How To Get What You Want

Hey friends!

How ARE you doing!?

I’m doing fabulous—that was an awesome weekend. And it’s going to be summed up mostly by pictures-

My friend’s wedding (Friday night)

She was a bridesmaid at my wedding–she and I were in the same Exercise Science grad program at BYU a few years ago & totally hit it off. We both have worked as health coaches. And she is a FAST runner (and Boston marathoner). She runs marathons for fun (and in about 3 hours).

{Can you guess her wedding colors?! 😉 P.s. I am totally flattered that she wanted to do bright colors after attending my wedding!}

{the happy couple after the marriage ceremony}

{a gorgeous place to be married at, huh?}

Wedding Brunch

Saturday morning we met for a brunch at a lovely hotel in downtown SLC.

{More about this omelette later.}

My Saturday Afternoon

Ummmm yah.

The Wedding Open House (Saturday evening)

{We passed fires in the mountains on the way there. SO so sad.}

{matched the wedding colors}

{I have serious ‘I can’t sit still in the car’ issues. Anyone else?!}

FRO YO machine & toppings!!! {I visited it twice. Don’t worry.}

{I had a few bites of the carrot cake layer, and 1 bite of the chocolate layer.<–I was already sugared out. And I think fondant is nasty. The end.}

YAY for the happy couple!

{The fires were burning bad when we went back home.}

Sunday Morning

{Another round of my 40-gram protein Simple Protein-Packed Pancake -topped with almond butter, syrup, & Chobani plain Greek yogurt. YUMM.}

{And getting ready for church.}

{Dinner at a friend’s party on Sunday evening.}

A good weekend, no?! 😉


How to Get What You Want

Back to that omelette I ate at the wedding brunch.

Back story: There was an omelette bar that guests could go to and order what they wanted. 5 people were ahead of my husband and me, so I got to watch them order.

I decided (in my head) that I would ask for an egg-white omelette with just a bit of full egg–however, I didn’t even know if it was possible, I was just going to TRY and ASK. (She was dumping tons of egg stuff in the pan–probably the equivalent of 4 or 5 eggs-, and I knew I didn’t want that much egg + I wanted other food too.)

I got up to the front and said “I’d like an egg white omelette with spinach, peppers, & turkey sausage please.” She nodded and got right to work. WOW!

The girl in front of me was sad she didn’t ask for that–she said “I didn’t know you could ask for an egg white one.”

Well, my friends, I didn’t know either. But, I did just decide to try & ask anyways.

That’s it– how to get what you want: TRY (and/or work hard) again & again, and ASK.

If you’re at a restaurant, brunch, in a gym, at work, with your spouse–whatever it is-just TRY (hard) and ASK for what you want. And you might just get it.

It might be outside your comfort zone to do that, but that’s even better<–since we know how magical it is outside of that zone! 😉


Have an awesome day!!!

Who’s is the latest wedding YOU went to?? What food(s) did they serve that was to die for??<–fro yo bar, baby!!!! What have YOU asked for & gotten that YOU wanted because YOU were willing to try & to ask??

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  1. I love her dress!!! Haha during vacay my whole family would request eggwhite omelettes… it was pretty funny, but you’re right – most places/people are very willing to accomodate!! You just gotta ask!

  2. Love those bright color combinations….gorgeous!

    Geesh…I haven’t been to a wedding in so long….we are attending more funerals sadly….depending on your age I think we rotate through a lot of events whether its weddings, baby showers, graduation parties or funerals. With the age of our children we will soon be making the rounds with graduations and then maybe more weddings in the future. 😉

  3. Beautiful wedding! You looked quite pretty too, I might add! 😉 I agree, I am not a fan of fondant. Bring on the buttercream and cream cheese frostings please! I’d be all about the fro yo though.

  4. Holy amazing – looks like an unbelievable wedding. What a gorgeous bride, and you looked BEAUTIFUL! I am in love with your wedding rings, by the way. may have to show my boyfriend your blog, he he. and wait, she had a FRO YO MACHINE?? seriously.. I need that at my wedding whenever that is. haha.

    I also 100% couldnt agree more with “asking for what you want”… it’s funny how so many people don’t think you can make substitutions, but you absolutely can. Great reminder, lady!

    • Thank you :) And YES–my then BF, did a great job picking out my rings :)

      I WISH I had known you could do FRO Yo at a wedding….ahh well.

  5. beautiful wedding, love all the pictures!

    it took me a long time to be comfortable enough to ask for what I want but i’m happy as I get older and have more confidence, I have NO problems doing that anymore! its definitely liberating :)

  6. I love the bright colors. So gorgeous. Hey…kind of like your site too I just noticed. 😉

  7. You can get fro yo machines for weddings?

    So that’s the most important part of my eventual wedding figured out. :-)

  8. This is definitely something I learned as well: just ASK! And a froyo bar sounds pretty awesome if you ask me :)

  9. Danielle says:

    Hi Anette, happy Monday! Love the weddings pics and such gorgeous colors indeed. OMG I had the exact same omeltte experience!!! and it was last year at my younger sister’s wedding!!! wow, that is funny. Seriously though, it was our last day together as a family and we were all staying at an Embassy Suites in St. Paul; I had just spent the last 3 days eating and drinking, so that last morning I needed a run so badly! I did a nice run in the gym there, and came down to meet up for brunch. The omelete line called my name, but I really didn’t want all that egg either, so even though I didn’t see an option I just asked the omelette maker to make mine with egg whites, and he did! Plus I wanted butter not oil, lol.
    It’s so true Anette, you never know unless you ask! Another example is I am signed up for a Sprint tri this Saturday, and all my friends are doing the Olympic and I wondered if I could updgrade. Everyone thought probably not, but I just called the race director and asked him, and he said, “sure, done!”
    Whoo hoo! So I got me an Olympic this weekend, and I’ll be thinking of you. You will rock it and crush, and I will be cheering you on in spirit! My big day is not until 11/4 so can’t wait to hear the scoop :)

    • WOW!! You’re amazing! You’ll rock it too–I’ll totally channel your ‘go get ’em spirit’ at my race :)

      • Danielle says:

        No way, it’s your fired up spirit that I am vibing off all the way from Texas! lol. I’m totally excited for you, and it will be so uber AMAZING and awesome to cross that finish line. You are an Inspiration and an Ironwoman!!!!

  10. I love those bright colors! I did pink, white, and green at my wedding. We didn’t have this but I would die to have a diy frozen yogurt bar. I love it! We had a delicious 3 layer with different flavors/fillings cake.

  11. Love the photos! Her dress is amazing and a froyo machine at the reception! WOO! Also, your wedding and engagement rings are amazing! I LOVE!

  12. Wonderful photos! I love her dress… it’s similar to something I would choose for my own wedding in fact! The flowers, colors, ceremony, food and specifically the FROYO bar… all made it for an awesome weekend :)
    Good for you for asking for what you wanted to! I am getting much better about that. I used to feel really embarrassed and as if I was a burden, but I am realizing it is perfectly fine to ask for what you need. More and more places are better about accommodating these days as well

  13. I ask allllllll the time! And 9 times out of 10 – they oblige! The power of speaking up 😀 You rock lady!



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