Simple Swaps to Improve Your Health & Life

Hey friends!

Happy mid-week to us :) How are ya all doing today?? My to-do list is totally a mile long, but I am excited to tackle it head on today-both at work and at home!

{Probably am excited to do so because the other night, while procrastinating what needed to be done, I went and saw MIB 3 with the hubs at the dollar movie theatre. Yep. Sure did. It was entertaining, but that’s about all we expected, and that’s about all it delivered. Hah.}


So I saw this fun article that lists off 89 simple swaps that could change your life, and I wanted to highlight a few of my favorites.

{Some of them are no-brainers that many of you already enjoy or do, but I think it’s always a good reminder.}

2. Interval workout for relaxed run. Congrats on that 26.2-mile marathon. Now try a 20-minuteinterval run that involves lots of sprinting with some walking recovery. It may kick up the heat even more.

4. Zumba for elliptical. Trash that Cosmo-reading elliptical routine and surprise the body with a fun, calorie-burning cardio session. Sure beats staying stuck to a machine.

23. Hands-free running for holding handles. Hands off! On the treadmill, don’t rely on the handlebars. They take some of the stress off the body and make that workout less challenging.

30. Whole fruit for fruit juice. A glass of O.J.’s missing the pulp, skin, and full fiber content of an orange. Skip the glass and go with the whole piece of fruit to reap the benefits of this sweet, healthy snack.

44. Packing lunch for eating out. Lunch boxes aren’t just for middle school. Pack a sandwich or some leftovers to bring to school, work— wherever. It’ll make that vending machine look far less appetizing.

50. Doggy bag for food coma. How often do we leave a restaurant actually having room for dessert? Forget trying to lick the plate clean, and take half the meal to go. To avoid eating more than planned, ask the waiter to wrap half of it up before serving!

64. Gratitude for complaining. Feeling thankful can actually make us happier and healthier, so don’t forget to appreciate every bit of good in life!

67. Yoga for Facebook. Got a spare 30 minutes? Those Facebook friends won’t post any shape-shifting statuses. Use the free time to roll out the yoga mat and work on flexibility and strength while alleviating stress and anxiety.

74. Breathing for bein’ a stress mess. Calm breathing can boost relaxation and calm the mind. Take a long, deep breath to relax the bod rather than stressing out.

75. Smiling for frowning. Even when we’re alone, smiling can improve mood. Try grinning in the shower or on the way to work— it may really make us feel cheerful.

81. Self-love for self-criticism. We often focus on our faults rather than our worth. Stop pointing out the negative and focus on all those redeeming qualities!

88. Color for drab shades. Science suggests wearing red can boost confidence and self-esteem. So save the black for the Batman costume and brighten up that wardrobe.

I pretty much live for interval running now, I am all over Zumba (obviously, I teach it), I think holding handles on cardio machines to stabilize yourself is stupid, & a waste of time, and I never drink juice-instead I eat whole fruits. I seriously can’t get enough of interval running-it makes time FLY by. Oh, and I ran at 9.5 mph for over 1:30 the other day. <–it’s the small things. 😉

I’m all for packing lunches (and leftovers), I hardly ever clean my plate at restaurants (except for if I am super hungry or the portion is small).

I am totally all over being grateful. This is something that really puts me in the present, and brings much joy to my life! Complaining is a waste of time & energy in my eyes….

….unless it’s during a certain time of month. 😉

I’ve cut back on my social media (still working on it, of course), but it’s true, trading that time for other worthwhile tasks or stretching/yoga, is awesome. Last night I just stretched for 10 minutes before bed, and calmed my breath down (& let the stress be gone), instead of hopping on FB (even though I really wanted to). It was FANTASTIC!

I always joke with my fitness classes that if they smile while working hard, it makes it easier. Well….it’s actually kinda true! Smiling makes EVERYTHING better. Promise. Just smile. Or laugh. Or both. A youtube funny video break or checking out a pinterest Humor Board at work is always going to make you more productive in the long run. :)



So, I like telling myself ONE thing I did well or do well every day. It really helps to minimize any negative self talk or issues I might have going on. Instead of noticing the flaws (because let’s be real, there are many), I try to focus on what’s going well or what went well.

Just look in the mirror and remind yourself “I am beautiful. I am loved. I am totally awesome.”

{yep, I don’t iron. ever.}

I LOVE color. LOVE it. I like a good black outfit or top, but color reigns supreme in my eyes. Just check out my wedding photos (& photos of my friend’s wedding -inspired by mine), this website, or almost anything I wear. LOVE bright.


Have a FABULOUS day! <3

Go read the 89 simple swaps—what are some of YOUR favorites?? What do YOU swap out right now?? And what are YOU working on doing better??

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  1. I love your simple swaps and love interval running- if I have to run on a treadmill that’s the only way I can get through it! Cutting back on social media is a great idea, especially with the election and football season, way too much trash talking on facebook!

    • SO true. I am so sick of all the trash talk. I really hate election time–it’s such a waste of money. Period.

      Have a great day Amy!! :)

  2. Those swaps are great! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. “Gratitude for complaining.” Um, yea – I need more of that. Thanks for the reminder 😉

  4. Love those swaps! Couldn’t agree more with the ones you highlighted. Cheers to a happier and healthier life! :)

  5. I’m all for bringing my lunch! Haha read this while eating the chicken salad and REAL ORANGE that I packed! The only swap I disagree with is the interval running one, haha not that I don’t think interval runs are awesome for fitness, but it seemed to insult my 4 month effort at conquering the marathon! I loooooove distance running :)

    • It’s obv different for training plans 😉 I am kinda over long distances for a bit, but ENJOY these last few weeks! SO excited for you :)

  6. I need to try this one: 66. Meditation for comfort food. When stress strikes, don’t grab a tub of ice cream for comfort. Try dimming the lights and meditating for as little as five minutes— it’s totally calming.

    I also really like the whole Gratitude for complaining… Sometimes I feel like I complain way too much so I need to do more appreciating of the good things in my life!!

    Thanks for posting! I love this article!

    • I LOVE meditating & calming down, and slowing down. It really does help!! Great job for finidng one you love. Have a great day, Julie! :)

  7. Great list of reminders! I especially like the take a deep breath instead of getting stressed out one. It’s really so simple, but it works. Relax, and BREATHE. By the way I saw that “looking for outfits” vs “PACKING” pin on pinterest awhile back and died laughing…it’s so true!! haha

    • I died laughing too! Because seriously, isn’t that how it always goes?! I just need a bigger closet so I can see all ‘that’ stuff I miss when I look for outfits! 😉

  8. Great suggestions and yes, they are simple and this is what our society needs more of! Living a more balanced, healthy life really is not hard, the small and simple changes are the ones that add up and benefit the individual in the end. I am passing these onto my mom, she is still working toward getting in shape after a longggg hiatus

  9. I love those!! I need to try Zumba! I know I would love it!

  10. hahaah those pictures are so funny. I always buy something in Target we jsut got one in our town and I’m addicted to say the least! I also love those subsitutions. If I did yoga for as much time I’m on facebook I’d be relaxed and stretched out all day!



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