Recovery From A Half IronMan Triathlon–Info For Your Next Race

Hey you guys.

How are ya? HAPPY FRIDAY!

Go say CONGRATS to Ashley!Β Wahoo!


Pretty sure I’ve never been more excited about a 3-day weekend…I NEED rest! Ever since the Half IronMan triathlon last Saturday, I have been sleeping in as much as my schedule allows, yet still feel a bit tired. Can’t wait to get some more sleep!

So many have asked me what I did after the race, so I am going to outline what I did right after it (I never got to talk about the rest of my weekend either! hah) & this past week to help my body recover quickly & bounce back as much as it could. πŸ˜‰

And you’ll glean some ideas of what you can do after your next race too. Double awesome.

Recovery From a Half Ironman Triathlon-or ANY Race

Right After the Race

Right after the race was over I ate watermelon & orange slices, drank chocolate milk & tons of water.

After walking around in a daze (not kidding. I couldn’t believe that had just happened/that I did that), snapped pictures with my friends, & successfully ate my way through the watermelon, I plopped myself down on the ground.

I do NOT suggest lying down on the ground right after a race. Make sure you walk around (don’t just stop), stretch a bit, wander around in a daze, & thus avoiding the blood to pool.

Then you can lie down. πŸ˜‰

Oh, or sit down and wait in line for a massage. {And take pictures of your medal is a must!}

GOT a massage!

It was good (not great), but anything would’ve been better than nothing.

Then more picture snapping ensued!

{this is my signature move after a race…because I will always be a dancer at heart! <3}

Finally we walked over the transition site, grabbed my stuff, loaded the car, & snapped final pictures.

{ummmm I guess we were last to leave?? hah}

We then headed to Subway to get fooooooooooddddd.

I wanted veggies, turkey, salt, more salt, and chips. πŸ˜‰

This HIT the spot. SO delicious.

My husband drove us home and I promptly hopped in the shower for 20 minutes. Ahhhhhhhh.

{Sorry, no picture.}

bahahaha. I crack myself up sometimes….

Saturday Evening

Afterwards I rubbed myself down with a muscle rub, took a short nap, and eventually ate 1/4 a bagel with cream cheese.

We then headed out to see a movie, we ate fro yo, and we got some delicious groceries! <—all my ideas. I had crazy amounts of energy for some odd reason.

{My husband was exhausted, but I was all for a little date night action & to celebrate. I have WAY too much energy, you guys.}

{like 6 flavors & 10 toppings. BRING it on.}

We FELL into bed, totally exhausted. And I promptly slept for 12 hours.

12, baby.

Next Day (Sunday)

Ate a HUGE 40-gram simple protein-packed pancake (with lots & lots of almond butter), went to church, taught Sunday School, did laundry, and ate dinner & dessert with my in-laws!

{this dessert made me think of Janetha. this is her favorite!}

Exercise Aftermath

This past week I’ve walked, elliptized, strrreeetched, foam rolled, rubbed more Deep Blue Rub all over, and slept as much as humanely possible.

I’ve taught 3 BodyPUMP classes, 1 Zumba class, and have 1 more class on the agenda today.

Let’s just say the squats & lunges in BP were TOUGH. Actually, it hurt my hamstring a little, so I didn’t do the squat in its entirety<–my members all knew about my race so they were cool with it.

I really think keeping up with weight training throughout the long-distance training really kept me strong & helped me recover so quickly. Actually, I don’t think it, I KNOW it.

Boom, baby.

This week I’ve also eaten tons of protein & complex carbs!

Finer Points of Recovery from a Race

To sum it up, if you’re racing soon, do these things after your race to help you recover quickest:

  • Drink a lot of water!
  • Eat (especially) good sources of protein & complex carbohydrates
  • SLEEP. Lots.
  • Foam roll, stretch, do yoga
  • Do less physical activity that week but don’t just do NOTHING <–that makes soreness worse, actually
  • Do something celebratory (fro yo, shopping, movie, date night, etc.)
  • SMILE, relax, and bask in the awesomeness of the race being done!



I am off to work, teach Zumba, work, and then it’s party time at the park. Have an awesome FRIDAY!


