White Flour & White Sugar

Hey friends!

As I reflect on the past 11 years since the tragic events of September 11, 2001, in NYC, it makes me stop & wonder, what have we learned since then-as a country, as a people, and as a nation? I am proud to be an American, for sure. I am grateful for a country that honors those who serve, & give their lives to come to others in aid.

At this time, and especially on this day, my heart & prayers go out to all those suffering (still) the loss of loved ones. Such tragedy is devastating, and oh so heart-wrenching, and I truly mourn with those who mourn. When I visited NYC in 2007, I went to Ground Zero, and was blown away by the massive amounts of destruction & tragedy that occurred there. It is so very sad.


But, I am grateful for those who press on & encourage us to live in faith, knowing that all things will work out in the end. I truly believe that!


On a much smaller scale, I suffered some damage this weekend. My intestines & stomach acted up AGAIN.

I don’t often talk about major issues I have, but it must be done now–my stomach is definitely a sensitive one. It always has been. No doctor has been able to pinpoint it or why the pain (very randomly) occurs. Nor have we come to any conclusions as to what exactly causes it, but I have realized something: when I eat larger than normal amounts of white flour & white sugar, my stomach ends up hurting-it gets bloated, and I have pretty intense pain.

I truly believe it’s because I eat a pretty clean, healthy, wholesome diet, (about 80-90% of the time) but when I do bust out the refined crap, it busts me up. Well, my stomach & intestines, actually.

White Flour. Refined from whole wheat flour. All nutrients & fiber are stripped & ground up, making a white, refined substance. Some nutrients are replaced, but none of the fiber or the original benefits from wheat are there.


White Sugar. It comes from sugar cane, and is obviously refined to a simple sugar, easily digested, and quickly absorbed into the blood stream. We already debated whether it’s toxic and/or addictive. So go ahead & read those thoughts & comments. In high quantities, it can become highly enticing & does cause the brain to want more.


{With that being said, I’ve eaten less sugar lately because my cravings changed.}

They (white flour & white sugar) are refined from a natural state, and chemicals (and other agents) are added to them.

Hmmmm. Doesn’t sound so awesome for our bodies, now does it?

I think the problem we eaters in the 21st century might have is this: we don’t stop & think about WHAT we’re eating. We just cram stuff in, and then wonder why we are sick.

Pretty sure we’re making ourselves sick by the crap we humans ‘make’ and then consume.

{I can definitely say I don’t always ‘see’ where my food is coming from. But I honestly don’t think there is anything wrong with the very occasional crappy food consumption.}

To FEEL Good

I am no doctor, but I am also not stupid. I know what I eat, and I know when I feel good.

I usually feel awesome after egg sandwiches on whole wheat bread or rice cakes, protein pancakes, almond butter messes, spinach smoothies, turkey paninis, chicken & salads, and veggie omelets.

And I usually feel less awesome–sucked of energy, bloated, and totally yucky when I eat refined products (as of late: tortilla chips, croissants, pita chips, cookies, candy).

Friday, after eating the Rolos McFlurry, I did not feel good at.all.

Ice cream does not mess up my stomach (trust me on that one)!  Ever.

So I know it was totally either the crappy way that particular ‘ice cream’ was made, or the addition of the very super sweet, artificial candies (Rolos) that did it.

Then, just 2 days later, I ate 2 small (refined white flour) croissants & some potato chips that my mother-in-law had for dinner.

I followed it with 2 cookies I made (with refined, white flour & white sugar<–recipe). I was in intense pain all evening long.


So, I am taking a break from white flour & white sugar for awhile.

I don’t really eat it that much at all, so it’s not much of a drastic change, but I want to see if it helps. I will still consume ice cream/fro yo in limited amounts (as I have been doing), and yes, chocolate is still an almost-daily occurence.

I just don’t like being in intense pain. It doesn’t happen often, but now that it happened 2 times this weekend, I could almost pinpoint it to exactly what it was. And no, I am not going on some crazy diet. EVER. I just like feeling good.

Everyone is different, and my body does not do well with crappy stuff. White flour & white sugar is not good for me. At least right now it isn’t.

The end.


Have a GREAT day!! <3

Does white flour & white sugar affect YOU much?? What have YOU decided to eat less of lately because of health issues?? 

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  1. I found that anything with gluten really tears me up! I try to eat mostly fresh and whole foods, and I feel much better!

  2. Good luck with your break from white foods! If they miss up your tummy, I don’t blame you one bit. Also, even though ice cream normally doesn’t bother mine, the last time I ate McD’s ice cream, which was a few years ago, it was a disaster. I think if you get more natural ice cream, even if it does contain milk products, your stomach might handle it better. Plus the richness of the candy probably didn’t help either.

