Fab Weekend + Vega On The Go

Hey you guys!

What a fabulous weekend we had! It was just full of awesomeness.

Want to see? :)

Fab Weekend


I taught Zumba in between work meetings & clients.

I LOVE that class!!

Gosh it feels good to just shake it, let the sweat flow, and have a blast dancing.

Dancing will always be my drug of choice.


Friday after work:

Mattress shopping, baby.

So….we’re looking for a new mattress, and my husband and I like different types.

I like a hard, super supportive mattress, and he likes the soft, cushy feel.

It was quite the evening, to say the least.

Needless to say, the dude helping us was quite impressed with how different we liked our beds.

Or not.


So we drowned our mattress-shopping woes (3 hours, 2 stores) in huge Cafe Rio salads.

And we both felt instantly better!

Cafe Rio is my favorite place to eat. Hands down.

{In case you care, I always get whole wheat tortilla, extra black beans, no rice, chicken, extra lettuce, extra cilantro, extra limes, guac on the side<–for the husband to have, house dressing, a bit of chips, and cheese sprinkled on top.}

To celebrate my finishing the Half Ironman (never really got a chance to do dinner/dessert/movie), we continued with:

Rolo McFlurry. Think Like a Man. Cuddle time. (The ice cream was delicious, but ended up making my stomach hurt. Boo. More on that in a later post.)


Fueled up with FitMixer Aminos, & hit the gym.

Weights circuits & some HIIT running. It was fabulous!

Refueled after with that. Can’t.get.enough.

40-gram simple protein-packed pancake, baby! I’ve tweaked the recipe a bit by omitting the oats & zucchini (way simpler & faster). Topped with almond butter, sea salt, Chobani, jam, and a bit of maple syrup. YUMMMMMM.

I did some reading, painted nails, errands, & other around-the-house to-do’s.

Then I baked.

We were hanging out with friends later, so I made double coconut chocolate chip cookies. <–recipe linked

They are SO good. It was a great night of fun, laughing, and hysterics. Both my husband & my friend’s husband get along real well, don’t you love that when couples can ‘date’?! Hah.


Had a regional church meeting in the beautiful conference center. It was a fabulous meeting! God loves us all so much. He really does.

Took an epic 3 hour nap. {Sorry, no picture.}

And ate dinner {chicken salad croissants, carrots, a few chips} on the floor of my in-law’s house while doing laundry. (They are in the middle of moving). Plus I ate 2 more of the above cookies.

GREAT, fab weekend!


Vega One Nutritional Shake -On The Go

Plant-based nutrition is awesome–especially for those who don’t eat meat or animal products. It’s not always easy to get enough protein from a plant-based diet, however, but the Vega people have made it muccccchhhhh easier to do so.

Introducing the new Vega One-all in one Nutritional Shake in French Vanilla.

It’s got protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals (50% of your daily needs), and all for 135 calories.

All you do is add it to water (or almond/coconut milk) and shake.

Plant-based everything in a to-go bottle?! Count me in.

I grabbed this to take with me while we were out mattress shopping, and I was SO glad I had it. I would’ve turned into an angry beast without something in my belly! (And made the decision making process harder. Which, by the way, we still haven’t decided on one. Awesome).

This was easy to sip on while in between stores.

It definitely has a ‘healthy’ taste to it though (don’t expect it to taste like a vanilla milk shake). but it wasn’t bad.

I am not much of a vanilla drinker, I only like vanilla if it’s in cookies or is an ice cream flavor, otherwise, I’d rather chocolate. Kinda weird, but I think that’s what played into my not loving this taste.

Check out more about Vega One if interested.

{I was given free samples to try, all opinions are my own.}


Have an AWESOME Monday! And don’t forget to enter the fabulous Six Star Sporty Like Me Sweepstakes!

How was YOUR weekend?? What mattress do YOU sleep on-what do YOU like or not like about it??!!! What nutritional shakes have YOU tried recently?? Do YOU like Vega??

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  1. I’ve never tried Vega – I tend to use Pure Protein.

    We went through the mattress debachel about 6 months ago – it was ROUGH! We finally splurged on a tempur-pedic. Husband has (HAD) a horrible back, and would wake up in so much pain. Ever since we got the TP, he has had ZERO back pain. Plus, I get up about 5 times in the night to pee, and he NEVER wakes up anymore!! We love it!

  2. My weekend was great! Would have been even better if I had some of those chocolate coconut cookies though…

  3. Glad you had a fun weekend!

  4. Jonny and I both like firm mattresses, so thankfully mattress shopping was fairly simple for us! I wish there was a Cafe Rio in St. Louis! That salad looks like an awesome beast! i’m excited to try that new flavor of Vega One!

    • It is SOOO good. They just opened one in Denver and in DC….they might be expanding more. Hopefully. It’s SO so freaking good.

  5. I actually tried those shakes and thought they were perfect for after a long run! However when I went to buy them in the store I saw how expensive Vega is!!! I was surprised!

  6. I love the Vega vanilla chai, my favourite flavour protein!
    Looks like a fun weekend for you! I worked the whole weekend, so it definitely didn’t get exciting.

  7. caroline says:

    so jealous of your cafe rio. You can overnight me one anytime. I had to stay away from protein powders for a while because at the beginning of my pregnancy thick smoothies grossed me out. SAD.

  8. Looks like a great weekend! Those cookies look fabulous…and I had your protein pancakes this weekend too! Delicious!

  9. I like to make my own protein shakes with natural nut butters, frozen fresh fruit, vegetable greens (argula or water cress), greek yogurt, almond milk and flaxseeds. It amazes me that a “nutritional shake” has a list of ingredients a mile long. I would much rather chew “real whole foods” than drink a vitamin supplement. Isn’t a whole food supplement an oxymoron?

  10. I love the single serving vega packets. I just tried the berry flavored one this weekend, blended with a banana, ice and almond milk. not too shabby

  11. I LOVE Vega, thanks for the review!

  12. that salad is huge! I’m sure that you definitely get your moneys worth there! How was the movie? I’ve seen that one around but haven’t watched it! I haven’t had blizzards in forever!

  13. that salad looks freakin’ amazing!! I love myself some HUGE salads :) I have not tried Vega but I am very tempted to get a sample packet, even though I do love Sunwarrior. Glad you guys finally decided on a mattress, ha.. I HATE decisions like that!

  14. Our Cafe Rio salads sound very similar! Except how do you not eat the guac?! You crazy lady! 😉

  15. So much good food in one post! Ahhhh you’re making our tummies grumble over here. Can we score one of those cookies? K thanks. :)




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