10 Friday Things

Hey guys! Happy FRIDAY :)

I feel like Fridays are all about fun, and being more laid back, so with my posts on Fridays (as you might’ve noticed) I’ve kept ’em more laid back & somewhat random.

Yes, I totally plan in the randomness.

(Hello #typeA #planner #overachiever. Story of my life.) :)

Hey, at least I own up to it.


10 Friday Things

1. I think I can start a new quote to be pinned,

“I totally love packing & moving. -Said no one ever.”

Anyone with design skills wanna make that one look pretty?! And then let’s all chuckle at it & murmur in unison “Amen.”

In all honesty, my husband and his brother are the champs. I did most of the packing & cleaning, and they did all the moving. Yah. ROCKSTARS right there. (We’re moving from a smaller apt to a bigger condo complex about 20 mins away).

2. Because I love color so much, I have to reign in the desire to buy every pillow, rug, and basket that has the colors I love on them. (pink, green, orange, and yellow<—bright. NOT pastel.)

kinda like these colors:


I was in Target the other day (and ONLY came out with 1 purchase. Can I please get an award?!<–thanks to pinterest). Anyways. I saw these awesome lime green throw pillows that I want for our couches…..aaannnnddd they were in the teen-bedroom section.

Yah. I know.

Even better?

I still might get them.

3. I can’t stand craigslist anymore. Where did all these ‘owners’ get permission to post ads?! UGH.


{We’re on the lookout for some more furniture. Hence my even being on that site.}

4. My parents get in tonight! I can NOT wait to see them!!

They are here on business for less than 24 hours–and you bet I’m gonna soak up as much time as I can with them. Moving in can wait until later (ummm….most likely next weekend), right?!

5. I somehow managed to watch the Drop Dead Diva season (4) finale and pin some great images on Pinterest while being not-so busy at work. It’s amazing how we can ‘find’ time for that stuff even while being busy?!


I am totally guilty, and totally working on this.

6. I am headed to Las Vegas tomorrow evening for the BodyPUMP AIM 2 training!

Yep. Totally stoked. Totally nervous. Totally excited.


Remember my AIM 1 training in February?? Well, I am taking the next step forward in my progress as an instructor, and hopefully reaching another level of intensity in my coaching & teaching.

7. The following recipes are ones I want to try:





8. And the following DIY projects are ones that I will tackle eventually. Eventually being the operative word.



9. I am sorry to rain on everyone’s parade, but I am not ready for Fall yet. I just looooovvve Summer. I could go for a few more days at the pool, a nice tan again, ice cream cones in the heat, and wearing flip flops & skirts everywhere.

A few more weeks of this please:


If Fall would just wait & come in October, I’d be good. I can do pumpkin, boots, sweaters, hot cocoa, and crisp mornings in a few weeks.

10. FitMixer products are the bomb-I pretty much dump ’em into every protein shake, green smoothie, and cup of water. SO tasty.

I think I like the Grape Aminos better than the Fruit Punch. So does my husband.

Oh, and I am loving treadmill runs–interval running, in particular. And the Aminos totally fuel these and make me run faster, I swear.


p.s. happy birthday to my brother-in-law! (he probably will never read this, but whatever)


Have a GREAT day, people!! <3

What are a few of YOUR Friday things?? Got anything going on that is exciting for YOU?? What recipe do YOU want to make??

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  1. caroline says:

    TOTALLY started laughing when I read the “it’s my brother in laws birthday, he-will-probably-never-read-this.” SO funny and so true. Alas, I can barely get him to read MY blog and he is a main character. but whatev. I love him anyways =)

    The recipes look SO YUM! Twice baked yams? YES PLEASE. I am going to get on pintrest and repin EVERYTHING.

  2. Vegas?? Cool!! Can’t wait to hear about your training!! Moving totally sucks… but at least you’ll be in a bigger place!! Even though I hate moving and unpacking, I’d help ya if I were closer! :) have fun with the rents!!

  3. Those sweet potatoes look so tasty, I’d be wanting to make those too!

    Ugh, moving. I just did it two weeks ago and it was not a fun time. It feels so much better when it’s over with!

  4. I’m trying to get to the original sites of your pins but they aren’t working. :( Curious about that bread!

  5. I may have to try some of those recipes too the pictures look great!

    Way to go on all your Body Pump training…like you said Good Instructors are AWESOME! You sound like one of the good ones!

  6. Mmmm I want all of those recipes!!! Amazing!

  7. Good luck with your training!
    I too am not ready for summer to be over :( I think I need to move somewhere where it’s warm all the time.

  8. Love this post! I love all your pinterest things, so cool. And seriously, who LIKES moving? I just moved 2 weeks ago and it was not fun.. I mean I guess it went well, but stressful nonetheless. That is awesome you are going even further w/ your body pump – you rock, girl!

    I have lots of outings this weekend – zumba tomorow morning, then NYC, then a work BBQ sunday..never ends!!

    Enjoy time with your parents!!

  9. Only one thing from Target?? That’s a feat! My Friday things def include pumpkin spice coffee. And my new Asics!!

  10. i love this post! i want to try ALL of those recipes too, especially twice baked sweet potatoes. how fun that your parents are coming in town! reuniting with family is the best..my husband and i live in california but we’re flying home to visit this weekend and i can’t wait! love your site! xo

  11. omg that first recipe, the bread with zucchini and red onion on top looks AmAzing!

  12. That cupcake recipe with the drizzling looks devine! Calorie free right? 😉

  13. Something with pumpkin! Not sure yet, but I’m craving something fall-like to celebrate cooler temps! Treating myself to a pumpkin spice latte tomorrow morning at Sbux. I’m crazy-excited already!


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