Fitness & Health Survey (This & That)

Good morning! And HAPPY Friday to us!!

(2 weeks and 1 day until I race as a Half IronMan/Woman. EEEEEK!)

Last night I bought {fitness} shoes (!!!), ate dinner on the floor, and helped my in-laws strip wall paper.

It was epic.


Fitness & Health Survey: This & That

So, thanks to Ashley, and Tina, I found a fun survey that I thought I’d share with you all. It helps you get to know me, and I am a sucker for surveys. Win-win, right?! :)

1.  Run/workout in the heat and humidity or freezing temps and snow?

I’m going to have to say heat & humidity. I did it as a field hockey player in H.S. every summer so it’s not that big of a deal to me, and I don’t like freezing my butt off. Ever.

I wayyyy prefer it being hot to cold.

2. Have washboard abs or flat abs?

Ummmm does it really matter which? Hah.

I think having flat abs is nice (totally comes from lots of Pilates, weight training and clean eating), but washboard abs do prove total hard work and discipline. However, with that being said, I believe genes play a role in that as well.

Either are great! (But I love washboard abs on men <—my hubby, Michael Phelps, Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds, every hardcore male athlete, etc.)


3. Dr. Oz or The Doctors?

I’ve never seen a single episode of either. Can’t answer this one!

4. Cardio or strength?

This is WAY tough for me to answer. I looooovvveee dancing (I teach Zumba a few times/week), and I really enjoy my long sessions training for this Half IronMan, but I think I prefer lifting weights.

Weight training has become SUCH a huge source of confidence, strength, and a valuable part of my life, and I love teaching it too. I teach BodyPUMP at least 3x/week and it’s pretty much my top favorite times of the week!

That all being said, I need both in my life –with all the endorphins, strength, time to unwind, toughness, and fun.

5. Cravings: Protein or carbs?

Protein. I will write about this soon, but my body craves salty, protein-y foods WAY more than sugary stuff now. Verrrrryyy interesting.

6. Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper?

I honestly don’t spend ‘much’ time with either. But Jillian’s tough attitude rocks.

7. Frozen Yogurt or Ice Cream?

I’m with Ashley on this—Do I have to choose??!?!

I’m going to break the rules on this one: I choose both. (Fro yo for ‘going out’ and special occasions, but ice cream is usually in the freezer.)

8. To train: Upper body or Lower body?

LOWER body!! For sure!!

9. Protein powder or food with protein?

I totally eat protein powder in a bazillion forms every day (in smoothies, wraps, fruit bowls, etc.), but I love a good piece of chicken, turkey burger, or tofurkey. This one is a BOTH answer again.

10. Lunges or squats? Squats! I could do ’em every day and never be tired of them. LOVE, love. But I also really like lunges<–so effective! (I am weird. I know.)

11. Sweet or salty?

Salty. For the most part. I do need a decadent dessert once in awhile, and chocolate is consumed in one form or the other a few days/week, but for the most part my body craves salt.

{SO huge of a difference than from even a year ago!}

12. Workout attire: cute or comfy?

How about functional?! That is what I choose. (And let’s be honest, it’s always cute. HAH)

13. Body Pump or Heavy lifting?

BodyPUMP to teach, heavy lifting on my own.

But then again, I lift pretty heavy while teaching BP, so I get it all at once. :)

14. Yoga or Pilates?

Pilates. I teach it and love it.

15. Nike or Adidas?


{see above photo of shoes for evidence….}


16. Running on the treadmill or outdoors?

Outdoors for the most part. But I really love the treadmill for HIIT running and for reading books/magazines, and watching the TV and Olympics.

17. Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s!  I totally miss that store (we had it in StL), I wish they had it here!

18. Summer or Winter Olympics?

Summer Olympics!  The gymnastics, swimming, diving, soccer, and field hockey are my favorites.

{p.s. how cool was the U.S. ladies’ soccer team?! AHHH. Loved it.}

19. Exercises classes or Exercise videos?

Well, I teach fitness classes as a part-time job….so yes, FITNESS CLASSES all the way! (But, the teacher matters. A lot. A post to come about this!)

20. Steamed veggies or roasted veggies?

I totally love both! Veggies any kind of way, baby.


Have an AWESOME day, my lovely readers. <3

YOUR turn–answer a few of them please??? I’d love to get to know YOU better!  :) Any fun weekend plans for YOU?? 

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  1. I agree with you on most all of the question… except #17… if I could afford to totally grocery shop at Whole Foods I would… but for convienence (location and price), I go to TJ’s way more!

  2. caroline says:

    I’d pick Jillian over Michael for my personal trainer. I laughed when you said you have never watched Oz or Doctors cause I always thought it was the same thing. I can’t pick summer vs winter olympics I love BOTH. Oh and I agree, Nike trumps Adidas.

  3. I love trader joe, zumba and jillian is so mean but i still like her (lol) I used to watch doctors and oz. Both of them are full of paid stuff like cosmetic surgery, Oz tells you to eat a new pill in every show. I would be taking over 100 pills a day…I stopped watching it :). I love exercising at gym instead of Wii or dvds..but life is to damn busy…and yes NIKE too!!!

  4. We’re getting a Trader Joe’s SOON!! I can’t wait for that day! I also just have to chime in here about the protein vs. carbs/salty vs. sweet thing… I don’t think craving sweets or having a sweet tooth is a bad thing. If you are constantly craving them, then you are probably deprived of something else which could be leading to your cravings, but that’s the same thing with salt. Anyway, I’m sure you know all of this, but I just had to share my little opinion. :)

  5. mmmm how about frozen CUSTARD. that is my pick!

  6. I love pilates over yoga as well!:)
    I agree with most of your answers, except I love training upper body more and I am a sweet tooth lady!

  7. I way prefer working out in the heat too… when it’s cold out I feel like I can barely move! 😛

    I have to disagree with you about lower body workouts though – I hate them because they make me so sore for days after! And I feel like I never see results. I much prefer working out my upper body!

  8. I have to agree – I would never be able to chose between frozen yogurt or ice cream! And I love the color of your Zumba capris… so fun. I actually have a hard time deciding if I like the cold or heat better – I was thinking about it today on my 14 miler as I was dripping sweat and looked like I had jumped in a pool, ha. I’m not really sure which I’d chose, since they both have their advantages and serious disadvantages… so I guess it’s good I live in a state that gives me both!

  9. Really enjoyed reading your answers! Oh and you’ll be proud- I upped my squat weights to 55pounds today!! I’ve actually upped quite a bit of my weights but one’s I will never be able to I reckon is biceps I find it hard what I’m doing already! And triceps when we use the weight because my elbows really hurt- do you know why? Bad technique? Weak elbows?

    • YAY! NICE work!!!!

      For triceps, if your elbows hurt, make sure you’re grip is good (Either on the bar or dumbbells) < --you don't want 'breaking wrists'. Also, Keep the elbows at a 90 degree angle at the bottom of a tricep extension (lying down) and tricep press (lying down). Something to think about too--do you SQUEEZE the triceps muscles to bring the bar back to the center (i.e. away from your body)? If it's mostly the shoulders/biceps/joints <--elbows doing the work, that could be why they hurt. If it persists though, see a doc :)

  10. This was so fun to ready!! I love any time you write about Zumba, too 😉 Sweet or salty? WITH YOU on this one, SALTY.. even though I don’t cook with salt, I just do NOT have a sweet tooth. I rather eat chips or pita chips or pizza ANY day of chocolate cake or something. I know I am weird.

  11. Love these!! I love getting to know people better. I have never taken a body pump class, but I’m dying to! And you are right… the teacher can make or break a class!


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