Breaking Up With…..

Hey guys!

Thank you, THANK YOU for all your kind words, encouragement, & congratulations on my finishing the Half IronMan Triathlon. It means a lot!

That was honestly one of the toughest mental battles I’ve ever waged, and it was tough physically of course too, but I feel blessed that I could train & complete that. It was a goal of mine for a long time, so it feels amazing to have accomplished that!


Moving on. As you know, I am a FitMixer Ambassador (yay!), and as such, get to write a post here, leading YOU to their page where you can ENTER to win FREE FitMixer products!!

And yes, this is for real!

This month I get to write a letter to something that is holding me back from my health or fitness goals….and break up with that ‘something.’

To be honest, this was a tough one–just because I have pretty healthy habits (I sleep a lot, drink water, exercise, eat right, etc.), and there isn’t something HUGE in my life right now that is making me unhappy or, ahem, keeping me from reaching goals I set.

But, there is ONE thing that bothers me.

Excessive social media.


I check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. toooooo much. When I am bored, multi-tasking (which-fortunately & unfortunately, I am really good at), even talking to someone else, I might check those things and/or post to those social media sites.

It is out of control, not healthy, and not doing me any favors.

{Of course I like sharing posts and pictures for the blog & checking in with my friends, but I need to do it less.}

It is common knowledge that checking these sites often can dampen spirits, strongly influence thoughts about ones self, influence self esteem, and even cause comparisons, jealousy, or even negative thoughts about another.



My husband even mentioned the other night that seeing friends’ vacation photos, cool outings, famous people they meet, or even constant posts about what accomplishments they make can influence how he feels about himself. And my husband is a way better person than me! So if he feels like sometimes he is influenced by this, I bet I am too, in subtle ways.

I used to be a super judgy, competitive, jealous person. I always wanted to be the skinniest, prettiest, smartest, best at everything & anything.

A lot of that has changed, obviously, (and here’s a great talk on not being jealous, actually!) and as such, I am a much happier person.

However, there are still moments when I start to judge, start to think ill of myself or others via pictures or posts, and/or become jealous because of something someone posted.

{source} I know. Plus, it’s often a huge time waster to worry about these things and check the sites all day long. These sites are ways for people to share things, yes, but it’s also a way to waste time & energy if over used. Β (Plus, ever heard of oversharing?! Ugh.)

So, here is my break up letter:

Breaking Up With….

Dear Excessive Social Media,

I am breaking up with you. Plain and simple. You pull me in with your enticing pictures, messages, hash tags, and even possible moments of fame or recognition, but what I get in return is emptiness, wasted time, and jumbled, unhealthy thoughts.

Health to me is so much more than just eating right, exercising enough, and getting good amounts of sleep & water-it is also how I feel about life, how happy I am, how fulfilled I feel, and how in the present I live. Well, Mr. Excessive Social Media, you rob me of those awesome feelings too often. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, and more do not need to be a part of my daily routine ALL day long-besides, I want to be more productive at work. Now, when I am bored or want to multi-task, I am turning to great podcasts, spiritual reflections, chores, or other less-labor intensive work tasks.Β 

So, don’t expect to see me hanging around all that much, social media, because excessiveness with you just leaves me feeling drained, cranky, unaccomplished, unhappy, and totally not fulfilled. I know I’ve tried to give you up before, but this is really it. I am committed to having you, Mr. Excessive Social Media, out of my life. The blessings of saying good0-bye will far outweigh any small consequences (of possibly missing out on a post, picture, or update, etc.), because I have a life to live-and that life is not lived well when hanging around with you!

Goodbye, Mr. Excessive Social Media.




Now, head over to FitMixer and include YOUR break-up letter for a chance to win your choice of 2-pounds of FitMixer product for FREE!!

If YOU were to break up with something, what would YOU break up with?? And WHY?? Do YOU love/hate social media?? Why or why not??Β 

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  1. I do love social media but only a few… facebook, twitter, instagram… and occassionally pinterest… ok maybe this is too much? i can’t check while i’m at work so when i get home or on the weekends i do check A LOT!

