Get To – NOT Have To

Hey you guys!

How are ya all? I love that it’s already the mid-week. That is no problem for this girl!

You know what’s weird? I was suuuppppeerrrr chatty teaching BodyPUMP last night. I just kept giving cues, and fixing form & motivating them, and talking up a storm. WHERE does that energy come from?!

{Funny story: People come after classes in the morning and ask “what do you eat for breakfast? You have so much energy!” The secret? Lots of sleep & a whole bucketload of endorphins, adrenaline, and FitMixer aminos!}


I wish I had that kind of energy all day long though. Some days at work are just boring & drag on & on (and probably why I hit up social media sites too much.<–it’s going better, p.s.!). Not gonna lie, I love what I do, but not every day is super energetic or awesome.

Just keeping it real. And letting you all know that no, even though some bloggers tend to look like it, no one has a perfect life or job. Just remember that & be grateful for what you have NOW & what you get to do.

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present.” -Lao Tzu


Just sayin’.


Get To- NOT Have To

Near the end of training for the Half IronMan Triathlon I was done. SO done with all those long distance training miles. I was tired, I was hungry, I was cranky, and I was plain sick of feeling like I had to or must complete x number of miles.

One evening when I was complaining (yet again) to my husband about how tired, sore, hungry, and cranky I felt (remember this was at the end of training–not all weeks felt like this), he said, “then don’t do it. No one is making you.”


Wake up call mania! {Change your thoughts, change your body, much?!}


My attitude shifted when I realized I got to train for (& complete) the race. It shifted when I recognized that I was lucky I COULD train for (& complete) the race.

Those last few days’ of training were actually quite fun. And I didn’t grumble my way through much of it, thinking instead “I get to” not have to, train for & do this race.

And I think that’s why the Half Ironman, for the most part, was enjoyable & exhilarating, instead of painful & tedious.

I changed my ‘tude and my tune–and that made a big difference in how I approached those last few training miles before the big day.

Here’s what you can do if you’re feeling a bit down on yourself & your training:

  • Change your attitude.
  • Recognize what you get to do & can do, instead of focusing on the feelings of you ‘must’ do or ‘have to’ do something.
  • You might have to let up on yourself too. Maybe you are being too hard on yourself. Scale back the mileage or the sessions.
  • Get enough sleep, water, protein, and healthy fats & carbs.
  • Remember WHY you signed up for that race.

I am thankful for a husband who keeps it real, & often puts it so simply for me. I guess it is good to complain once in awhile….so you can be gently put in your place. 😉

Not gonna lie though, right now I am SO glad I get to do whatever workout I feel like doing without any mileage goals in mind.


Insert BIG sigh of relief! Totally earned the downhill. 😉

{Yes, I realize it’s a bit of a ‘toot my own horn’ thing, but gosh darnit, I raced a Half Ironman Triathlon–and finished it without dying!! I apparently learned a lot throughout those training miles too, since I can’t stop talking about it….hah.}


Have an AWESOME day, my friends!

Do YOU feel like YOU live in the moment right now?? (see above quote) How do YOU remind YOURself of why you’re doing so many miles training?? Have YOU learned any lessons complaining to someone else??

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  1. I’m pretty good about living in the moment :) If I’m complaining about something fitness-wise, Jonny always tells me he would do it with me if he could. That pretty much shuts me up, puts things in perspective, and makes me realize that I can and I get to – like you said. :) Just do it – because you can! :)

  2. Ha my brother says the same thing when I complain about being tired or sore. But I’m the opposite right now – my IT band is acting up this week and I couldn’t do my 9 mile run for the second week in a row and it’s killing me. I just want to run so badly! I want to complete my training as I’m supposed to! I’m too type A for dealing with an injury and it’s leaving me stressed and anxious. Ahhhhh!

    • Oh I am sorry to hear that! Have you been foam rolling?

      • yes, but I went to an injury screening at a physical therapist today and discovered it’s probably mostly due to the fact that I stopped strength training in my legs… I was so concerned about my legs being sore that I didn’t realize I hadn’t been doing anything for weeks… lesson learned.

  3. I so agree that the body will change when the mind does! Our bodies and minds are so much more connected than we can begin to imagine. I love how you changed your attitude around with training. You were blessed to be able to train for a a half ironman! Sometimes I complain about little things, and then step back and realize I am so luck to be alive, with a roof over my head, walking on two feet, and able to live an “easier” lifestyle than others. Love the message! Happy Wednesday!

  4. Great reminder!

  5. Totally agree that attitude is EVERYTHING. I felt this way last night teaching zumba – I just wasn’t in the mood..shocking, I know. But once I looked at the bright side of things I got super into it and classes went well.. so yeah our mind and bodies sure are connected in more ways than we think.

    I am sometimes good at living in the moment and more times bad… I plan way too far in advance.. but thank god my boyfriend brings me back down to earth :)

  6. Kara D says:

    My husband said the exact same thing to me that your husband said to you when I was in the middle of training for a half marathon a few years ago. It has shifted my perspective ever since!

  7. I just posted on this same thing last week! It really makes such a difference to change your attitude with those two little words and realize we get to do what we do… great advice!

  8. I needed this – I am 4 weeks away from my marathon and am SO ready to be done. Thanks for the reminder that I have been bountifully blessed with this strong mind and body – and that running is a privilege!!

  9. I definitely think attitude is SO HUGE. It makes a world of difference in life! :)

  10. LOVE that quote!!!!! Ahh saving it now. I might even make it my daily healthy thought :) I am learning to live in the now don’t you worry 😉


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  2. […] I’ve stolen my daily healthy thought from one of my favourite blogs Enjoy Your Healthy Life. This quote just captured me entirely so I am borrowing it to use in my daily healthy thought as […]



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