Friday Musings (Part II)

Hey friends!

Happy FRIDAY to us. :)

For fun:


Friday Musings (Part II)

1. Yesterday I attended a bridal shower for an amazing friend & am SO happy for her. I had a blast chatting with her about her wedding (it’s tonight), talking with her family & her friends, and eating delicious food.

{We split into 2 groups and devised messages out of the candy bars given. It was hilarious & way fun!}

2. I have pretty much eaten/drunk a spinach berry smoothie every single day since May 1, 2012. And I’m not exaggerating.

At this rate I am going to turn INTO a smoothie.

My smoothies always contain:

  • almond milk
  • ice
  • stevia
  • huge handful(s) of spinach
  • berries
  • Greek yogurt and/or cottage cheese
  • protein powder (this OR this)

And I can’t get enough of ’em!

You know what else I am obsessed with lately? Whole wheat bagels with cream cheese. Gosh that is good. Bagels are delicious, why did I ever think differently?! (Oh yah, I was scared to eat carbs for years.)

3. I am going to be a (Half) IronWoman in 8 days & counting…….Eeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!

Not much to say about this one.

I am totally freaking out– both with excitement & crazy nerves.

Anyone have ANY advice?!?!?

4. I am amazed at how many of us try on clothes OVER our clothes in the middle of the store.

I totally thought I was alone on this one–like what crazy person just full on pulls shorts & skirts & bras (not kidding) over their clothes?!


And you, apparently.

And I love that. Thanks for making me feel less weird & more normal. 😉

5. I totally ate the leftovers of my zucchini chocolate cake throughout the week with the thought “well, at least I am getting a serving of veggies!”

(If you want the recipe, here is it: grab a box of chocolate cake, dump the mix + eggs + applesauce–in place of the oil, + 1 cup grated zucchini + stevia & bake).

Easy, yummy, and full of veggies (and chocolate)!

6. Speaking of chocolate–if you don’t follow me on Instagram (@FitnessPerks), you gotta know here–I have 3 favorite chocolates.

Presents are welcome at any time. 😉

(p.s. the Toblerone actually represents ANY Swiss chocolate. Just so we’re clear here.)

7. I am SO happy for Janae & her new baby Brooke!!!!!!

8. I went to the dentist yesterday (hadn’t been in awhile) and I really enjoyed it.

Now, I admit, that is odd. But I think it’s funny when everyone says they HATE going to the dentist, and I’m all giddy over going. I used to loooovvveee the foam stuff they put in (all the diff flavors were the best!), but now the stuff isn’t in trays & definitely isn’t as cool.


Well, I am off to work, teaching Zumba, working, and then going to my beautiful friend’s wedding.

Have a GREAT Friday!


What do YOU love to eat at bridal showers?? Do YOU love going to the dentist?? What are YOUR favorite bars of chocolate?? Friday plans for YOU??

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  1. HA! Last time I went to the dentist I actually enjoyed it too…the hygienist was great!

    I am making another chocolate zucchini cake this weekend…way more ingredients and chocolate chip/nut topping….hey, they are walnuts so its a good nut right? 😉

  2. I LOVE cottage cheese in smoothies!

  3. I can’t believe your half ironman is so close!!! You’ll kick butt!

  4. Tammy says:

    I became a 1/2 Ironwoman last summer and it was the mocy accomplishing Day of my life. I will never forget it, I hope you have a great experience,, just remeber to take it all in and have fun. I look forward to a race report from you .

    • WOW! You’re amazing!!!

      I am going to try to just SOAK it all in, because I am not trying for a certain time–I just want to do it (and finish)–and not die 😉

  5. I love spicy food and cupcakes! I hate dentist and anything that has to do with teeth!
    I love green and black and Toblerone! Playing tennis tonite and getting my eyebrows fixed 😀

  6. toblerone is the best, i totally approve!! its one of my faves too!

    i hate the dentist but I really need to go, its been forever since i’ve made an appointment :(

    friday plans for me and eating and getting to sleep EARLY. 18 miles on the plan tomorrow, so nervous!

  7. I actually don’t mind the dentist either! I like getting all my teeth cleaned and pretty. I do get nervous about cavities though… I would say that’s the only thing I don’t like about the dentist. 😉

    I love the sounds of that cake! I might have to try that one out!

  8. Glad to stumble upon your blog from FitFluential!

  9. I just tried cottage cheese in a smoothie for the first time a few days ago and it was amazing!

    And oh goodness, toblerone…been so long since I had one of those, they’re so good!

  10. Is that the magic bullet I see?? Mine sucks.. but unforts cannot afford a vitamix :( Zuchinni choc cake looks BOMB, too, as do all of your meals, seriously. have so much fun at the wedding!!

  11. love that TJs bar. have you had the salted lindt bar? yummmm. have a great weekend, m’lady! xoxo

  12. Chocolate is the BOMB I really try and not eat it though because I am not one to indulge in one little piece it is more like 3+ bars :) But when I do YUM…Zucchini in your cake (grand idea) I must share this with my mommie friends! Love and Shine CourtStar

  13. If you like toblerone you should definitely have a look at the toblerone brownies I made on the blog! They are cakey brownies rather than traditional fyi :) Oh how fun- I love weddings! Have fun tonight :) Speaking of the dentist my bf went yesterday and got TEN fillings and he has the most amazing looking teeth. Talk about looks being deceiving. haha. That’ll teach him to leave it so long too- but I must admit I am guilty of that too..I am definitely not a dentist-loving girl.

  14. That food at the baby shower looks delish! I always over do it on the sweets whenever I go to one. woops. I can’t wait to hear how your half iron man goes!

  15. did you get a new camera?? your pictures are SUPER clear!!



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