    Tummy troubles suck… I think we all have them though just from knowing people and reading blogs. So you’re not alone!

    • I totally think that McD’s ice cream is probably a major culprit, for sure. I will still eat ice cream I buy in containers–b/c that has never made my stomach hurt. 😉

  3. This is soooo crazy….and timely!! I too have been eating REALLY good lately (for me). Lots of veggies, eggs, protein etc…I have pretty much cut out crackers/bread/cereal….and I too have stomach issues!

    With that said, I haven’t had stomach issues since changing my food items….then over the weekend we went out and hubs and I shared a huge piece of chocolate cake from some bar…I totally had a bent over~bloated~stomach for a couple of hours after. ***Note, this “piece” of cake was big enough for at least 5 people we ate enough for 2.5 and brought the rest home to let our kids devour AND they did.***

    Hmmm….I figured I ate too much to give me such the stomach ache but, now I am wondering if it had more to do with just the sugar processed junk overload….probably both. 😉

    • I totally think it’s when we overload our body with stuff that we don’t normally consume. That’s why I’m just taking a break from *most* white flour & white sugar. < --still going to be consuming ice cream & fro yo (it doesn't ever hurt my stomach, & I'd never go without it! :) )

      I'm sorry about your stomach though! It's SO painful!

  4. Lol you should see my post today – I still can’t figure what upsets my stomach! It’s almost everything. I feel like I can only eat bland carbs and protein without my stomach freaking out (banana, oatmeal, and a few other fruits and veggies in moderation…).

    • Maybe you have gastritis?!? I just posted a comment you can check out, but after my appendix ruptured I got gastritis & now I can only eat the bland stuff too!!

  5. It’s funny, we all know white flour & starches are bad, yet I’ve been eating pretty much only that lately! My appendix ruptured in June & it wasn’t diagnosed for a while…I was in the hospital with High fevers, awful chills/convulsing & stomach pains! I was in the hospital 2.5 weeks and went down to 80-some pounds. Well ever since, my stomach has been so messed up & I also have gastritis. The BRAT diet is the easiest thing to digest. So I’ve been having pancakes & potatoes, crackers & white bread coming out my ears! However, from a GI standpoint these are low residue so easy for stomach & intestines to digest. It’s actually the fiber, grains, fruits & veggies that mess me up so bad with intense cramping pain. So sad :(. I can’t wait to get back to veggie & fruit, however I do have a new appreciation for white startches in the fact that they are easier on our systems!
    Anyway…good luck & I hope your elimination cures your stomach issues! I know the pain too well…it is NOT fun!! :(

    • Oh sad! :( That’s so true–it’s like the total opposite with the BRAT diet & having gastritis. WOW. Good luck to you! <--I am totally the opposite. Tons of fiber never messes with me, but white stuff does. Haha.

  6. I am the same way- a poster child for “you are what you eat.” I really can’t eat anything fried or super rich, or I pay for it later. My stomach just DOES NOT like it! I guess that’s kind of a good thing though- if I felt great when I ate crappy food, I’d much more likely to eat more of it!
    That being said…. a rolo flurry sounds pretty amazing….

  7. that’s good that you’re able to pinpoint (somewhat) what is affecting your belly… at least there are tons of tasty alternatives and much healthier!!

  8. My tummy is the same exact way. If I have an over abundance of sweets or white carbs or greasy foods, my stomach is NOT a happy camper!

  9. I definitely get the same way after too much white sugar/flour. It usually takes a couple of days of poor eating for it to kick in, but when it does – ouch. I try to keep an eye on my intake as well!

  10. I can never tell what bugs my stomach, its such a hard thing to pin point. I’m currently going through a major tummy issue, and trying to put the exact food that is making my stomach act up. Man, its not easy.
    I’m glad you have discovered what’s affecting you though! Hopefully this helps:)

  11. Eating too much sugar always makes me feel horrible. I’m usually pretty good about not overdoing it so when I actually do I definitely notice it.

    Sometimes I feel like when our bodies can’t handle something, it really works out for the best. My skin has issues with the sun so I always have to put on sunscreen. The same kind of goes with you having to limit white sugar and flour. Just kinda works out for the best, even though it sucks.

    • Good point! I know, I’m pretty good about not eating too much sugar, which is why I want to back down a bit, because I didn’t eat that much in the past few weeks, but each time, my stomach has acted up. SO annoying. So that’s why I’m cutting back :)

  12. i used to be a big advocate of NO white sugar or flour, i REFUSED to eat anything with it in the ingredients. however, i have come to accept the fact that a little is A-OK. not all the time, not at every meal, but there is just nothing that can replace really good, crusty white French bread or a batch of my favorite cookies using white flour and sugar.