What do YOU do immediately after a race?? What are some things YOU do to celebrate a race being done?? What do YOU like to put in YOUR fro yo cup?? What are YOUR weekend plans this weekend??

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  1. Wow, you go girl! After I ran the Nike Women’s Marathon in 2010, I didn’t move for a straight WEEK. Seriously, I was pretty much bed-ridden and my leggies wanted to do nothing but be propped up.
    One thing that really helped in my recovery though was icing and stretching. It was pretty much my excuse to keep up with some old fashioned yoga πŸ˜€

    • Stretching & yoga are always great after races!! <--I think the weight training throughout my training helped me bounce back quickly. xoxo <3

  2. AH! I love your signature move!!! Totally shows your long, lean hot bod!! I’m more of a sprinkles type girl on my fro yo… or no toppings, just load up the different flavors!! My post-race meal always includes a savory one and a sweet one later!! Totally worth it and well deserved!!

  3. You’re so incredibly fit! Love the healthy grocery cart, too – balanced by the fro-yo. πŸ˜‰

  4. FroYo…has to be topped with chocolate something and walnuts/cashews/or peanuts….lOVE!! πŸ˜‰

    (Who needs flowers with that signature move……maybe the Olympians should copy that! ha!) Seriously, just wish I was that flexible.

  5. i dont think ive properly congratulated you yet but CONGRATS!!! you are so inspirational and I loved reading your recaps of the race! its been a bit of a crazy week so sorry for the delayed comment, haha!

    I think the most beat up i felt after a race was my last half marathon where I really ran all out…but foam rolling and stretching and REST is so important afterwards! here’s hoping marathon recovery wont be too bad πŸ˜‰

    i havent gotten to see my parents yet since we’ve gotten back from our trip and since kevin proposed so i’m excited to see my family AND friends this weekend!

  6. I haven’t done a race in so long (except for a 5k) that I can’t even remember what I did to recover! The 2 14ers (8-hour hike) that I did in July definitely left me wiped out like an endurance race would- and I got a massage and had a big meal after that! And some beer. Beer is crucial. :)

  7. Jesus woman, you are flexible!

    I’ve only ever done one race (a 10 k), but afterwards I remember drinking a G2, grabbing some banana slices and walking around with my mom for a little while. The shower I took when I got home was pretty much the nicest thing I’ve ever experienced, haha.

  8. Danielle says:

    Love this Friday post! Your recovery sounds amazing, no wonder you have so much energy and radiate with health! You glow girl, lol get it? πŸ˜›
    I really needed some good recovery ideas cuz I tend to fall short in that department sometimes. I’m all golden before a race, but get way too slack with eating enough good stuff or enough in general, and I get way too eager to hit hard workouts again. Like my slow six mile yesterday still hurt, and now I think I need to skip my long run tomorrow. I do love easy swimming for recovery, the water feels like therapy!
    I’m so excited, tomorrow we are going camping and canoeing, then cycling around a lake on Monday… Actually it’s the same route for my half IM, eeeek! Have a gorgeous weekend and thanks again for the good vibes :-).

  9. I love all the delicious eats you recovered with! Not only are they delicious, but healthy too! Good for you girlfriend! :) Thank you for the shoutout too! You’re too sweet! xoxo

  10. wowww that is soo cool you did it and its great to see you know how to recover! i like seeing a girl that eats and really knows how to nourish herself :) when i did my tough mudder in july I had a beer straight after and I usually never drink beer. yuck! and I had a protein bar right after and another one and then we changed, went home and went out for dinner! but we also took pain meds because we were seriously aching all over :( hahaaa good memories tho ! xx

  11. I need to look into this rub!!! And I’m nervous about post-marathon. I’m going to have to go out to dinner with my family and then my aunt and her “man friend” and they always insist on taking us to a fancy steakouse. I will be half asleep and wearing compression pants under a dress. Wooo!

  12. not going to lie – I totally learned the hard way post marathon NOT to sit down but to keep moving instead.

  13. Awesome! I’m glad you rewarded yourself post-race. haha, that always happens to me I just feel so pumped after actually finishing and all those good endorphins keep ya going. My bf on the other hand comes home and power naps!



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