  2. This is GREAT annette! After Ashley’s post about unplugging this week I realized just how much I’m connected to my computer and phone, it’s starting to become quite a chore! I need to find a way to back off a bit because now that school and GOTR coaching is starting up, I am feeling so overwhelmed, and social media takes up too much time!

  3. Annette, do you have a plan? What specifically will you do? Give up accounts? Get one of those clever apps that allows only so much time per site? Whittle down your friends on Facebook? Curious to know.

    • Hi Jen! Yep, good question–I am starting with 10 mins on FB (either split between 1-2 x/day), 3 times checking Twitter/day (for a total of 8 minutes), 3x on Instagram (total of 8 minutes/day), and Pinterest every other day for about 5-8 minutes. So far it’s been great!
      These are HUGE differences from constant checking & clicking all day long for me πŸ˜‰

  4. No..I do not like all the social media…I don’t Twitter, I have no idea how Instagram works, I Facebook occasionally, and really dislike all the time Pinterest takes looking at things I will never make, bake, ride, sew, order, eat, etc..etc..

    I like to BLOG…and read inspirational books in my spare time. πŸ˜‰

  5. This is what my husband was telling me last night Annette! He recently deleted his facebook. He is working on me to do the same. I see it as harmless, but maybe him and your husband have a good point. I think it definitely takes me away from other important things I can be doing. I feel this way about blogs too. I have to read a handful of blogs that I love (yours included) everyday or I feel lost. I don’t like that I depend on those things to start my day.

    Are you planning on cutting social media out completely, or are you limiting yourself to certain times or days?

    • Hi Tina!! I am cutting back on it-drastically. I can’t totally eliminate it, just for business purposes & such, plus it is a great way for me to contact people & friends, but I was doing it TOO much (checking & clicking all day long).

      10 mins FB, 3x Twitter/day, 3x Instagram/day (both for total of 10 mins), and Pinterest every other day for 10 mins. :)

  6. Danielle says:

    I would love to break up with social media also, or at least take a time out sometimes :) Sometimes it just fills my head with white noise and is really distracting and can be negative! I’m thankful for positive blogs like yours, but there are some other blogs/sites that can bring out my insecurities and obsessiveness, so I stay away from them as much as possible. I don’t like sites that are too focused on fixing yourself, because that’s saying we are all broken and need to be fixed. I am all about improvement, but some sites just take to an obsessive place that is not healthy for me. Now I just try to stay with sites that are happy, fun, joyful and positive. Like yours! I don’t get on the computer much at night, and have made my evenings my own personal time.. if I am near my computer than I’m totally distracted, and all wound up! Not relaxing.
    I would also love to break up with DOUBT. I catch myself having doubt from time to time, and it’s so silly! I doubt myself far too much, and I’m sick of it. What’s the point of doubt and always second guessing? I much rather live in faith and be positive, but some habits are harder to break than others. Great post!

  7. ohhhhh my gosh. you picked a good one. i need to have the same break up.

  8. Alicia Baer says:

    You go girl! Everyone should read your break up letter, and do it in their own lives!

  9. I agree! I sometimes go overboard too. It is too easy to get sucked in. I need to cut back myself!

  10. Oh my gosh, yes! I can completely relate to this. I like social media because I like to be inspired and get new ideas for fitness, recipes, etcc. But at the same time I definitely fall prey to the comparison trap when I go on Twitter and Facebook too much. It’s so hard to avoid!

  11. I love social media but I invest way too much time in it. The majority of my days are spent online – this is going to be a huge shock when I’m back in school and can’t do it (because I would really, really like to do well in school)

  12. This awesome! I will be taking this to heart as well – excessive social media leaves me tired! πŸ˜‰

  13. Agreed! Social media truly can be so bittersweet! Just like everything else in life – balance is key! :)

  14. If I were to break up with something I’d say it’d have to be my negativity towards myself! Ps. Love that photo with the donut thing for different social media sites haha!

  15. One of the best posts you’ve ever wrote! I love you so much Annette.

    I like how you began this post. Honestly saying this topic was difficult for you because you already have healthy habits. I can totally relate to that, so my break up would be with social media too!

    Seriously sweetie, amazing post xo



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