Final Thoughts Before Half IronMan Race

Hey people!!

TOMORROW I will race in my first Half IronMan (and probably last, but I never like to put limits on anything.)

I am totally excited and totally nervous.

I’m just going to remember this:



Final Thoughts Before Half IronMan Race

1. I have spent sooooo many hours training for this (because if your dreams don’t scare you….), but I am excited to just DO it, and am planning on enjoying the entire experience.


2. I slept for 10 hours on Wednesday night to help prepare me for this, and did no workout or training at all yesterday to help rest my body before the big event. (Today I teach a 1 hour Zumba class).


I think I’ve forgotten what it feels like to get enough rest & not be too sore.

3. My friend and her brother are doing it too-so it’ll be fun to have a friendly face around!

4. I have NO time goals-except that I don’t want to be DQed by not making it into the transitions in the right amount of time (the bike section is the only one that really worries me with cut-off time).


5. I can’t use an ipod during the entire race!!!!!!!

Wicked bummer.

I am totally a person who loves a good beat & needs music to stay motivated… I was devastated when realizing that I couldn’t even do the half marathon section without music.

WHAT am I going to do?!

Then I decided that I will tell myself stories, soak in the experience, and think about life. I am ready to ENJOY these 6-8 hours of pure fitness & endurance.

6. I have hardly practiced transitions at all. That’s probably a bad thing, but to be honest, I am not that worried. The swim to bike transition will probably be slow, but I just want to make sure I grab/remember everything I need:

-bike (duh)



-race top with pinned bib

-socks & shoes

-gel and gu’s

-sunglasses & gloves

{I am wearing black compression shorts & a sports bra for the swim, and then planning on pulling on a racerback for the bike + capris over the shorts <–for chafing purposes. Those shorts are short! hah. WHAT do you think?! Capris or NO?! And if I do wear the capris, I am taking them off for the run. It will be around 11 a.m.-ish by the time I run. HOT.}

7. It’s supposed to be in the 90’s and SUNNY the entire time I am racing.


I am totally a sun/Summer gal, but I will be a nasty, sweaty mess in no time with those kind of temperatures!

Ahh well. I signed up for this! Hah. 😉

Besides, no one has ever drowned in their own sweat.


(However, I probably will come reallllllyyy close.)

8. My husband, sisters, and you all have been so supportive of this goal of mine. THANK you!!

9. I can’t promise any kind of coherent race recap soon thereafter, so just be patient.

I am all about living, rather than blogging about it–so we shall see. But, I will try and post some pics and/or race times if possible.

10. We’re camping out at a friend’s house tonight (they live near the race site), so that means we only have to get up at 4:45 a.m. NICE.

The race starts at 7 a.m. (so any prayers thrown this way around that time would be super appreciated). :) The body marking area closes at like 6 a.m. though, so I need to make sure my stuff is all set in the transition area, and I have my body markings on.

11. When I picked up my race packet the other evening, I found out the swim is not a ‘everyone run into the water at once’ start. YESSSS.

They do it by age group, so I am planning on being close to the front of mine<–I hate passing people while swimming. Swimming is my strongest of the 3, so I don’t love the feeling of having to practically swim over people who are slower than me.

(Don’t worry, they’ll all probably pass me on the bike portion.)


12. I can’t believe this is REALLY happening!!!!! I am a ball of nerves, but a part of me is really proud of the fact that I stuck with the training, that I am doing this in spite of a small fear of the bike, and that I am attempting something very new & different.

Getting outside my comfort zone preparing for this race has been awesome.

I can’t wait to RACE tomorrow!! 70.3 here I come, baby!


{And a slight p.s. I am SO excited for this training to be done with and to actually RACE. Just had to say that. Hah.}



Have a LOVELY Friday <3

What is something YOU have done that has totally scared YOU but ended up being awesome?? Any goal YOU’ve achieved recently?? <–I wanna hear YOU be proud of those!! And, should I wear the capris or NOT on the bike portion?!??!?!? (see #6 for reference)

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  1. I am no one to tell you what to wear but if the compression shorts are longer I wouldn’t worry about pulling other stuff on….I would think you would be fine. 😉

    Saying the eulogy at my brother in laws funeral (over 300 friends and family were present) . None of his siblings thought they could do it and we wanted it to be from a family member so I practiced *a lot* and it went really well….I was very nervous but I think I did him proud.