    • Oh yes, I’m totally NOT cutting it all out. Normal ice cream & fro yo, for example, have never messed my stomach up, so I’m still going to be eating that & chocolate. But lately most of the crappy stuff has done a number on me. So sad :(

      I could never give it all up again–I did that once for like 6 months. It was awful.

  13. Sorry to hear about all your issues with white flour and white sugar! I’ve never had any problems with either but have still tried to significantly cut them out of my diet.
    Good luck with everything!

  14. Fun post – I’ve found the same thing over and over again. Also, I read this article today on Agave – which intrigued me – and I wanted to pass it on. I’ve heard so many opinions on Agave being healthy or not (it’s always been too expensive for me to bother with), but this was one of the first researched reads I’ve stumbled across…


  15. Be careful– it may be IBS. That’s how I found mine. I hope it’s not!

    • I don’t think it is, as I had a roomie in college who had IBS, and my symptoms are no where near that. It’s just annoying–so I have sig reduced my intake. I feel great so far!

  16. Most people go about life, eating whatever they want, and think there is something “wrong” with their bodies when they have reactions to the food they eat. They think, “There must be some kind of dysfunction in my stomach because it hurts every time I eat ice cream. I better get some medicine.” We would all be much better off if we paid attention to how our bodies respond when we put things in them. Inflammation is an immune response to toxins, plain and simple. It means the body doesn’t want it. Bravo for listening.

  17. Danielle says:

    Amen and hallelujah! I am totally on board and feel your pains – literally, my tummy is reacts the same way with white processed junk! In fact, my friend and I are starting a food challenge or way of eating this Saturday. We are cutting out the white stuff in all forms! Which for me is perfect timing with my half IM on 11/4. I have eating way too much junk food lately, and I know it only hurts my training so I’m happy to have a buddy to keep me accountable. I hate to put in all of this energy training, only to sell myself short because my food was not as great as it could have been. I love veggies and fruits, and eat reasonably well, but since my training has gone up, I’ve definiltey been having more treats than necessary. I need a wake up, and this last weekend was it for me! I overloaded on so many treats that I’m now ready for a detox, like now.
    Your posts are always awesome, spot on, and totally in sync with my life it seems, lol.
    Happy Tuesday!!!

  18. The doctor I work with is a strong believer in the negativity of a spike in blood sugar/insulin in a healthy body. It causes SO much more havoc than just weight gain, and it makes complete sense that you’re experiencing issues because of ’em. Let us know how you feel! <3

  19. I am trying a paleo diet to try to help with migraines. I have had some doctors suggest that because paleo will reduce swelling, the paleo diet will reduce swelling in the body and hence, possibly the swelling in my head that causes the migraines…who knows if it is working, but possibly it will over time! Sometimes I cheat though because sometimes I just want something yummy, like hummus, which is apparently not paleo-friendly!

  20. Karen G in France says:

    I can completely relate. I find processed food like cookies, ice cream, chocolate, bread can make my instestines so bloated and distended, I look 4 months pregnant. The last time I had a major flare up it took my system 3 weeks to get back to normal. I limit bread to once a day, have cut back on caffeine, and allow myself a treat 4 days a week. It has resolved all my issues – thus not cutting anything OUT but cutting BACK and upping fruits & veggies. Good luck Annette !

    • Wow–that’s fantastic! I plan (have already started) to do this too-I’ve cut back significantly (i.e. just a bit of ice cream here & there and some fro yo thrown in. & of course a bit of chocolate). :)

  21. Denise says:

    WOW – so glad I found this. I began seriously watching what I eat as far as refined, processed, preservative, organic and be, at most, knowledgeable about what I eat. I use no processed sugar nor flour in my cooking and all prepared pastas/breads are whole wheat. When I go 3-4 days cooking for myself and eating only what I prepare, then suddenly I am somewhere that I do indulge in a bit of the processed flour or sugar, I feel very ill, nauseous and dizzy, as though I have a bug of some sort. I’ve tested this theory over and over (because honestly, one donut all month from the breakroom, what’s that going to hurt right?) and it is the same. (you’d think I’d learn) THANK YOU FOR YOUR POST – good to know I’m not crazy. :-) Plan on sharing this.

  22. Melissa says:

    I googled my problem and found you. Glad I’m not alone. I’m on day 3 of pain because I decided I deserved some cookies. Bad choice. I was doing so well. What’s weird, is the sugar and white flour sensitivity came on suddenly I cut most everything out then realized what it was….the stuff that we shouldn’t be eating anyways.



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