had herbal tea, and a bit of hot cocoa. (The rest was my husband’s.)

We fueled ourselves for some fun errands with the parentals.

It was a short, quick trip, but really fun! Thanks mom & dad for inviting us (and hosting us) on your adventures!


We ended up arriving back to our {NEW! but messy with boxes!} condo at around 1 p.m. on Saturday. And that is where the adventures continue….

Have a GREAT day! <3

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What was the last restaurant meal YOU ate?? Do YOU order dessert?? What is YOUR favorite thing to eat at continental breakfast places??

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  1. Last restaurant meal I had was at Bricktops with the in-laws. I ordered a Palm Beach Salad which had layers of tomato, eggs, avocado, shrimp, and lobster! So good! I don’t usually order dessert at restaurants because my meals are generally bigger so I’m stuffed. Froyo a couple hours later though? Now that I can do!

  2. Looks like a great weekend! I usually gravitate towards the yogurt and fruit at a continental breakfast too….if they’re serving anything hot I’ll have eggs too! Love my eggs in the morning.

  3. It sounds like it was such a great learning experience for you!!! Love events like that, and can’t wait to hear more:)
    Last restaurant meal was when I was in Boston for HLS…so like a month ago. And I had a kale salad.
    For continental breakfast I’ll usually order poached eggs/fruit. Just basics and try and keep it healthy!

  4. At a Mexican restaurant (come to think of it my last TWO places eating out have been Mexican and both times the meals accompanied a margarita on the rocks…I am starting to see a theme here…ha!)
    Any who, I had a chicken enchilada and a meaty soft shell taco w/ lettuce, sour cream and tomatoes…I always enjoy my food when I eat out….I figure it I am spending the extra money I want to REALLY enjoy it to the fullest…and I did. 😉

    I usually stick with yogurt and fruit but the kiddos love the sugary small boxed cereals….the only time they get those…that’s for sure!

    What a great and busy weekend…can’t wait to see the new place.

  5. LOL! Your breakfast and husband’s breakfast look similar to the breakfasts here! Mine is like eggs and oatmeal or fruit and his is cheerios, toast, bagels…all together. :)

  6. I had such a great salad from Chilis last week! I usually skip dessert at restaurants because I always want to go get ice cream somewhere!

  7. Ummm holy good food here lady! That chocolate cake does look like perfection to say the least and a la mode makes it even better 😉 Like you, I don’t care for cake (as much as other desserts), but I feel as though I could make some self-sacrifice here and enjoy it hehe
    At a continent breakfast these days, I go for coffee, oatmeal or cereal, fruit and err more coffee. Back in the day though, I was all about those massive make-your-own waffles using a waffle iron. Drenched in syrup and butter… good times to say the very least :)

  8. I’ve always wanted to go to a bed and breakfast! they always look so neat! (:

  9. Ahh so busy! Defs missed your posts while you were gone- but I’m glad you lived in the moment. Can’t wait to hear about the AIM 2 training :)

  10. daang…looks like u guys had a blast!! and ate some awesomeness too…can i say that i want to dive into that chocolate dessert?!?! i’m all about the desserts and if i could i’d just skip right to them at restaurants! :)
    and where can i find an awesome guy to do the moving/unpacking while i go workout?!!? lucky!! hehe :)



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