    Personal goal…lost the dreaded 10 pounds I have been wanting to lose for ever!! YEA!!

    Good Luck…and like you said be in the moment and enjoy the race!!! You will do great!

  2. Make your fam take TONS of pix!! Can’t wait to hear about this!!!!!!!

  3. caroline says:

    I can’t WAIT to hear all about your victorious half ironman experience! You are going to do soooo awesome. And who cares if the shorts are short. It will give the people behind you something else to think about then how blasted long the bike and running parts are =) AND comfort trumps everything when it comes to races. If you are worries about chaffing, wear the capris during the bike but lose those suckers for the run. You will feel so much better.

  4. Julie says:

    Good luck to you! I know you will be awesome!
    I could never do an Ironman. I am totally terrified of the swimming!!! I do know how to swim, but that part just scares me to death…..

  5. Traci says:

    Good luck to you, but most importanly have FUN!!! I’m doing a 150 mile 2 day bike ride next month which is totally out of my comfort zone. I’ve never done something like this so this will be my big hoorah.

  6. You sound equally mentally and physically prepared! Good luck! <3

  7. I’m so excited for you lady! You will ROCK it! :)

  8. Love love love your inspirational quotes & pics. Good luck, have fun, and rock that race!

  9. Just remember to HAVE FUN! You know you’ll rock it! And don’t worry about music – for my half this summer I realized at the start line that I’d forgotten to bring headphones! I only missed the music for a couple miles near the end, otherwise it really didn’t bother me much! I was so distracted by looking around and by all the runners! And stories in your head is always fun – I have a very vivid imagination, so I come up with all different things while I’m running!

  10. Annalise says:

    You can do hard things!

  11. Good luck tomorrow! You have been training so hard, and will kick butt:)

  12. best of luck, you got this! XOXOOXOOXO

  13. If the shorts are short, wear the capris. I made that mistake once because my shorts were short and not TRI shorts (which dry quickly) and I chafed BIG time. OR you can purchase longer tri shorts and run/bike in those. They have slight padding in the crotch for the bike, but not so much that you feel like you are wearing a diaper during the swim/run.

    But…nothing new on race day SO go with what you’ve been doing / are most comfy with.

    GOOD LUCK – you are going to rock! :-)

  14. Danielle says:

    Best wishes and gooooooood luck, you will totally ROCK this RACE and shine like a bright star that you are!!!! Huge hugs, cheers, and great race day vibes from Texas!!!!! I’ll be thinking and praying for you tomorrow during my Oly, and smiling at your success! Wahooooooo!

    • Thank YOU Danielle! You’ve been so motivating & awesome during this WHOLE prep time. Now, YOU go and rock your Olympic Tri tomorrow!!!! <3

  15. GOOD LUCK ANNETTE!!!! I am going to be thinking about you alllllllllll morning!! You can do this! 70 miles? wow…..I can’t believe I am your sister. That makes me partly awesome too, right? =)
    Ideas of what to think about: go through each person you loved on the mission– start in your first area and go through each ward and each area and each companion!! That should give you something wonderful to smile about as you are running in 90 degrees!
    I lOVE you ! You are going to be ammmmaaaaaazzzzing! GOOD luck!!!!

  16. Oh gosh, it’s going to be so amazing. Enjoy it!

  17. You’re making me nervous! Haha, you should be very proud- I know you’ll do your best :) I hope you have some post-race rewards planned (dinner, massages, something sweet, dvds etc).

  18. First of all…. LOVE that quote. It’s from one of my most favorite movies and also the message in it is just glorious! and second, GOOD LUCK, I cannot wait to hear how fantastic you do, I know you have this!

  19. Good luck! You are gonna have a great time no matter what. It’s such a great experience. Are the shorts you’re swimming in bike shorts? If so, forget the capris. Just body glide areas that chafe before the swim. Pulling on clothes when wet is really hard. If you can get a race belt for your bib at this late hour I’d recommend that rather than the shirt, too. But the most important thing now is to relax and not worry too much. Being a good swimmer you don’t have to worry about the start, but just know it’s a bit of a smacking war until everyone spreads out. In a half your transitions don’t have to be super fast, just keep moving and don’t sit down! No music on run shouldn’t be a problem because there will be spectators and you’ll want to hear them cheering! Enjoy it!



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