Head To Bed, Not For The Sugary Snacks

Hey guys!

How are you all doing?

I am fabulous! The long weekend was totally fun–and really needed. Epic laziness did ensue, as promised.

Weekend Recap

Friday night fro yo date with friends:

Did a fun Saturday workout.

Worked on some fitness plans for clients.

I bummed around watching a movie.

Took a nap.

Went to 2 wedding open houses:

{Yes, that was a Pizookie Bar. Genius!}

{Apparently we’re really bad at the whole photo booth thing. I am SO not creative. Hah}

Went to church.

Ate tuna fish sandwiches & salad:

Ate snacks:

On Labor Day, I taught 2 BodyPUMP classes, hit the pool, & later we visited a temple open house, and met my brother’s girlfriend. We also ate a picnic dinner & got shakes.

Super awesome weekend for sure! Most of it was lazy, with a bunch of fun events thrown in there for good measure.


Head to Bed, NOT For the Sugary Snacks

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, sleep to me is close to my number ONE priority (right after God & my husband). It is freaking important to me!

If I don’t get enough sleep I am cranky, irritable, and totally unreasonable.

{Just ask my husband. He’ll concur.}

Not getting enough sleep is a huge issue for a lot of people, and unfortunately it messes with several hormones (leptin & ghrelin for example), which can be detrimental to our health & wellbeing.

When we’re tired though, we tend to reach for things that would or could keep us awake….and food, especially sugary foods & snacks, will do the trick perfectly.

{That sugary foods is easily digested/broken down & readily available in the blood stream right after eating, giving you quick energy.}

Have you ever eaten ice cream, granola, cereal, or cookies as a snack in the evening or middle of the night even though you’re dead tired and not really that hungry??

Pretty sure we can all say YES to that.

And the reason we reach for such snacks is because those foods cause a quick rise in our blood sugar-which can help keep us awake and energized, for a little bit. Those foods are designed to give us quick energy. (Hello skittles in the middle of a long distance race!)

The reason I mention this is because that snack habit could actually end up disrupting your sleep in the long run, ruin your muscle recovery process, and wreak havoc on your healthy eating habits.

It’s best to be aware NOW so this doesn’t become a problem in the future. And trust me, I have fallen prey to this as well (and a few nights ago totally was guilty of this!!)–so let’s take this as a nice healthy eating & living reminder for us all!

Next time you’re pretty tired & starting to reach for the ice cream….think twice. Are you grabbing it because you truly want it, or is it because you’re tired & your body wants a pick me up? <—and if you’re really hungry, try a small handful of almonds or a spoonful of almond butter with some casein protein instead!

THERE is a difference between being hungry & being tired–yet reaching for the snack nonetheless. And mastering that difference makes, well, all the difference. 😉


Well, I am off to try running again (1st time after the race)!

Have a GREAT day!

What did YOU do this weekend?? What snacks do YOU usually reach for when YOU’re tired??

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  1. Does that guy’s shirt say I am awesome? Because that is awesome. And does Martin has a gf?? Wait, I thought he was like 5. When did everyone grow up????? Ahhh!! I’m not a huge nighttime snacker.. And sleep is VERY important to me too!! :) :)

  2. Great reminder! A small bowl of ice cream after dinner to satisfy a sweet tooth? Fine. Reaching for the carton at 10:30pm just because? Probably won’t end well!

  3. This is soooo true! I always want something sugary at night but then I end up having an awful night’s sleep! Um like last night… oops.

  4. Great info at the end of this post and SO true! I can’t sleep well on a full stomach, period. My husband on the other hand can eat a huge meal and go right to bed.
    The pizookie bar is genius!!
    And I am SO JEALOUS that you have a TCBY. Ours are all gone!

  5. You taught two BP classes….way to go!

    • Thanks!! It was tough, but their energy helped me get through it. 😉 Besides, I love teaching BP. hah. Have a happy day, Kathy!! :)

  6. That is all very true. I tend to have the problem where I don’t eat enough though, and I struggle with “treating” myself. I do usually snack before bed, but healthy snacks because I suffer from hypoglycemia and if I don’t eat before bed I wake up feeling awful ha ha.
    Your weekend looks like so much fun though! Glad you got in some laziness after the 1/2 iron man!

    • Yep–no problem eating before bed, it’s just we TEND to reach for sugary snacks. No bueno.

      Also, I might suggest eating more often throughout the day–and/or having a bigger breakfast. This fixed the problem for me (I noticed I was eating more snacks at night….and it’s because I was getting enough earlier in the day). Just a thought!

      Have a great day <3

  7. Danielle says:

    You Labor Day weekend sounds like it was amazing!!! We went camping/canoeing on this river in East Texas, got attacked by all sorts of bugs, rained on, and then I got to canoe for 8 miles all by myself because my gals didn’t know how or want to. Luckily, after we got home I spent all day yesterday in Lake Conroe cycling, joggin, swimming and eating and that more than made up for my less-than-stellar canoeing experience. Actually I would have loved it had my gals perhaps been more coherent and piched in on the rowing, lol.
    I totally get the sugar/sweets thing when you are tired. That was me today! I was pretty tired from yesterday and swam this mornign before work, and instead of having my healthy savory breakfast that I normally have, I had to have a sweet thing because I forgot my food at home. Boo! I tend to reach for silly sweets when I’m tired, like jolly ranchers. This tells me that I’m either lacking sleep, protein, or both. I never crave that stuff, but if I’m deprived of something else they seem appealing! heehee
    Oh well, glad to be back to my routine… I didn’t realize how I missed it until today!

  8. Very good points!!

    When I’m tired I notice I immediately want chocolate!!! How strange is that???

  9. Great points!

    When I’m tired I always go for chocolate. Or ice cream. Although when I’m hungry at night I try to go for something protein-y, like cottage cheese or greek yogurt!

    • Good for you for choosing a better snack!! Usually when we’re so tired we just naturally reach for the sugary stuff–but if you can stop it in its tracks, KUDOS! :)

  10. You know what’s weird? I never crave sweet stuff– I crave fat. I drop at least 5 lbs when I have my period and afterwards I always crave peanut butter or avocados.

  11. That pizookie bar is seriously genius! I wish Cody and I would’ve thought of that for our reception because we are HUGE pizookie lovers! It sounds like you had the perfect weekend. I’m convinced Cody and I are going to have a picnic dinner this weekend! I love that idea!

  12. WHAT!? A pizookie bar? That is some genius stuff right there! I tried my first GF pizookie at BJs Restaurant a few months back, and it was seriously one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Looks like you had quite the weekend!

  13. Usually if I’m tired I’ll want simple carbs and sugar- so I try and change it up by having some more complex carbs with a protein- that way atleast I’m filling myself up also. Love your pictures! Thanks for filling us in. The Pizookie bar looks awesome! I’ve never heard of one of those before- I must research 😉



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