Abs ‘N’ Sweat Circuit Workout

Hey guys!

What’s going on?!

Wow. Life is so busy right now. For some reason I thought that after the Half IronMan, things would slow down? I’m not complaining, just observing. :)

But it’s all okay. I am all for living it up–even if it’s a LOT of living. Hah.

We’re moving today and tomorrow (just 20 mins away from where we live now, to a bigger/better condo), I have AIM 2 training this weekend (Sat-Mon<–more on this later), and my parents are coming into town (for business) like the exact second we’re done moving. Plus, I am working a full-time job & still teaching (and subbing an extra class in there). WOW.

So, to handle it all (and every other normal daily pressure), I like to get SWEATY! (All workouts found here.)

Working out will always be my drug of choice–dancing, running, lifting weights, teaching fitness classes. LOVE, love it. It is a MUST have because I LOVE it! And I feel so alive when I do it.

So to handle stress right now, here’s a fabulous sweaty workout that targets EVERYTHING. Woot.

Abs ‘N’ Sweat Circuit Workout

Yah. WORD.

During this circuit workout your heart rate gets up, your muscles burn, the sweat flows, and your abs get set on fire!

Now who’s ready to try it?! :)


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am very thankful for a husband who deals with my crazy moods.
  2. I am super grateful for a fridge full of healthy foods!
  3. I am really thankful for beautiful sunshine & hot weather. I kinda don’t want Summer to end……pumpkin-lover people, don’t hate me! (I love pumpkin too, I’m just not ready for it yet.)

Have a GREAT day, my friends!!

What exercise are YOU loving on lately?? What are YOU thankful for today?? Are YOU really busy lately??

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  1. caroline says:

    Good luck with your busy schedule! I am thankful for fall weather! Cooler temps work much better for this pregnant woman.

  2. Okay wow that is crazy busy!! Haha you’ll need a nap after this weekend!!

  3. i’m thankful my in-laws live in the same neighborhood as us! i feel the exact same way about summer and fall!! i love pumpkin and fall is fine, but i REALLY love summer and do not want it to end. ever.

  4. So definitely just pinned this – it looks like an awesome workout. :-)

  5. Oh, I am SO ready for fall and fell into fall mode this week. How can you not with the chilly mornings and cool evenings?! I just love it. 😉

  6. Danielle says:

    Oh wow this workout looks super tough, and awesome! Lately I’ve been loving swimming more and more, and just started with a masters swim class. I was not the strongest swimmer, so the extra practice really helps. Despite my lack of speed and strength in the water, I still love it! and love that I can feel myself getting better and more comfortable. I’m still trying to love cycling… but I really have to TRY hard to love it. It’s certainly not easy for me, and a lot easier to talk myself out of it. But I’m determined to like it and feel comfortable on that darn bike, ha!
    well you know more than every how crazy busy life can be with a full time job and juggling Half IM training and also a life! so that’s me, right in the thick of it. plus i started a new position at my company and 50% busier in this new role alone. yeah, my days seem to be zipping past me way too quickly!
    I’m so thankful for today,and that tomorrow we are off from work. Yay! And also for the great athletes I’ve met lately in my new cycling and swimming groups, and just great friends. Oh, and I’m also super thankful for my chiropractor – he’s helped me tremendously with my plantar’s foot and now I’m able to run and not howl in pain afterwards. Thank you!!!
    Happy Thursday to ya!!! xoxox

  7. I’ve been crazy busy lately too, and totally agree. Working out is such a stress reliever! It might seem counter intuitive to just add more to a busy schedule..but somehow just 30 minutes to an hour of exercise makes all the difference!!

  8. Wow- you are crazy busy!! I hope that life slows down a little bit soon so that you don’t burn out!
    I am interested to hear about your training this weekend!
    My favorite workouts lately involve the Bosu trainer and kettlebells. That’s all I need for a serious butt-kicking! Oh… and I guess that some of my workouts (or at least time spent) should include learning Bodypump 83…

  9. Phewww you are a busy woman, good luck with it getting all done, I know you will though :) Great workout too, these type of effective circuit workouts are just the best! Thanks for putting it together

  10. I just started CrossFit and I am loving it! this workout looks awesome! thanks for sharing! (:

  11. I’m thankful for having those rare few moments in between busy/hectic things where I can take the time to breathe and do my anxiety techniques.

  12. Soooooo I’m doing this tomorrow FYI 😉

  13. Holly says:

    How much weight are you usually using for barbell cleans, etc? (I can clean more than press, which is normal, but I just want to know a good baseline for someone who is familiar with Olympic lifts and barbells already)


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