Casein Almond Butter Mess + Skinny Bits Review

Hey friends!

I think it’s totally fabulous how many of us love bright colors. :) If you’ve checked out the website at all, you can probably see that I live my life as BRIGHTLY as possible. 😉


{our wedding cake}

{I remember whilst planning my wedding during grad school & how excited I was about all the colors. My husband doesn’t like pale or pastel colors, so it was perfect-in every sense.}


Last night, after teaching a crazy, sweaty Zumba class, I wanted to crash…..but I knew I needed to keep my muscles recovering throughout the night (and before hitting up a spin class early this morning).

CASEIN protein to the rescue!

Just FYI:

  • Casein protein is low carb (duh) & slowly releases the proteins (and thus amino acid breakdown) into the bloodstream & reaches the organs/muscles slowly.
  • Casein protein is best consumed before bed, thus recovering the muscles throughout the entire night.
  • Casein protein should be consumed at almost the opposite time of whey protein (whey is best right after exercise, and casein, right before sleeping or fasting state.)
  • Protein powder talk by Meg and her vlog all about Casein protein
  • FYI: I use THIS whey powder & THIS casein powder

Casein Almond Butter Mess


  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese
  • 1/2 scoop casein protein (mine is vanilla flavored)
  • 1/2 droperful vanilla stevia
  • 2 Tb cocoa powder
  • 1 heaping spoonful almond butter
  • a dash of almond milk & salt

Mix together & enjoy! It tasted JUST like chocolate pudding with a nice, salty almond butter taste.


Eat it tonight before bed, and you won’t even want ice cream or chocolate bars. Promise. It’s decadent, filling, and nutritious!


Skinny Bits Review

The kind folks at SkinnyBits sent me some Skinny Bits to try.

SKINNYBits algae tablets are the perfect high protein, low calorie snack to help fuel you up before a grueling workout or to help rebuild your muscles after. And they are super easy and convenient as you get all the nutrients you need without the hassle of cooking!

Algae is all the rage right now–and these bits are made from 100% organic spirulina algae. This stuff is high in protein, low in calories, and fat, and has been touted to help aid weight loss, improve muscle endurance and recovery, and boost energy levels.

Sounds almost too good to be true, right?

Algae & spirulina are definitely superstars when it comes to being beneficial for our health & energy. However, it’s not necessarily the prettiest stuff, nor does it have such a good rap.

(I mean who says “Yah, I eat algae for breakfast?”)

Pretty sure that’s why the folks at Skinny Bits decided to take on the stuff and package ’em into pills.

I was not looking to lose weight (duh) while trying them, and I did not take enough pills to really notice a difference, but they are pretty tasteless & no, I did not notice a difference in being less sore or more energetic.

However, they might work better if you actually eat them consistently.


I guess if you’re looking for an easy (on the run, anyone?), pretty tasteless way to get some yummy (??), okay nutritious, algae, spirulina, protein, & evidently help recover your muscles, Skinny Bits could be a way to go. But I honestly can’t say I’d ever buy them if they hadn’t been given to me.

And I really do not like the name. At all. Yes, I said it.

{I gave my honest opinion, was not compensated for this post, but a huge thank you to the Skinny Bits folks for sending me product free of charge.}


Have a GREAT day ya’all!

COUNTDOWN: 5 DAYS (til Half IronWoman time).

What is something yummy YOU eat before bed time?? Do YOU eat casein protein?? Have YOU ever tried algae before??

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  1. These were at HLS this weekend and Skinny Bits are (obviously and stupidly) geared toward girls while Energy Bits are the same thing just geared to athletes! I haven’t tried the Energy Bits that I was given yet, but I agree with you that the name for Skinny Bits is just stupid… Yes, let’s encourage people to take pills to lose weight. NO!

  2. ahhh im so excited for your ironwoman!!

    i always have a small bowl of ice cream after dinner every night..or froyo. even during winter. i’m a weird one :)

  3. Cottage cheese + nut butter is one of my favorite evening snacks! I add in some protein powder too sometimes! I like your little “mess” you made! 😉

  4. I love mixing cocoa powder with cottage cheese! But why have I never though to add some almond butter too? Yum! I need to try that!

    I saw those Skinny Bits at HLS this weekend and I agree the name is pretty dumb! I’m curious to try them though.

  5. I’ve never even heard of Casein protein! I’m going to look into it now!

  6. five days! EEEEEP!

  7. Cottage cheese and nut butter is one of the best combos out there. Your snack looks awesome. I swear blending it makes it taste 80 x better. For some odd reason! 😉
    I can’t believe you’re 5 days away!!! So exciting!

  8. Danielle says:

    whoooohooo 5 days!!!! ok i’m sure you so ready to get it done already, but i’m so super excited for you!
    i’ve never tried casein but hear about all the time. my night treats are all over the place right now – last night i had frozen bananas with dried fruits. if i had me some chocolate it would have been sooo much better! i love chia seed puddings as well, with coconut milk and extra toasted coconut and dried cranberries. your recipe sounds great though, in fact it’s making me hongray! :p
    i bought some kelp powder once and tried it, and literally almost choked. it was not anything like i was expecting! i’m a huge sushi fan, but this was some seaweed taste that was over the top! i’d like to try spirulina again, i have taken the capsules and din’t really notice anything profound but who knows? :)

  9. I’ve never tried casein powder – I love my heavy lifting so it would definitely be beneficial for me to try it!

    I normally go with cottage cheese and nuts or fruit or a flavoured greek yogurt if I’m hungry before bedtime. Or y’know, chocolate. :-)

  10. I have never tried algae before, but they are sending me energybits to try, so I guess we’ll see how that goes, ha. I also have not had casein protein before, but I’ve heard, like you explained, it’s best at night. I should maybe try that for the nights (like tonight) where I teach 2 Zumba classes back to back and not home till almost 10. I usually just eat a ginirmous bowl of cereal, ha. I have to admit, you almond butter mess looks awesomeeee and right up my alley :)

  11. Thanks for that review- I am with you in that I probably wouldn’t buy them either. Yum I like your yummy mess- 5 days! AHH Goodluck, I’ll be thinking of you on the day :)



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