Pin Love + ZipFizz Review/Giveaway

Good morning!

Happy {long} weekend!

Oh, and HEY September. WOW. <—Summer is still here for me though (it’s hot, sunny, & I’m spending as much time as possible at the pool. So take THAT calendar.)

This weekend I can’t wait to sleep lots, do nothing, and be lazy. This is going to ROCK!

{Side note: This is not entirely true….I have a short workout for today & I teach twice on Monday…BUT otherwise, it’ll be epic laziness. I deserve it, darnnit!}


And to continue with the laziness theme, I’m going to show you pictures of pins that I love and/or pins that I desperately need/want in my life. Okay? After that, check out the awesome drink I got to review & YOU get to possibly WIN. The stuff is SO tasty!

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Pin Love <3



ZipFizz Review and GIVEAWAY!!

The cool people at ZipFizz contacted me & told me about their drink(s) –they are kinda like a fizzy soda drink, except they’re a healthy energy drink & chock full of awesomeness

Ummm yes. I like me some bubbly drinks! <–carbonated water is my FAVORITE!

{I don’t drink soda hardly ever, but once in awhile-like every 6 months or so- I’ll have a diet coke.}

They sent me a few flavors to try, and I couldn’t way to try ’em!

{grape, pink lemonade, orange soda, citrus, berry}

Each canister contains powder that you dump into bottle or a cup (for 20 ounces of water), and it immediately makes a fizzy drink that tastes great & is chock full of vitamins & minerals.

It kind of reminds us (my husband and me) of airborne…but a LOT better! It’s almost like a step down from sugary soda, but not as grainy or weird tasting as airborne. Plus, the fizziness of the drink was super fun for me.

But I am easily entertained, you guys. 😉

My favorite flavor was pink lemonade (duh!), and my least favorite was berry.

And I really felt like after drinking it, that I was full of nutrients. Score!

Alright, go check out their site, & get excited…because ONE of you gets to stuff yourself silly with carbonated-tasting nutrients!

To ENTER the Zipfizz GIVEAWAY:

  • Leave a COMMENT saying what flavor you’d like to try and what soda you kind of like to drink once in awhile 😉

Optional entries:

  • You can also tweet about this + follow me on Twitter + follow them on Twitter each for extra entries when you leave a comment saying you did so

Good luck!

{GIVEAWAY entry ends Sunday, September 2, 2012, at 9 p.m. EST}

Have a GREAT weekend, my friends!


So, to enter the giveaway: What flavor would YOU like to try?? And what soda do YOU like to drink once in awhile–if any?? And for fun….weekend plans??

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  1. I think pink lemonade sounds very puckery and fizzy…interesting really?? I have never tried Airborne but I do remember PoP Rocks from waaay back when…..they fizz and pop in your mouth…I am sure zipfizz can’t be like that. (which is probably a good thing I am sure)

    DIet Coke or Coke Zero are really the only sodas I drink. 😉

  2. I would like to try the pink lemonade or the orange. I gave up soda over 3 years ago and haven’t gone back!! :) But I used to drink Diet Coke.

  3. Grapefruit sounds so good! I really don’t ever drink soda… occassionally when I go out I’ll mix vodka with club soda (does that count??) or diet coke, but I’m not a fan.

  4. Follow you, them, & tweeted! :)

  5. I want to try lemonade..i have never seen lemonades tasting anything close to real ones…:)

  6. Jill S. says:

    I would like to try the Orange Soda. I like to drink a Diet Pepsi every so often.

  7. Jill S. says:

    I’m following you and Zip Fizz on Twitter

  8. Tamara P says:

    Zipfizz is great! I tried the grape, pink lemonade and the orange, which are delicious! I also blended the flavors to make grape pink lemonade and orange pink lemonade (scared to o grape orange though). A rep also blended the orange with a splash of vanilla creamer or just half n half and made a creamsicle, that was really good! But I’ve never seen the citrus or berry flavors. Imagine the possibilities!!!! But I would probably love to get the berry the best. I’m a berry fan!

  9. oh man the pink lemonade one sounds good!

  10. I follow them on twitter, like them on facebook and same with you!

  11. I have a minor diet coke addiction – I try to keep it limited though!

    Would love to try the orange flavour – I loved orange crush when I was kid.

  12. Alexandra says:

    Ohh pink grapefruit sounds delish! I do love my occasional diet coke but limit it to special occasions :)

  13. I want to try the pink lemonade! I love cherry coke w/ popcorn at the movies. My weakness. But i really don’t drink more than a handful every year… not a big soda drinker.

  14. I would love to try the Orange flavor, seems like it might taste like Sunkist and also be really refreshing after a run. The added nutrients are nice too!

  15. Pink lemonade!! I love a good diet soda every now and again…oopsy;)

  16. follow you on twitter

  17. follow them on twitter

  18. caroline says:

    I would love to try your favorite, pink lemonade! Yum!

  19. Nicole says:

    I’d like to try the Orange Soda flavor! I LOVE DIET MT DEW!!

  20. Oh I’m guilty of the occasional Diet Coke, too! But I have to sneak it because my husband gives me the “I wish you wouldn’t drink that stuff. Do you know how terrible it is for you?” (um, yeah) speech if he sees me drinking it 😉 I usually love pink lemonade, but this orange soda sounds interesting!

  21. The berry sounds good! I enjoy a diet Sunkist every now and then. :)

  22. Grape or Pink Lemonade!!!! Would love it!!!

  23. Orange soda sounds like it would be good!!

  24. I follow them on twitter!

  25. I follow you on twitter!

  26. HAHAH Love them! Thanks for sharing, especially the ice cream one 😉

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