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Good Morning :)

Thank you for all your kind thoughts & words. Writing about a hard personal experience for the whole wide web to see is not necessarily easy, but I know the power of strengthening others’ hearts through words & through my own recovery.

If you are suffering from binge or disordered eating habits, I encourage you to check out my past (via the post “Inside a Binge Eater’s Head“).



Now, some exciting news: I was asked to be a FitMixer Ambassador! Woot.

The company sent me some products to try, and I was totally hooked by the first drink. (It was the Aminos, people, not anything else. Hah), and accepted the ambassadorship.

I get to write a post for them every month, keep trying their products, and spread the word about this fabulous company and their products. (I even use their stuff in my regular fitness prepare & refuel routine right now.)

The cool thing about this all though?!?

I will be sponsoring giveaways for YOU guys to win stuff. Lots of giveaways.

Ummmm yah. You’re welcome. :)

{And if you don’t win, have no fear–on the sidebar —->> you can click the fitmixer button and order some! Easy as 1-2-3. It is an affiliate link.}

FitMixer is a Salt Lake City-based company, and offers great protein powders (vanilla cake-tasting, anyone?!), amino powders (to fuel and sustain workouts<—so tasty), workouts, video explanations, bootcamps, and more.

I am proud to work with them–so go check ’em out, to find out more!

Oh, and follow along in Instragram (@FitMixer)-they’re sponsoring a #photoadayaugust for healthy living. Let’s see those pictures!


My Top Favorite Olympians of the London 2012 Games

1. Michael Phelps. He is just the bomb. I am such a nerd and totally watch replays of his swims, and, the other day in the pool, pretended I was racing him during some of my sprint work. Yah major #nerdalert.

{yes, I take pictures of my computer screen…..this is awkward 😉 }

But, on the other hand, who isn’t obsessed with someone who defied the odds, swam in 4 olympics–swum 18 gold medal races, won 22 medals total, and believes that nothing is really impossible if the work is put forth?!

He is the greatest olympian of all time (GOAT) in my eyes. And you know what? He is so humble about it. I think that speaks volumes. (Ahem, Ryan L<–you could try that out sometime….).


And I really love that he is so close to his mom and sisters–that family is so important to him. Thank you, Michael Phelps, for inspiring us to reach for our own dreams, even if it takes a whole lot of work. (Love that he always makes that point: you get what you put into it. You are prepared for what you prepare for. LOVE that.)

Good, honest work and someone who values family?! I hope many good things keep coming his way-he totally deserves it.

2. Gabby Douglas. Hello fiery Olympian! For some reason I just think she is soooo adorable yet at the same time, so inspiring. Kinda funny, eh?! I am proud of her and what she did in London, and winning the all-around gold.


Also, I think it’s neat that she’s such a fighter, albeit really small. It makes her more impressive, I think.

3. Lolo Jones. I think she is so strong, despite so many setbacks. She really has worked so hard, and she raced a great race! The media tore her apart (see her interview here), and I think it’s totally disgusting when someone’s own country hates on its’ athletes like that. Ugh.


Lolo proves that life is not always what you want it to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to be mean or ugly about it. Besides, she freaking got to the Olympic finals….not many people can even come close to saying that!

4. Misty May Treanor & Kerri Walsh. Wow, just WOW! 3-time gold medalists-back to back- in beach volleyball! That means they went to 3 olympics and dominated at every single one.


Hello hard work paying off! I think both of them are so strong, have such an incredible fighting spirit, and are a neat example of working together. If only all relationships were that successful….our world would be pretty amazing then, huh? 😉

5. Jessica Ennis. Watch the video of her hurdles-part of the heptathlon. She is the gold-medalise hetathlete from Great Britain, and I watched her win it all on Saturday. I got chills, teary-eyed, and had a huge smile on my face.


I LOVED that she came back from a huge setback in 2008 to go and win it for the host country.

I am a sucker for stories like that. :)


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am really thankful today I get to sleep in. Thank YOU! (Love the Olympics, but it’s killing my sleep time).
  2. I am grateful that I have a piano! (Well, a keyboard). My parents had an extra, so we finally got it the other day. (Fun fact: both my husband and I play the piano…but he’s way better than me!)
  3. I am super grateful that ingrown toenail is all better. Woot.

What are some exciting things in YOUR life that benefit others?? Who are YOUR favorite Olympians these games, and WHY?? What are YOU thankful for today??!

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  1. Congrats on the FitMixer Ambassador! i’ve heard wonderful things about their products… I hope I get to try some! :) :)

  2. I agree – Michael Phelps is an excellent example of an athlete! And congrats on being an official Fitmixer ambassador! How exciting! :)

  3. Right now, I am excited about my training plan and the improvements it is making in my body. The training plan has also motivated my hubby to start working out again – so that is a huge PLUS! Today, I am thankful that I had an open and honest discussion with my doctor about my lingering bad mood and sadness – it allowed me to realize that I am battling mild depression and that I need some medication to help. I look forward to getting back to the old me soon!

  4. That is awesome about the fitmixer. I love that stuff!!!!

  5. woooooooooooooooooooooooooot!

  6. Congrats on being selected as a FitMixer Ambassador. As for the Olympics, they have been so FUN to watch. Two hours until the women’s soccer finals! Michael Phelps was a nanny bleating goat the last Olympics. I could not stand him. This time around he has matured so much and become a true GOAT. Thanks for sharing your pics and faves.

  7. I’m thankful for my family today after learning of the passing of a friend my age. Congrats on your ambassadorship.

  8. Congratulations on your ambassadorship – I LOVE their aminos. :)

  9. Congrats on fitmixer – that’s super exciting!

    Today I’m grateful for my mom – she’s going to cosign on a student loan for me so I can actually afford to start my Masters program in September.

  10. Congrats on being a fitmixer ambassador!!!!

  11. I just ran out of my fitmixer aminos and had to reorder yesterday. LOVE FITMIXER!

  12. What do the aminos specifically do? I have seen them everywhere and am curious :) Congrats on your ambassadorship!

    You nailed most of my favorite Olympians. I loved watching Misty May and Kerry nail it last night. Such an amazing moment!

  13. oh yay for giveaways! I am loving the rhythmic gymnastics lately! They are so amazing and beautiful.

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