Food Thoughts on a Friday

Hey you guys!

Happy FRIDAY to us all :) I am sort of glad that came so quickly. But sort of not. We have some annoying errands (buying a mattress, etc.) to do, and church is earlier on Sunday. So I don’t get to get my usual 12 hours of sleep…unless I go to bed at 9 on Saturday night.


My life is so hard.

{Hopefully ya’all know I am joking. I recognize that being annoyed by life’s silly to-do’s is really awesome compared to some things people go through.}


I eat often throughout the day, but I don’t regularly post or blog about it. I find it so tedious & boring to write about what I eat all the time.

But, the other day I got some biometrics done for my work’s insurance plan (i.e. blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, weight/height, etc.), and I must say, WOW.

You guys, eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep DOES work. I can’t say it enough. But seriously, it shows up in your blood & in the metrics doctors use to measure people’s health & vitality.

My numbers were off the charts awesome. They were so low, the lady even asked me if that was ‘normal’ to have such a low blood pressure? <–probably because she was worried she had done it wrong & hadn’t heard the right sounds.

When she saw my trigylceride levels she yelled out “whoa, girl. Do you even eat sugar?!”

HAH. (Funny right: from sweet to salty.)

2 things I gleaned from this (in a very sarcastic manner):

  • If you want to eat fro yo & ice cream in copious amounts, go right ahead. Just train for a Half Ironman at the same time.
  • Eat more protein & almond butter. Oh and lift weights. It’ll make you look good & your blood work turn out remarkable.

To be totally honest, my bloodwork didn’t change that much in the past 2 years, but that’s probably because I have a healthy handle on exercise and eating.

Food Thoughts on a Friday

Anyways, here are some things I consume on a regular basis lately. (In case you care and/or want to improve your blood work.)

{To be totally honest, I just want to delete tons of pictures, so I am dumping all the food pictures of recent weeks here. Nice, huh? But, food is a HUGE part of your blood work profile.}

{I drink a spinach, berry, protein smoothie every single day. Have been since May.}

Can’t.get.enough. These 40-gram simple protein-packed pancakes are to-die-for awesome.

I eat ’em about 4x/week now.

{looks gross, but OH so good. Casein almond butter chocolate mess. This is consumed about 3x/week now.}

{Must sample all desserts. Except that ice cream was nasty. Sorry, Lara. It was.}

{chicken salad from costa vida}

{homemade chicken spinach enchiladas}

Alright, who’s hungry now?!


Have a GREAT Friday!

What have YOU done lately to improve your blood work?? What have YOU been eating a lot of lately?? Any fun weekend plans for YOU??

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  1. I’ve been eating a ton of peanut flour lately! (Seriously why don’t you like peanuts????) 😉 We are supposed to go to the Cards game tonight, but looks like the rain may ruin that for us!!

  2. We r going to the MN Gopher football game tomorrow …I have never been to a college (fb)game before so I hope its worth it. After we are going out for a late lunch/early supper to celebrate our 17th Anniversary ~ which is actually on Sunday the 9th~ hopefully that will go well too….ha!

    I am really tired today….I ate a bunch of cookies yesterday so that may be it or its the fact that I haven’t gotten a “good night’s sleep” in about a week…..too many interruptions by a 9 yr. old who seems to be having trouble sleeping this week…UGH!

  3. That must’ve been so awesome to really see concrete evidence that you’re living a healthy lifestyle! Confirmed by a doctor, so cool. I think I might try that protein pancake this weekend, it looks so good!

  4. Two years ago, my cholesterol levels came back elevated – thanks in part to family genetics. I started eating mroe whole grains and healthy fats, this year my cholesterol levels were normal! Lately, I have been eating lots of plain greek yogurt topped with fresh berries! My husband and I are taking a trip to Atlanta for the weekend. Our plans included shopping, watching college football, and eating !

  5. Your food looks delicious :). I agree, I love nut butters and nuts and foods like that. You have such a great diet and exercise habits I’m not surprised that it showed up in your bloodwork. I know there are those who have genetic issues and really can’t help the numbers sometimes, but it’s amazing how well FUELING and MOVING your body does help them.

  6. Awesome news about your blood work!! I would love to get that done to see where I stand. :) Your food looks delicious and those pancakes sound phenomenal.

  7. I love that you eat clean, but also don’t deprive yourself! So important!! My blood pressure is really low too! It is amazing what clean (ish) eating and exercise will do for you! I have been loving protein muffins lately. So quick and easy!

  8. I definitely drooled. SO Much deliciousness. But yeah that’s awesome to see that healthy living really does translate. It’s great. I have really low blood pressure too as does my mom, it’s genetic for me but it’s not entirely good because I’m more likely to get fatigued and lazy and bored and tired. My doctor actually advised me to eat some more salt haha cause I never really do.

  9. So I’m forgetting that I just ate dinner a little while ago – all your eats look amazing!

  10. That is so great about your test results!
    I have pretty good scores as well, but my blood pressure and blood sugar is too low unfortunately so I have to work on getting those up!
    You should start posting more of your eats, they look so delicious!:)



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